Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

Hair is known as one of a most influential factors of beauty, that's why many people do everything to treat their baldness. When use of drugs and topical solutions do not produce a positive effect, the only way forward is hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant in the shortest possible time will bring you to your most important desire, which is to have healthy and thick hair. But biggest obstacle to performing this procedure is very high costs of some specialized clinics. But in some countries including Iran and Turkey this surgery is not so expensive!!

In this article, we have tried to examine the most important factors that determine cost of hair transplantation in 2022, in addition to introducing latest methods of hair transplantation. Don't forget that hair transplant is very sensitive and smallest mistake can cause irreparable consequences; for this reason, do not consider any high price as a guarantee for high expertise of surgeon.

Also, some profit-seeking people may offer you that they will perform this sensitive procedure for you at lowest possible cost. In these situations, be alert and choose best surgeon and method for your hair transplant with sufficient knowledge.

How to calculate the cost of hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is the only method of treatment for lost hair. This operation belongs to cosmetic operations group, and most of country's insurances do not have an obligation to pay cost of hair transplant. For this reason, one of the most important concerns of hair transplant applicants is its cost.

The following factors are effective in determining cost of hair transplant.

  • Hair transplant method
  • Clinic equipment
  • amount of hair loss
  • Number of implanted grafts
  • The level of surgeon experience and expertise
  • Age of hair transplant applicant
  • Type and region of donor area

The sum of these factors and instructions of Ministry of Health to determine salary of doctors and treatment staff determine the final cost of hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

Most important factors influencing cost of hair transplant

As you know, hair transplant is known as one of beauty procedures and insurance does not cover its cost. For this reason, all people who want to do hair transplant see costs as biggest obstacle in front of them.

Many factors determine cost of hair transplant. These factors include:

The chosen method of hair transplantation

Definitely, one of the most determining factors that affects cost of hair transplant is hair transplant technique. To perform some methods, special devices and high expert experience are needed, and some methods, such as implantation by FIT method, do not require ultra-advanced equipment.

All these things make fees paid for hair transplant methods to be variable. Obviously, if you need special devices for hair transplant, you should consider more money for it.

The level of surgeon experience and expertise

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

One of most important points that you should consider for hair transplant surgery is level of expertise and skill of surgeon; because operation of hair transplant is very sensitive and if doctor does not have enough experience, no matter how professional and up-to-date tools he has in world, he still cannot achieve desired result. The surgeon must have following characteristics:

  • High number of referrals and a brilliant history in field of hair transplantation
  • Having enough experience, skills and expertise
  • Having a professional team for hair transplant procedures
  • Providing complete and correct advice to clients
  • Considering patient's age, skin type and health conditions to choose hair transplant method

Hair transplant clinic equipment

It may seem strange, but it is possible that a doctor works in two different clinics and performs hair transplantation, but fees charged in two clinics are very different. The tariffs that clinics charge for hair transplant are very different, and most of these fees are determined based on services they provide.

Some clinics, by having modern tools and equipment, not only make hair transplanting convenient for their staff, but also improve satisfaction level of clients and final result of hair transplant. Having updated equipment is costly and thus increases final cost of hair transplant.

The number of implanted grafts and rate of baldness

The larger area of baldness, naturally, more grafts are needed for planting; also, amount of baldness can increase duration of operation, which ultimately increases costs. The number of implanted grafts is one of most important factors in determining cost of hair transplantation.

Type of donor area

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

One of the other influencing factors in determining cost of hair transplant is state and conditions of donor area or hair bank. Before starting operation, doctor carefully examines state of donor area to accurately determine the amount of hair grafts to be harvested and implanted. The type of hair removal is one of main factors that affect cost determination.

If the hair in donor area has relatively good density, the specialist can easily extract grafts he needs and place them in appropriate and designated place without any challenges. But if donor area condition is not favorable, the surgeon will definitely face many challenges to remove and implant grafts without the least possible damage. In this case, it increases operation time and causes costs related to operation to increase.

Also, if the applicant for hair transplantation does not have a strong donor area, he may request a graft from area under beard, which requires more expertise and experience, thus increasing final cost of hair transplantation.

The client age

As you know, hair loss usually happens in old age, and young people do not often come to this beauty treatment, unless it is necessary. Until hair loss has not happened completely and person has not reached a stable condition, it is better to postpone this surgery and wait until the right time.

The lowest cost of hair transplant is for young and middle-aged people, people who are old may need to pay more because they don't have a suitable donor area. Also, elderly people need more strengthening drugs than young and middle-aged people. All these things are taken into consideration to determine cost of hair transplant.

Hair transplant methods and their cost

Awareness is a prerequisite for most important steps you take in life, hair transplant is one of these important steps. If you want to get best possible results from your hair transplant, you need to know techniques of hair transplant. The method of hair transplantation is one of main factors that affect cost of hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

The most important and newest methods of hair transplantation are:

FUE hair transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is one of best and most updated methods of hair transplantation. This method has international approvals from the FDA and American dermatologists; for this reason, it has been introduced as one of a most practical methods of hair transplantation.

In this method, it is only possible to harvest individual follicles, which is recommended for people who have experienced severe hair loss and have a very weak donor area. The FUE method is performed with acceptable speed and very high quality, which ultimately results in a very natural hair transplant.

Another use of this method is planting beard, mustache and eyebrows. The tools used in this technique usually create holes with a diameter of 1 mm, so these tools can also be used for eyebrow implants.

Among most important advantages of FUE method, we can mention following:

  • This method is very minimally invasive and no cuts or stitches are created.
  • Complications with very low probability may appear and recovery is quick.
  • It is possible to harvest thin hair in this method.
  • This method is suitable for those who have a stiff scalp.
  • Follicles suffer the least damage.
  • Grafts are removed faster and there is no limit to their removal.
  • In the place where grafts are removed, no scar is visible.
  • This procedure is performed with least possible pain.

The cost of FUE hair transplant is estimated at around 620 to 750 dollars.

Super FUE hair transplant

The basis of this method is exactly same as FUE method, but with difference that all steps are performed using smart and up-to-date devices. Naturally, the use of smart and first-class devices and tools eliminates many problems and errors and performs operation in best way.

It is interesting to know that Super FUE hair transplantation is known as one of the most productive methods of hair transplantation, but only the use of up-to-date equipment cannot be a good guarantee for high quality of operation, because working with these devices requires years of experience, expertise and skill.

In general, this method of hair transplantation is possible for all people who intend to do this procedure; but some people are advised to definitely use this method.

  • People who have a stiff scalp, sometimes this stiffness may be genetic or due to heavy sports that person has done. In some cases, the experience of hair transplantation in past can also cause scalp to be stiff.
  • People who suffered baldness due to trauma or burns.
  • People who lost their hair due to genetic issues.

Among advantages of hair transplantation using this method, we can mention the following:

  • This procedure is performed without any pain or bleeding.
  • In this method, the hairline is implanted very naturally.
  • The density of hair is about 4 to 5 times that of old methods.
  • In this method, it is possible to harvest grafts from other parts of body.
  • The possibility of disease transmission is almost zero because punch and pen of device are disposable.

The cost of hair transplantation in Super FUE method is estimated at around 1250 to 1900 dollars.

Hair transplant by micrograft method

One of most important advantages of micrograft method is low percentage of human error when harvesting hair follicles, because all steps are performed using special equipment and tools. In this method, the surgical procedures proceed at a relatively good speed and no cuts or wounds are created.

This hair transplant method is very accurate. In hair transplantation by micrograft method, it is possible to remove hair strands without any damage to skin tissue.

The implanter and micromotors used in this method for harvesting grafts are fully automatic and can be adjusted for any graft harvesting model. This is why in this method it is possible to remove any type of hair graft, which ultimately makes final result very natural.

Among most important advantages of hair transplantation using micrograft method, we can mention the following:

  • In one session, it is possible to harvest a large number of grafts compared to FUE and SUT methods.
  • In this method, single or double hair grafts can be removed for growth line.
  • Due to use of micromotors, it is possible to implant hair in a higher density.
  • The surgeon performs procedures at a high speed and least possible damage is done to grafts.
  • Scar and necrosis problems are completely eliminated.

The cost of hair transplant in this method depends on several factors, but approximately 750 to 950 dollars can be considered for this method.

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

Hair transplant by Micro FUE(FIT) method

This method is based on FUE method, but with difference that they use very precise devices in Micro FUE method. In this technique, hair follicles are removed individually and separately from each other. The steps in this method are as follows:

  • Harvesting follicles
  • Preparation and strengthening of follicles for transplantation in the desired areas

The only difference between this method and previous method is in the tools that are used. In microFIT method, miniature implants are used. This tool creates holes with different sizes of 0.6 to 0.9 mm, and there is no need for different tools to harvest follicles.

Micro FUE(FIT) hair transplantation is a safe and minimally invasive technique, because the holes are made very small and with right depth. In this method, no wound, cut or bleeding occurs and recovery period is very short; therefore, the person can go about his daily activities after operation.

Among most important advantages of hair transplantation using MICRO FUE method, we can mention the following:

  • In this method, precise and adjustable tools are used to harvest grafts.
  • In microFIT method, it is possible to harvest delicate and single hair grafts.
  • Body hair can be used for transplanting in bald area.
  • This method is very suitable for people with regional hair loss.
  • Grafts are harvested at a much higher rate.

The cost of microFIT hair transplant is 750 to 950 dollars, which varies according to different conditions of each person.

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

DHI hair transplant

Another best new hair transplant method is DHI method. The advanced techniques used in this procedure are performed using a special device called Choi Pen or Choi Implanter. In DHI hair transplantation, a person's hair follicles are implanted in desired area either manually or with the help of a micro motor.

Apart from special groups such as pregnant women or people with a history of severe skin diseases, other people can benefit from this method to treat their hair loss or baldness. Especially men who suffer from androgenic alopecia will get good results using this method. However, DHI method is recommended for people over 25 years old; because pattern of hair loss must be clearly defined.

The DHI method has many advantages, some of which are:

  • Non-invasiveness and absence of pain in implant area during operation
  • Impressive and completely natural results after work is done
  • Excellent and up-to-date technology in hair transplantation
  • No scars or scars left after implantation
  • Very low chance of infection
  • Without any bleeding
  • Get the desired results in shortest possible time
  • Short recovery period
  • High yield and growth of thick and full back hair

The cost of hair transplant in DHI method, considering determining factors, is about 950 to 1250 dollars.

The cost of hair transplant by SUT method

In SUT hair transplant, which is claimed by some hair transplant clinics to be the latest hair transplant method in Iran, hair is removed by a machine. This device has a faster operating speed than human hands and follicular harvesting (FIT method), so cost of hair transplant using SUT method is lower than FIT method.

In FIT method, if more than 2500 hair grafts are needed for implantation, the procedure will be completed in 2 days. This increase in time will be accompanied by an increase in price.

The cost of hair transplant by SUT method is between 650 and 850 dollars.

The cheapest method of hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

Each of hair transplant methods requires special facilities and conditions, it is natural that their costs are different from each other. For example, Micro FUE method requires relatively higher costs due to special equipment as well as required knowledge and skills.

On the other hand, one of cheapest methods in Iran is FUT method. The duration of this operation is much shorter than other methods, because the removal of hair follicles is done at once and quickly. So, the shorter operation time, the lower your costs.

However, if more hair grafts are needed for implantation, the use of methods such as SUT, in which the hair is harvested by a machine, can result in lower costs than methods such as micrografts.

What is the lowest cost of hair transplant?

In some cases, very low prices for hair transplant are observed, which is not compatible with any law and logic except for incorrect work. Normally, an accredited skin and hair (hair transplant) clinic includes at least one skin and hair specialist, surgeon, general practitioner, nurses and implant assistants, administrative staff and other staff, by calculating current costs, the low prices of beauty services cannot be understood at all.

Most of low-cost centers, after inspection by the Ministry of Health officials, many violations of medical laws have been observed. Cases such as the absence of a specialist doctor, medical staff without relevant medical documents, the unsanitary location of implant, or even beyond that, not having a license to operate.

Cost of hair transplant in Turkey and other countries

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

Most of cosmetic surgeries in Iran have a much lower price than other countries of world due to high demand and also number of cosmetic surgery specialists in Iran. For example, in Turkey, which has become the center of medical surgeries in Europe, the approximate cost of hair transplant is about 2500 dollars. Other cosmetic surgeries are much cheaper in this country than in advanced European countries. In fact, one of aspects of attracting tourism in Turkey is medical tourism.

The price of hair transplant in advanced countries of world such as Germany, France, Canada, England and America is about 15,000 to 25,000 dollars. The approximate cost of hair transplant in Tehran, Iran, as the capital and most important medical tourist city of Iran, is about 500 to 2000 dollars. For this reason, the destination of most Iranian and non-Iranian applicants living abroad for hair transplantation is Iran and Turkey.

In recent years, following devaluation of the rial and high price of dollar in Iran, the number of applicants for hair transplants has increased much more than other countries in the world. It is important to mention that Iran's domestic specialists are very experienced and highly knowledgeable, so that many people from European countries, America and Iran's neighbors travel to Iran to perform hair transplantation.

The reason for high expertise of Iranian surgeons is large amount of performing this operation during these years, which has made their experience much more than surgeons of other countries in world, because of high price of hair transplant, maybe not even 10 people visit them during year.

Hair transplantation in Iran | Mashhad, Isfahan and Shiraz

The technology of new hair transplant methods has reached different cities of Iran, including Mashhad, Shiraz and Isfahan, and due to very good domestic specialists, there is less concern in accessing hair transplant clinics. But this does not mean that all existing clinics follow health, medical and ethical principles correctly.

Unfortunately, with increase in people's acceptance of hair transplantation, some people without sufficient expertise are doing hair transplantation in inappropriate non-therapeutic environments for profit. Naturally, costs of hair transplant in these clinics are clearly lower, but it will be associated with new risks.

Hair transplantation cost in 2022 | Iran

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure for beauty. However, if the same procedure is not performed by a specialist with high knowledge and skills and in an environment with necessary facilities, it will not only add to your beauty, but may also expose you to serious health risks.

Therefore, our recommendation is that before going to clinic, you should research its expertise and credibility well and make sure that the specialists there have sufficient qualifications and legal licenses for hair transplantation.

What is hair transplant cost per graft?

Unlike many medical services, hair transplant costs in Iran do not have an approved rate and pricing is mainly done by clinics. The most important factor based on which price of hair transplant is calculated is number of hair grafts. Therefore, the more hair grafts you need for implantation, the more your costs will increase.

Note that depending on method used, the level of expertise and facilities that your clinic will provide, these costs can be very different.

Does hair transplant have different prices in different areas of head?

Yes, people usually decide on hair transplantation due to thinning of hair in front of head, and the goal is only to increase density of hair in front of head, as a result, fewer grafts are involved; but when decision is to transplant hair in bald areas of head, the number of grafts is increased and as a result cost will be higher than transplanting only in front of head.

Why is cost of hair transplant in Iran cheaper than in many other countries?

A misconception about cost of hair transplantation in Iran is that, in this country, hair transplantation is cheaper due to low quality of work. But we must say that Iran is ahead of many advanced countries in field of hair transplant quality. The reason for low price of hair transplant services and even many other skin and hair services in Iran is the fierce competition and high number of skin and beauty centers.

Do clinics have restrictions on performing hair transplant procedures depending on geographical area?

Some methods, such as Micro FUE hair transplantation, can only be performed in some cities and clinics due to high cost of their special equipment and the knowledge required to do it. On the other hand, using some methods may be much more expensive in one country than another. That is why, if you go to Turkey, you will see that many people have traveled to this country for hair transplant, so that in addition to tourism, they will pay less for hair transplant than in their own country.

Is cost of hair transplant different for women and men?

Fortunately, there is no difference between costs required for hair transplantation between women and men. The amount of baldness and method of implantation are only factors that determine cost required for hair transplantation. Usually, the amount of baldness is less in women, that's why women pay less for their hair transplant.

How long does hair transplant take?

The time required for hair transplant surgery usually depends on treatment method and number of grafts that are removed and implanted. But on average, it takes about 6 to 8 hours to perform hair transplant procedure.

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