Micro FUE Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

Hair transplant is one of relatively new methods among cosmetic surgeries. The first effective hair transplant method was performed about 70 years ago. Since then, the speed of development of hair transplant techniques and tools has been very impressive.

Very soon, the knowledge of hair transplantation reached different countries of world and Iran became one of poles of hair transplantation. Despite economic sanctions and difficulty in importing new devices, the latest hair transplant method in Iran, the Micro FUE(FIT) method, is almost as effective as ARTAS robot as latest hair transplant technology in world.


Hair transplant by Micro FUE method

Micro FUE or MFUE is latest technical achievement in field of hair transplantation in Iran. The word micro means "small and delicate" and FUE is name of one of the famous methods of hair transplantation. So, name of Micro FUE method refers to two points

Micro: In this method, special precise and delicate devices are used.

FUE: This method is based on FUE method of hair transplantation. This means that grafts are harvested as follicular units.

Steps of hair transplantation by Micro FUE method

The procedures for hair transplantation are almost same for all methods based on FUE(FIT) method. That is, in FUE, SUT, Micro FUE and BHT methods, hair transplantation has three general stages:

  • Harvesting of follicular units
  • preparation of the grafts
  • Implantation of grafts

The difference between these methods is in how these steps are carried out and the tools used, which we have discussed in description and also in "Advantages and advantages of Micro FUE method" section.

Micro FUE Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

Many young men who have recently experienced hair loss fall into trap of profiteering and unprofessional clinics and perform hair transplants that are not sustainable at all. Men under age of 25 should try other treatment methods before hair transplantation and be patient until hair loss pattern stabilizes. Otherwise, there is a high possibility of transplanted hair falling out.

First step: harvesting follicular units

Hair transplant is done with local anesthesia. After anesthetizing hair donor area, which is usually parts of back of head or behind ears, the harvesting process begins.

In Micro FUE (Micro FIT) method, a "miniature implanter" device is used for this purpose. This device creates holes with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.9 mm on skin and separates follicle from surrounding tissue. The holes created are very small, so they do not bleed and do not need sutures. Unlike hair transplantation by FUT method, which is associated with bleeding and the wound created in donor area must be sutured.

The special tools and devices used in Micro FUE method have several advantages over traditional FUE method of hair transplantation:

Micro FUE Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages
  • The miniature implanter can make holes of different sizes. Unlike FUE method, only one punch with a fixed diameter is used.
  • The punch of this device has ability to rotate and works like a miniature drill. This will make the punch easier to enter skin and make more suitable holes.
  • In MFUE method, there is no need for forceps or surgical tools to extract follicles. The device used in this method extracts follicle using suction force.

After harvesting, follicular unit (including 1 to 4 hairs) is placed in a special maintenance solution so that it is not damaged. This must be repeated thousands of times. In FUE method, forceps are used to remove follicle, which wastes surgeon's time; but in Micro FUE method, immediately after making a cut, the extraction operation is performed with a suction device, and this increases work speed.

Second step: Preparation of hair grafts

The follicles extracted in first stage are placed in a special maintenance solution and should be checked before implantation operation. This work is done simultaneously by treatment staff to speed up work. The treatment staff examines follicles under a microscope and prepares them for implantation.

Sometimes, during preparation phase, changes must be made to graft to prepare it for implantation. Of course, most of follicles extracted in Micro FUE method do not need to be repaired and dissected.

Third stage: implanting grafts

The implantation stage is same in all modern hair transplant methods, from FUT method to newest hair transplant method in world, the ARTAS robot. At this stage, the surgeon uses hand tools to create holes on recipient area skin (according to design of new growth line) and place follicles inside.

Insertion of follicles into created holes can be done by forceps or device holder, depending on your doctor's choice. If surgeon is skilled enough, both of these tools are equally effective.

Advantages and benefits of Micro FUE method

No surgery, no bleeding and no need for sutures

Micro FUE, as latest method of hair transplantation, is considered the least invasive and safest method. It is said that this method is non-surgical. Of course, all hair transplant methods are surgical, but MFUE method is so low-risk, less complicated, and less invasive that it has become known as a non-surgical method.

As we mentioned in stages of hair transplantation with MFUE method, grafts are harvested and implanted by making small holes that are less than 1 mm in diameter. Of course, the piercing tools in Micro FUE (Micro FIT) method (called implanters) are between 0.6 and 0.9 mm in diameter. It means that they are even more delicate than implanters used in ARTAS hair transplant robot, 1 mm punches are used.

Reduce risk of side effects

MFUE(MFIT) method is very minimally invasive and has few complications. that's mean:

  • Hair transplantation is performed without surgery and need for sutures and without use of a surgical knife.
  • You will not feel pain during and after hair transplant. If you have pain, it is easily managed with simple pain relievers.
  • In this method, there will be no scars, scars, permanent scar lines, etc.
  • The areas of hair donor and recipient areas are repaired quickly.
  • Because no incision is made on skin, the risk of infection is minimized.

Shorter and easier recovery period

The recovery period after hair transplantation in Micro FUE method is simple and fast. Unlike FUT method, in MFUE you can resume heavy sports activities very soon. Almost all patients recover without serious side effects, and serious complications are rare.

Micro FUE Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

High flexibility

Micro FUE method has high flexibility:

  • Using a miniature implanter device, body hair (beard, chest or back) can be harvest, as well as thin hair from donor area. These hairs can be used to beautify the new growth line as well as increase density.
  • The device and tools used in latest hair transplant method are delicate and precise. Therefore, it can be used for eyebrow and beard implantation.
  • This method is very suitable for limited hair transplantation (for example, to cover a small area that is bald due to damage).
  • At same time, due to use of semi-automatic and advanced devices, MFUE method can harvest 1,500 to 2,000 grafts in 2 to 4 hours. That is, with this method, high densities can be reached in one session. Of course, this is a general condition and may be different in your case.

Suitable for those who cannot use FUT method

FUT (Strip Hair Transplantation) method is still one of best hair transplant methods despite its many disadvantages. In this method, the quality of grafts is very high and usually very good results are obtained. We will talk about quality of grafts a little later.

In FUT method, a 1-2 cm thick strip is removed from skin of hair donor area. Then skin above and below this strip is sutured. If you have a genetically stiff scalp or are an athlete, you cannot use FUT method. It is better not to use FUT method for young people and those who have a history of flesh wounds. In these people, there is a greater risk of scarring and strip wound deformity.

Improving quality of grafts

Quality refers to what percentage of grafts have permanent hair. There are generally two types of follicles on your scalp:

  1. Follicles that are sensitive to various factors and fall over time.
  2. Follicles that are resistant to shedding.

Both types of follicles are present in your hair donor area and surgeon try to select strongest and best follicles among them.

As we said, the quality of grafts in FUT method is very high. This is because most of permanent follicles in donor area are located exactly where strip harvest perform. In FUE method, doctor have to take harvesting area up to 5 times wider. Because if holes make close together, there is a possibility of scarring and deformity of wound.

The problem of reducing quality of grafts in Micro FUE method has been reduced to a very good extent due to use of modern and miniature devices. This device will extract best and highest quality grafts in hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon.

Reduction of surgical errors

Hair transplant surgery errors occur mostly in harvesting stage. In FUE method, we faced 3 general errors, which have been improved in latest hair transplant method, Micro FUE. In the table below, you can see the Micro FUE VS FUE method

Micro FUE methodClassic FUE method
used device punch has ability to rotate. After correct placement of punch on skin, the surgeon activates punch rotation by pressing a button, and in this way, possibility of removing an incomplete follicle is very low.When using a manual punch, the punch should be rotated at same time as making a hole so that follicle is well separated from surrounding tissues. Because of this, the possibility of incomplete follicle removal is more. If follicle is removed incompletely, the probability of its survival in new place is greatly reduced.
In MFUE method, due to use of a miniature implanter with rotating punch and suction capabilities, the possibility of burying follicle is zero. The punch, like a miniature drill, pierces skin at correct angle and depth. At the same time, device is continuously suctioning.Another error seen in using a manual punch is that it sends follicle deep into skin. This error is called follicle burial. A buried follicle can cause inflammation, so it must be removed. This wastes a lot of time.
Follicle extraction is done without using forceps, pulling or grasping. After creating a hole, the follicle is sucked into disposable and hygienic tank.A small forceps should be used to extract follicle after piercing. The direct contact of follicle with surgical instrument increases possibility of its damage.

Disadvantages of Micro FUE method

You probably know that there are two main methods of hair transplantation, FUE and FUT. Other hair transplant methods are improved techniques from one of these two methods. Each of these two methods has an advantage and a main limitation:

In Micro FUE method, our first goal was to solve the quality problem of grafts. Using more accurate devices and tools has helped us in this way. Among FUE and SUT methods, MFUE method has the best quality of grafts. But both in Micro FUE method and in ARTAS hair transplant robot, the quality of grafts is still lower than FUT method.

Another limitation of our Micro FUE method is speed of work. In FUT method, 1000 grafts can be harvested and transplanted in 1 hour. But in Micro FUE method, 2 to 4 hours should be spent to transplant 1,500 to 2,000 grafts. this causes follicles to be outside body for a longer period of time and possibility of being damaged is slightly higher. For this reason, it is better to perform hair transplantation with FUE, SUT and Micro FUE methods in two days.

The newest method of hair transplantation in world: ARTAS robot

The newest method of hair transplantation in world: ARTAS robot

The latest hair transplant technology in world is hair transplant with ARTAS automatic robot. This robotic assistant helps surgeon in process of removing grafts. Before starting harvest, the robot automatically draws a map of all follicles in donor area (hair bank). After carefully checking angles, orientations, density and quality of all grafts, the harvesting operation begins. ARTAS robot can even identify scarred areas and avoid them.

FAQ about Micro FUE Hair Transplantation

What are similarities between ARTAS and Micro FUE method?

Both of these methods perform hair transplantation with minimal invasiveness, have a shorter recovery period than other hair transplantation methods, and do not require use of general anesthesia. The tools used in both methods (ARTAS robot and Neograft 2 device) have been approved by the FDA. In both methods, hair transplant operation in recipient area is done manually by a surgeon or a hair transplant specialist.

What is difference between ARTAS and Micro FUE method?

Both methods to extract follicles use technique of harvesting follicular units (FUE or FUE), but there is a fundamental difference between them: in Micro FUE method, an expert surgeon manually selects follicles and extracts them from hair donor area. In ARTAS method, this work is done by computer management and automatically. Automatic harvesting of grafts increases speed of harvesting stage, but it is not necessarily more accurate than manual harvesting.

Is ARTAS system better or Micro FUE method?

To answer this question, let's first take a look at advantages and disadvantages of ARTAS method compared to Micro FUE (Micro FIT) method:

The main advantage of ARTAS is its speed. Obviously, a human cannot be faster than a computer that performs thousands of calculations per second. The ARTAS system selects best grafts based on a complex algorithm. In general, the time required to harvest grafts is reduced by half with help of ARTAS system. Please note that in both methods planting stage is done manually and there is no difference between them.

We mentioned superiority of ARTAS, but this system has three general weaknesses compared to Micro FUE method:

In order for hair transplant robot to be able to identify follicles, there must be a big difference between color of hair and skin. Therefore, it is only recommended for those who have straight and dark hair. Those who have thin, blonde, pale and white hair are not good candidates for ARTAS hair transplantation.

The amount of damage to follicles during extraction and transfer in ARTAS method is between 8 and 10%. the amount of damage to follicles in Micro FUE method, if performed by a skilled surgeon, is between 3 and 5% at most (half of ARTAS robot).

Micro FUE Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

In the end, surgeon skill and experience is more important than anything else

The fact is that newest method of hair transplantation and most advanced technology do not guarantee the quality and result of your hair transplantation. All tools and methods are effective when used by an experienced and skilled surgeon. A good surgeon knows what procedure is best for you and performs that procedure in best possible way.

Is Micro FUE the best hair transplant method?

No, Micro FUE is considered newest method of hair transplantation in Iran, but it is not necessarily the best. Best method of hair transplantation should be determined according to your needs and conditions. In consultation session, the specialist doctor will suggest one or more hair transplant methods as most suitable methods after a detailed examination and examination of your needs.

The complications of hair transplantation in MFUE method are very low and recovery is done quickly.

How much does Micro FUE method cost?

The cost of hair transplantation depends on factors such as expertise of doctor, medical team, method of hair transplantation, duration of hair transplantation, amount of graft harvested and implanted. Currently, the cheapest method of hair transplantation is FUT hair transplantation. hair transplant by combined method in next rank, the most expensive method of hair transplant in Iran at present is standard FUE hair transplant method.

Since MFUE hair transplantation is an exclusive and completely modern method, there are only a few hair transplant surgeons who can perform this procedure with best results. This issue has caused cost of this method to be higher than other hair transplant methods. Also, the technique of using this method and time spent and its medical team are also factors in increasing price of this method.

source : whcl.ir


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