Micrograft Hair Transplant | Cost, Stages, Advantages

MicroGraft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

One of newest Hair transplantation methods is micrograft hair, which is very easy, safe and also fast to perform. In this method, the follicles of areas that have more hair growth are used for hair transplantation in areas with less hair. This method is one of a very low-risk methods of hair transplantation, and that is why it has become popular among different people.

In micrograft method, electrical devices are used to harvest hair follicle from head and implant it in hair loss areas. If you are also looking for a method that will restore your natural hair growth and is very fast at same time, this is right method for you. It doesn't matter how old you are or what your gender is, this method will bring favorable results for different people.


Why hair transplantation by micrograft method?

  • Different methods are used to treat baldness or hair loss in men and women in hair, eyebrow and beard areas.
  • Among these, we can refer to medicinal treatments, the use of traditional methods and traditional medicine, hair prosthesis or artificial hair, eyebrow tattoos, especially for women, etc.
  • But it can be said that maybe the mentioned methods will solve problem to some extent, but they will also cause problems in their cases.
  • And cause increased hair loss, skin damage (especially when using hair prosthesis or artificial hair), etc., and only reliable method in treating baldness or hair loss is hair transplantation or natural hair transplantation.

History of hair transplantation

Problems related to hair loss and baldness have existed since the beginning of human life, and for example, this issue is mentioned in oldest paintings of ancient Egypt. However, new methods of hair transplantation have their roots in research activities of a dermatologist named Norman Ehrenreich in the fifties. A little later, people in Japan also developed and implemented these methods.

Norman Orentrick worked on these methods for two decades until fame of his hair transplant method spread around world. This method was initially known as punch graft. In 1975, some other doctors tried to implement this treatment method and used 4 mm hair bulb implantation to increase hair of different people.

Gradually, the use of this technique was developed and divided into different branches. Doctors gradually understood which places to harvest hair follicles from are dangerous and inappropriate and which part gave them better results. Finally, a method was obtained that was safe and easy, and at same time doctors and patients were satisfied with its performance and its results. This method was same as micrograft. With invention of micrograft, doctors stopped using a large number of hair follicles and the time of hair transplantation was significantly reduced.

The emergence of hair transplantation by micrograft method

Micrograft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

With increasing advancements of medical science in field of hair transplantation, we are witnessing a fundamental development called micrograft hair transplantation. Our priority for performing a hair transplant procedure is not to pass procedure safely, but to have the least possible injury and difficulty, and on this issue, clinics and beauty centers are fiercely competing with each other.

Years ago, micrograft hair transplantation heralded a major breakthrough in hair restoration. In the early 1980s, this type of hair transplant method became popular and macrographic techniques were used for first time to create a more beautiful and natural final result. In this method, the number of sessions for hair transplantation was much less and results took a more serious and important form.

Before introduction of micrograft method, hair transplant surgeons extracted large sections of hair from donor area, which left large scars after hair restoration. Fortunately, there is no news of this situation anymore and everything has been completely improved.

In fact, before harvesting follicle and transplanting hair graft, doctors completely measure the number of hairs needed and then proceed to harvest based on that. This method, which has been approved by the American FDA and European CE, was evaluated for first time in Germany in 2008.

Hair transplantation by micrograft method makes you transplant more grafts, and of course, in this method, due to obtaining a natural appearance for person in front of head, fewer grafts are used. After examining and presenting brilliant results of micrograft hair transplantation, the German Association of Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatology and Hair Specialists have approved this method by the European CE and American FDA organizations.

Currently, it is being carried out in more than 20 countries of the world exclusively based on provided protocols. It should be noted that the only country that has been operating on this method in Middle East in the last 4 years is Turkey.

The difference between micrograft hair transplantation and other methods

Micrograft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

In the advertisements of various collections active in hair transplantation field, you will see titles such as hair transplantation by SFUE + method, hair transplantation by VIP method, hair transplantation by Ultra FUE method and other cases. But these cases often have no scientific validity and are just promotional processes for marketing and attracting customers.

Only in SUT hair transplant method, which can be considered an advanced FIT method, automatic holders are used instead of manual holders in hair harvestal stage.

The SUT method without using a surgical blade and having pain and bleeding, using fully automatic devices that have a very low error rate, makes a person have very beautiful and dignified hair. In this method, small and light cuts are made using a punch so that desired follicles are harvested from donor area and transplanted to head hair.

This method, which has attracted attention of famous people in the world of fashion and acting, has even been used by athletes in sports such as football and volleyball, is a best way to revive hair. The SUT method has improved FIT method hair grafts harvest.

The steps of hair transplantation by micrograft method

Undoubtedly, the most basic step in hair transplant method is to inform patient about this treatment method and all kinds of positive and negative points about it. When patient decides to use this method, doctor will tell him to stop taking antibiotics and drugs and anything that is harmful to his health until the hair transplant process begins.

In first hair transplant session, he massages the patient's head. Then he injects him with anesthetic. This medicine will be injected in hair donor areas. The doctor may use an anesthetic spray before injection because injection itself may be a little painful due to its proximity to skull.

Then doctor will create linear holes on donor area. Harvesting hair grafts depending on patient's needs with two techniques: automatic holders in micron size, and scarlet Trichophytic method due the presence of a large bald area.

In next step, he injects anesthesia to areas where hair is to be transplanted. Then, with very small needles, he creates 1 mm holes on hairless or hairless areas. The harvested hair grafts are implanted by a device called "micro-implanter" inside the mentioned holes. It usually takes between 2 and 8 hours to perform operation. One of benefits of this procedure is to have a natural appearance.

Hair harvesting stage in micrograft hair transplantation

The automatic micromotors of micrograft hair transplant up to 0.6-micron work more delicately and more accurately than other holders in other methods, and this results in harvesting of healthier and more hobby grafts from donor area site.

This operation can cause different pain levels from one person to another, but many people who have done this operation, refer to it as a painless operation and treatment method. After operation, you may also experience bruising and swelling, but the use of ice compresses will improve this situation.

After learning about micrograft method, many doctors and cosmetologists have admitted that this method has made their work very easy and has greatly increased satisfaction level of the patients with operation. Also, sometimes, if it is necessary to harvest a combined micrograft from donor area (in cases where patient's hair donor area is weak or area of bald surface is large), the Scarlet Trichophytic Plastic Surgery technique is used to harvest hair flap.

which does not have any of complications of FUT hair transplantation. It does not leave any scars on back of head and does not cause slightest damage to hair harvested site from donor area.

Steps after hair transplantation by micrograft method

Many people are looking for an answer to question, will they feel pain after micrograft hair transplant and anesthesia wears off? This depends on many different factors. There are many people who do not feel any pain after implant and others may have a little pain. If you feel pain, you should go to doctor and let him know about this so that he can prescribe right medicine for you.

Some people may also feel uncomfortable or witness complications such as bruising or swelling in treated areas. In such a case, using an ice water bag is very suitable to reduce pain, but you should also consult a doctor because you may be in danger. Swelling is more common than bruising in people who use micrograft implantation method. It is better to rest at home until swelling subsides.

You should also avoid touching hair transplanted areas and try to stay away from bathroom until normal conditions are reached. Using some shampoos will cause disruption in your treatment process, and for this reason, you should inform doctor about type of shampoos you are using. Also, continue treatment sessions so that your hair grows back to normal. The general process of this treatment can be done in a few weeks.

The majority of people who have used this method have been satisfied with it. The rate of growth in this method is usually same in all people, but there are some people whose hair growth is less than others. These people are usually those people who have already used other hair transplant methods.

Advantages of hair transplantation by micrograft method

This method of hair transplantation is one of new and very appropriate methods, and its advantages can be viewed from different angles. For example, this method works better both in terms of time and treatment period compared to FUT method that was performed years ago. The micrograft method, in which hair grafts are harvested and implanted in desired location, also brings very natural results.

The high speed of this method is another advantage. Although you have to do different treatment sessions to implant this type of hair, each session will last 1 to 2 hours. Of course, the time of hair transplant depends on your opinion and you can use a long period to treat your hair. This method will increase hair growth by more than 80%.

Since micrograft hair transplantation is not a type of surgery, there are no risks and complications of surgeries in this implantation method. No deep cuts are made on head.

  • Increasing amount of harvesting from donor area according to characteristics of patient's donor area up to 2 times more harvesting density in a single method, and up to 4 times more harvesting density from donor area in combined micrograft method
  • Not having any scars at place of harvesting and at place of hair transplantation due to use of fine micromotors, micro implants and Scarlet Trichophytic plastic surgery technique.
  • Increasing density of planting compared to old methods due to micro size hair planting
  • The recovery period is much shorter than old methods
  • Solving problem of scar and necrosis definitively
  • Faster growth and hair transplant results sooner than other methods
  • Increasing speed of hair transplantation and as a result transplanting healthier grafts

Who is good candidate for hair transplantation by micrograft method?

This hair transplant method can be used by many people. People who have regional baldness, permanent baldness, severe hair loss and baldness can easily use this method to grow hair on the top or side of the head. In this method, hair from the back of the head is usually used for implantation, and people who have thick hair at the back of their head can get favorable results from this method.

Micrograft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

Also, this method is not only for people who are facing baldness and hair loss. Many people who plan to plant hair for their eyebrows or beard can also do hair transplant by micrograft method according to the doctor's opinion and after knowing the characteristics of their body. There is no gender difference in using this method.

Of course, it cannot be said that this method is suitable for all people. According to some special considerations and issues, doctors advise some patients to use other treatment methods because it is dangerous for them to use this hair transplant method. Doctors know the cause of this issue better and it is better for patient to listen to them carefully. However, this method is doable for majority of people.

Micrograft hair transplantation for women

Since physical characteristics of men are such that they are more prone to baldness, many people think that women do not experience severe hair loss due to absence of male hormones in women's bodies. But the fact is that there is a possibility of hair loss or baldness in women as well, because origin of baldness and hair loss may be issues such as depression, drug use, or chemotherapy.

The micrograft hair transplant method is as useful for women as for men. Reports show that in a country like United States where there is access to all kinds of equipment, many women are interested in using micrograft method to implant their hair. Most women use this method to treat first- and second-level baldness.

The cost of hair transplantation by micrograft method

There are many factors that affect cost of micrograft implantation. For example, size of part of head where hair is planted is one of most important factors in determining price. Also, the characteristics of individual are also influential in this issue.

In general, however, the cost of hair transplant in Iran is not so high compared to other countries, which is due to presence of a large number of qualified doctors in Iran, and this is reason why this price is low. The high quality of services and low cost have made many patients from neighboring countries prefer to have hair transplants in Iran, in addition to Iranians.


Is micrograft hair transplant the best hair transplant method?

Medical science has advanced so much that various hair transplant methods are offered so that people who have different problems or have different budgets can choose one of these methods. The question that many of these people are looking for is whether micrograft hair transplant is the best hair transplant among existing methods? Or are other methods better to be used?

If we want to give an honest answer to these questions, it should be said that there are different features and issues that affect this issue. For example, the amount of fat on head, hair root, amount of baldness and such issues are different between different people. Even the characteristics of individual hair follicles may differ from each other. There are many factors that can determine what is best method.

On the other hand, we presented advantages of micrograft hair transplant method, and we saw that this method has many advantages. It is possible that micrograft method is most suitable method for you, and for another person, other methods have better results or are more suitable in terms of quality and service.

With all this, the only person who can decide what is best method of hair transplantation is the person himself and must make this choice according to doctor's opinion. Doctors have spent many years treating different patients and have gone through many similar cases successfully, which makes their opinion best basis for choosing best hair method for you.

Possible complications of hair transplantation by micrograft method

Micrograft hair transplant has title of newest and least complicated hair transplant technique in world. The need to perform this procedure by a specialist doctor and use of most delicate hair transplant devices has caused that almost no new complications have been recorded in micrograft hair transplant.

Those who have undergone hair transplantation have experienced numbness or tingling in transplanted area. This can be felt for a few weeks after hair restoration operation. This numbness or tingling is generally caused by reduced blood circulation in capillaries.

Remember that your scalp is injured. As long as these vessels regenerate themselves and strengthen tissues around hair follicles. This temporary process will be maintained and there is no reason for you to worry.

Many doctors use a team of four people, each of whom has a specific task in operating room. The more people in room move in harmony with each other, the more successful operation will be.

Care after micrograft hair transplantation

In general, the side effects listed above are normal for most patients. The most important thing is that these discomforts are only temporary and almost all of them will disappear within two weeks. There are medications your doctor can prescribe to help you recover faster.

However, we mention some cases as a possibility for dear clients so that they have sufficient accuracy in carrying out instructions before and after micrograft procedure.

  • The possibility of itching one to two days after operation (you should not react to these itching in any way. Usually, the lotions prescribed by doctor will be solution.)
  • The possibility of short-term bruising or swelling in parts of forehead and around head that will disappear completely after two days.
  • The possibility of closing all sports activities for a month. It is not possible to exercise without putting pressure on body, by putting pressure on body, the veins and capillaries on head surface may be torn and wounds may reopen. When wounds are reopened, bleeding occurs and bacteria can enter through the small incisions made along micrograft. This leaves you vulnerable to infection.
  • The possibility of pain until at least one to two days after operation (of course, due to use of micro size, no particular pain is usually felt)
  • It is possible that you will use antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen for a few days. Of course, since this procedure is painless and without bleeding, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs will be responsibility of person.
  • It should be noted that post-operative care and instructions are taken seriously, and all procedures are carried out accurately according to doctor's opinion.
  • Since micrograft hair transplant requires a lot of precision and sensitivity, it is recommended that all people present in the operating room have good experience and history in this field.
  • If you want to quickly flow capillaries around follicle and re-enter cycle, it is better to avoid alcohol, tobacco and some steroid pills as much as possible. Also, drinking a lot of water and using right diet will guarantee your health.

Is it possible to transplant hair with other people's hair donor area?

No, there is no method or technique where you can use someone else's hair donor area for hair transplantation.

Is micrograft hair transplant done in one session?

Yes. Usually, hair transplantation by micrograft method is done in one session, depending on degree of baldness of applicant and his expected density, the operation hours will be different.


Although we have mentioned advantages of micrograft, the fact is that if we want to introduce one method as a best method of hair transplantation, we cannot name any of methods. The factors that determine best method of hair transplantation are doctor's knowledge and characteristics of people's hair.


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