Work out after hair transplantation

Work out after hair transplantation

We all know that exercise is one of main pillars of maintaining health and it is necessary to dedicate a certain time to it in our plans. The point here is that physical activities are not always useful and there may be circumstances in our lives that doctor prohibits us from doing them. The days after hair transplant are one of these situations; The days when doctors strongly advise you to avoid any exercise so that the implanted grafts are not damaged.

But if you have the experience of hair transplantation, you must know that after some time doctor will advise you to resume physical activities or if you have not exercised before, do it now. This issue may confuse you and make you wonder if work out after hair transplant is useful or not? If this question has been created for you now, stay with us until the end of this article to explain effect of exercise on transplanted hair.

The overall effect of exercise on hair health

Before we talk about days after hair transplantation, it is better to describe the general effects of exercise on hair. Imagine that your hair is fine, and you are a professional athlete; Work out can definitely prevent your hair loss to a great extent. Physical activity improves blood circulation in body, which helps ensure that enough nutrients reach your hair through bloodstream. As a result, your hair will be shinier and thicker and will grow better.

Another positive point of regular exercise is that athletes usually have a healthy diet, and their protein intake is usually higher than normal people. The main structure of our hair is made of protein, and for this reason, the presence of a sufficient amount of this nutrient in body makes hair follicles stronger and the cells that produce collagen produce more collagen.

Benefits of work out:

  • strengthening body, removing physical defects and guaranteeing health.
  • mental development, personality independence and avoiding negative thoughts.
  • Achieving freshness and vitality and solving mental problems.

In any case, even athletes may suffer from hair loss for any reason and lose a part of their head hair. In such cases, those who want to achieve completely natural and long-lasting results, go for hair transplantation. After performing this procedure, there is a question for them, "when can I back to gym after hair transplantation?" and this issue will not pose a risk to implanted hair? We will answer this question in rest of this article.

What should be the process of work out after hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a very sensitive operation, and for this reason, the doctor's recommendations must be strictly followed so that person can achieve desired results.

One of most important recommendations is regarding the number of physical activities and when to start them; Considering the effect of exercise on blood circulation and activity of other body organs, the doctor sets a very precise program for each person.

The generality of these programs is what we will express in rest of this section; But usually, depending on physical characteristics of each person, the method used for implantation and amount of physical activity before operation, doctors may slightly change it.

The first week; Prohibition of any work out

It doesn't matter how you did hair transplant; In any case, during first week, you are not allowed to do any physical activity and work out, even light sports such as walking. In these days, the grafts are in most sensitive phase of their growth and no pressure should be applied to them. Even a small pressure of hand or a simple blow can damage them; Now imagine what the increase in heart rate and blood circulation during exercise will do to them. Preferably rest first week at home and give your body time to cope with operation.

The third week; Beginning of light activities

If you have done hair transplantation by FUE method or other methods based on it such as SUT micrograft, you can start light physical activities from third week with doctor's advice. We emphasize that you should never do this arbitrarily; Because your medical conditions may be special, and you need more rest.

From the tenth day after operation, most people can do slow and light walking in short distances and low-stimulation and low-pressure sports such as yoga. The important thing is that on 10th to 14th days after implantation, it is forbidden to do any activity that increases blood pressure or sweating.

After fourth to sixth week, Permission to start work out

Most doctors usually advise applicants to rest third week and start their physical activities from the fourth week. Until first month, activities should be limited to same simple walks and gradually increase them so as not to put pressure on implanted hair. During these days, physical activities should not cause excessive sweating or put pressure on veins of head; For this reason, doctors advise people who have heavy physical activities due to their jobs to limit their activities as much as possible for first month.

After 30 to 45 days of hair transplant, you can resume your sports activities and go to gym like before. At this time, doing activities such as weightlifting or bodybuilding that put a lot of pressure on veins and require high blood pumping is not prohibited; But your doctor may prohibit you from doing this for more time.

After almost two months of hair transplant procedure, the doctor himself advises you to start your sports activities; Because, as we said, exercise is very beneficial for hair health and has a great effect on delivering nutrients to hair.

Is it dangerous to exercise after hair transplantation?

The recommendations that doctor gives you after hair transplant operation are the result of years of experience and testing, and you should not take them lightly. Resting and staying away from heavy physical activities is also one of these recommendations that helps to maintain health of implanted grafts. Experience has shown that most people who went to work out after hair transplantation without paying attention to doctor's recommendations did not achieve their desired results.

During sports activities, heart rate and blood pressure increase so that enough blood reaches all body parts. This causes pressure on capillaries of head and damages the new grafts. In addition, in FUT hair transplantation, these pressures cause damage to suture and even tear them, which will cause many problems.

One of main reasons for avoiding heavy sports activities, especially in first days after implantation, is the intense sweating caused by it. Body sweat contains a large amount of toxins that are removed from our body during exercise; Contact with newly planted grafts causes contamination to penetrate into them and makes their growth process difficult.

The set of these factors together cause the newly planted hairs to not be able to go through the stages of repair and recovery properly and their growth is disturbed. This is also the reason why hair does not become uniform, and person does not get desired results. In such cases, if person's donor area is weak or cannot be harvested again for any reason, reimplantation will no longer be possible.

Is it necessary to rest after hair transplant?

Yes, Rest is very important especially in first days. Usually, in first week after implantation, it is recommended not to do any other activities except for simple and normal daily tasks so that no pressure is applied to new grafts. The implanted follicles are very sensitive in first days after implantation, and any change in blood pressure or circulation speed can damage the hair.

Why is sweating harmful to newly planted grafts?

Sweating causes the transfer of contamination from other parts of head to transplanted hair, which is one of reasons for occurrence of infection after hair transplantation. In addition, sweat beads increase the moisture of skin surface, and this causes skin balance of planting area to be disturbed and the grafts cannot grow sufficiently in an area with high humidity. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid sunlight and keep your skin completely dry and clean in first days.

How long should you not work out after hair transplantation?

Usually, it is forbidden to do any light sports activities until two weeks after implantation. From third week to end of fourth week, you can resume light activities such as walking or sports such as yoga. After a month (or 6 weeks depending on doctor's opinion) from implantation, you can go to heavier activities that cause sweating. Usually, from the end of second month, you can return to your normal physical activities and reach your body's health without worrying.


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