Best rhinoplasty surgeons in Mashhad | Iran

Best rhinoplasty surgeons in Mashhad | Iran

One of the biggest questions asked by people who want to have a rhinoplasty is "Who is the best nose surgeon?". Today, Iran is one of the best countries for nose surgery, and Mashhad is one of the largest cities in Iran with many specialists and doctors. In this article, we have provided a list of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Mashhad city. We also answered the question, "Is it better to have a good ENT specialist in Mashhad or a plastic surgeon for nose surgery?" In the following, we have fully described the procedures of nose surgery in Iran.

How to choose the best nose surgeon in Mashhad?

If you are planning to perform nose surgery in Mashhad, you must have spent a lot of time finding the best nose surgeons in Mashhad. This is quite logical because the final result of the operation largely depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon. In the following, we have listed the most important criteria for choosing the best nose surgeon in Mashhad:

✓ Expertise and skill of the surgeon
✓ Ethical personnel and advanced equipment
✓ Patience in answering patients' questions
✓ Prioritizing the patient's health during surgery
✓ Professional and caring ethics of the doctor towards his patients

Top 10 Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Mashhad and Iran

1Dr Narges RazmaraDr. Narges RazmaraENT Specialist
2Dr Mahdi GholamiDr. Mahdi GholamiOral and maxillofacial 
3ِDr Hosein HamediِDr. Hosein HamediENT Specialist
4Dr Esmaeil FarzadfardDr. Esmaeil FarzadfardPlastic Surgery Sub-specialist
5Dr Mehdi RamezaniDr. Mehdi RamezaniPlastic Surgery Sub-specialist
6Dr Nazanin EbdaliDr. Nazanin EbdaliENT Specialist
7Dr Ali SarabiDr. Ali SarabiENT Specialist
8Dr Ehsan KhadiviDr. Ehsan KhadiviENT Specialist
9Dr Karim JalaeianDr. Karim Jalaeian
ENT Specialist
10Dr Kamran KawianiDr. Kamran KawianiPlastic Surgery Sub-specialist
Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Mashhad

Why Iran is the best country for nose job?

The high number of Rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran has made this country one of the first countries in the world in the field of rhinoplasty and has the first rank of rhinoplasty in relation to the population.
Performing various cosmetic surgeries has made Iranian surgeons have a special skill in shaping the nose at the request of the applicant.
Also, the low cost of surgery compared to outside Iran has led to an increase in the number of people who apply for cosmetic surgery from abroad.
"In total, Iran ranks first in the world in terms of population in terms of cosmetic surgery. Iran still has the largest number of cosmetic surgeries in the world, which includes various cases. "In Iran, rhinoplasty has the highest number of cosmetic surgeries, but other surgeries may be at the forefront in other countries."


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