Can I take shower after rhinoplasty?

Showering after rhinoplasty is not going to be done as usual. Up to a week after surgery, a plastic cast called a splint is placed on your nose and you should not let it get wet. So you cannot take a bath as usual and you may need someone to help you to do it.

But on the other hand, showering is a daily need that many people need to do. In this article, we will talk about when and how we can take a shower after nose surgery.

Can I shower after rhinoplasty cast removal?

After rhinoplasty, there is a bandage and a cast on your nose for up to a week that should not get wet at all. So you cannot go to the bathroom as usual. During this week, if you need to take a bath, you should ask someone to accompany you in the bathroom and help you. Because when you want to wash your hair alone, you have to bend your head forward, which may cause the splint to get wet.

Splint is made of plastic that protects your new nose. And it helps the bones and cartilage of the nose not to move until they are completely repaired. Wetting the splint causes it to loosen and may affect the outcome of the operation. If the splint gets wet, the skin of the nose becomes itchy and irritated, and it will be difficult for you to tolerate the splint for a week.

As you are usually drowsy during these few days because of eating painkillers, be careful not to fall in bathroom.

The water used for bathing should be lukewarm because if the water temperature will be too high, it may cause dizziness. When showering, try not to bend your head down if possible. It is better to go to the bathroom the night before the operation and wash your head and body well so that you do not need to take a bath one or two days after the operation.

How to take a shower after rhinoplasty?

How to take a shower after rhinoplasty?

From the second day after the surgery, you can sit on a plastic chair or stool in the bathroom to wash your hair. Bend your head backwards and ask someone else to wash your hair. Ask the person who helps you to control the water temperature first. When you are sure the water temperature is balanced, do the washing.

You can also use a beauty salon hair washing sink in which the head is bent backwards and the hair is washed by someone else. At the end, it is emphasized once again that you should be careful not to get the splint and nasal dressing wet. If the splint gets wet, talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

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