What is Revision rhinoplasty?

What is Revision rhinoplasty?

Revision Rhinoplasty is a type of corrective surgery that can be performed for both treatment and cosmetic purposes. Sometimes some people go to ENT specialist for damage to part of the nasal tissue, such as a burn, so that the surgeon can repair the nasal tissue; this type of operation is a therapeutic restoration of the nose.

But the second type that most people are familiar with is restoration with the goal of beauty; this type of operation, also known as rhinoplasty and secondary rhinoplasty, is performed because a person has had a rhinoplasty once but for various reasons is not satisfied with the result and decides to have the operation again. This surgery helps the patient reach their goal of having a flawless nose.

Our goal in this article is the second type of surgery, cosmetic Revision surgery and answer the question that:" What is Revision rhinoplasty? "


Who needs revision rhinoplasty?

If, after the first rhinoplasty and after a long time has passed, the person feels that his nose is still having problems in terms of appearance or breathing, he can refer to the best ENT specialist for the second operation. The most common problems that need to be repaired are:

Nasal airway obstruction:

Sometimes, due to the inexperience or expertise of the physician, the patient's nasal structure and breathing are damaged in the initial nasal surgery. This can cause breathing problems such as wheezing while breathing or not noticing the smell of the surroundings. Closing the nasal passage (capping the nose after the operation) and making a runny nose while breathing cause the person to take a second operation.

Abnormal appearance and excess in changes:

 The most important goal of nasal surgery is the natural beauty of the person and elimination of nasal defects. Unfortunately, some doctors, because they are not aware of the science of modern aesthetics, choose models that the person realizes after a few years that the shape of the nose is very artificial. Also, some nose models are not suitable for everyone. Imagine a man with a masculine face, a doll nose, or a woman with a large face and a fleshy nose experienced a fantasy or semi-fantasy nose surgery. Excessive changes and abnormalities of the nose cause the person to decide to have a nose operation again.

What is Revision rhinoplasty?

Drooping of the tip of the nose:

 Sometimes, because the doctor has not properly strengthened the cartilage of the nose, the tip of the nose dents after a while and creates an inappropriate appearance for the person. For this reason, a nose repair operation is performed.

Remaining nasal hump after surgery:

Some people after surgery find that their hump is not removed in the initial operation and the appearance of their nose is ugly. Nasal repair helps to remove the remaining hump from the initial operation.

Asymmetry of the nostrils:

 Many people are concerned that their nostrils will be the same before the operation. First of all, sometimes this is not possible, but a good nose surgeon can make the holes look as similar as possible. Sometimes the asymmetry of the holes is so great that a person has to undergo reconstructive rhinoplasty.

Excessive shrinkage of the nose:

 This problem can be considered as one of the types of excess in changing the shape of the nose. When the surgeon reduces the size of the nose too much due to lack of skill, the nose takes on an abnormal shape and the face becomes ugly. In this way, the person decides to have surgery again to make the nose a little bigger.

Large nose or tip of the nose after surgery:

 Sometimes a person tries to shrink the nose, but due to the incompetence of the doctor, the nose does not shrink enough, although it may have a beautiful shape. Secondary rhinoplasty helps to solve this problem.

What is Revision rhinoplasty?

Excessive narrowing of the nasal septum:

Excessive narrowing of the nasal septum, which occurs mostly in bony noses, in addition to being one of the problems with the unusual shape of the nose, also causes respiratory problems for the person he does. In reconstructive rhinoplasty, the surgeon fixes the problem by strengthening the cartilage.

Internal or external scars:

One of the biggest problems caused by improper nasal surgery is internal and external scars or wounds that cause bumps or dents on the nose and make the nose look ugly. The rhinoplasty doctor solves this problem with the second surgery.

Deviation of the nasal septum:

Tilt of the nose or deviation of the nasal septum after surgery is one of the common problems that may be caused by surgery by a non-specialist doctor or lack of patient care. Sometimes a blow after a nose operation causes the bone to tilt. For this reason, the person undergoes cosmetic surgery for the second time.

Long distance between nostrils:

 Failure to observe the fit in the operation of the nose and lack of mastery of aesthetics by the surgeon causes the distances between the nostrils to increase and the person to feel uncomfortable with his nose. Revision Rhinoplasty will help to solve this problem.

What is Revision rhinoplasty?

Extra meat after operation:

 When surgery is performed, the skin is actually damaged. To repair this damage, a tissue called fibrosis forms. Fibrous tissue is a very important tissue for repairing damaged parts of the body. But in rhinoplasty, and fleshy nose surgery in general, if the nose becomes too small, the body forms too much fibrous tissue to heal. This can cause the bulbous nose to become fleshy after surgery or make the nose larger than before surgery.

Up and down the nasal fins:

 Another common postoperative problem is disproportionate and high and low nasal fins. This problem is due to the lack of symmetry during surgery and lack of mastery of plastic surgery. In practice, nasal retouching can solve this problem.

Nose clip position:

 Another reason that patients may seek retouching of the nose is the depression of the cartilage on the side of the nose, which becomes pinch-like when breathing.

The mentioned problems are due to the doctor's lack of expertise in aesthetics or lack of mastery of surgical techniques. But in some cases, the final shape of the nose will be inappropriate by not following the tips after surgery; these include crooked nose due to trauma and fracture, infection due to not taking medication on time, non-observance of hygiene tips, and opening of sutures due to non-observance of care tips.

What is Revision rhinoplasty?

What role does the surgeon play in nasal repair?

Many problems with primary surgery are due to improper nasal surgery. If you choose a good rhinoplasty doctor in the first place, you are less likely to need revision surgery in the future. The importance of choosing a doctor in this surgery is more than the initial operation because repairing the nose is a difficult and complex operation and each doctor will implement his own methods in the surgery and it will be more difficult for him to repair the problem. If secondary rhinoplasty is not done properly, you may have to have your surgeon razor a third time.

Characteristics of a good nose repair surgeon

Specialization and skill in surgery: A good surgeon should have high knowledge and expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery and perform revision surgery without knowing the anatomy of the nose without damaging this organ. In addition to science and expertise, he must have high intelligence and skill for this surgery.

Very successful portfolios: The existence of many successful portfolios and clients with a high percentage of satisfaction in social networks and ensuring them by face-to-face consultation, shows the surgeon's high skill and familiarity with the types of noses and their problems.

What is Revision rhinoplasty?

Variety in practice based on the characteristics of each person: In terms of aesthetics, rhinoplasty for a man is definitely different from a woman. Variation in surgery based on gender, age, current sciences, personal characteristics and appearance of a person is one of the characteristics of a good revision surgeon.

Morale of the patient for the second surgery: The morale of the person performing the second rhinoplasty is weaker than the first rhinoplasty. A good surgeon can patiently reassure his patient with this in mind.

Professional ethics and prioritizing the patient's health: Sometimes patients go for a second operation due to obsession with their appearance. A good doctor will prioritize the patient's health, will determine with pre-surgery consultation whether the person needs surgery or not.

Patience in guiding the patient: A good rhinoplasty surgeon will patiently answer all the patient's questions before and after surgery, and with the right guidance, will prevent problems for the person.

Based on the features mentioned above, as well as thorough research before surgery, you can choose the best reconstructive nasal doctor in any city you are in.


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