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Cosmetic surgeries are not only related to human physics but also have a great impact on human mental health. One of the most important concerns of people who intend to have cosmetic surgery is the lack of awareness about pre- and post-operative care, side effects and results of cosmetic surgery.


 Knowing these points, both people who intend to have surgery will have more reasonable expectations and doctors who provide these services will face less unreasonable dissatisfaction.

The purpose of the Beauty Mag (BUTMag.com) is to fill this information gap with useful, honest and specialized content. At Beauty Mag (BUTMag.com), we tried to bring together a group of experts in various fields from medical advice to health tourism and graphics and SEO technical issues and so that we can provide appropriate services to you dear ones.

At Beauty Mag (BUTMag.com), we try to prepare the content based on your desire, and it is you who determine the future path of Beauty Mag (BUTMag.com). So:

  • If you have a specific question about cosmetic surgery, be sure to send it to us for review.
  • If you are a health tour leader and you have good content to guide applicants, We are glad to be able to contact you.
  • If you are a doctor and you want your interview to be included in other specialized cosmetic consultations, we can inform you through the form below so that we can contact you.
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