Piezo Rhinoplasty in Iran

Piezo Rhinoplasty in Iran

One of the concerns of people who apply for nose surgery is bruises and swelling after nose surgery. In classic rhinoplasty surgery, due to the blows that are given to the middle bone of the nose for shaping, bruises and blackness under the eyes are very noticeable after the surgery. Fortunately, thanks to the ultrasonic technology, there is no need for hammers and hard blows to the nose in the new method of nose surgery which called "Piezo Rhinoplasty".

What is a piezo rhinoplasty?

Piezo is a Greek root word which mean pressure or push. It's combined with some other words to make new nouns and adjectives. In recent years, piezo surgery has become one of the newest surgical procedures that have greatly reduced surgical complications such as swelling and bleeding.

One of the uses of this new method is in nose surgery, which is called "piezo rhinoplasty", and recently has become very popular in Iran and other countries. A piezo rhinoplasty is the technical phrase for ultrasonic rhinoplasty. This is a new method of rhinoplasty which avoids a hammer and chisel technique to reform the nasal bones. So, it provides more precision and reduces swelling and soft tissue damage which can occur in traditional rhinoplasty techniques. 


History of piezo surgery in nose reshaping

The piezo method is known as one of safest methods that are based on current techniques in dentistry. In piezo rhinoplasty, an electric based tool is actually used. Piezo is a softer technology in dentistry which vibrates at extremely high frequencies.

Piezo tool is much softer than traditional rhinoplasty hammers which causes less damage to tissues and minimizes the amount of bleeding and swelling in nose surgery. Compared to previous nose surgery method, this method will result in less swelling and bruising.

Piezo Rhinoplasty in Iran

With help of piezo method, vibrations between 28 and 36 kHz are produced, and then nasal bones are split and broken, and the necessary changes are made. All these modern works are done on nose with minimal damage.

Piezo equipment was only used in Europe, although for the first time in the US in 2010, this method was introduced by plastic surgeon, Dr. Laurence Berkowitz, but because it is considered a part of dental instruments it was forbidden to use it.

Finally, in 2015, a med equipment company named Synthes presented piezo equipment. This equipment was used for orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery for a while until doctors used it in rhinoplasty surgery as well. This new technology created a huge revolution in world of nose surgery, and following this approach and development of newer tools, rhinoplasty entered a new phase which provided more predictable and accurate results.

Piezo nose surgery in Iran

popularity of rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran has made Iran one of the best countries in the world ranking of nose surgeries and has the top rank of rhinoplasty in relation to the population.
Performing various cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty and hair transplantation, has made Iranian surgeons have a special skill in reshaping the nose in 2022.
Furthermore, the low cost of cosmetic surgeries compared to other countries, has led to an increase in the number of people who apply for cosmetic surgery such as piezo rhinoplasty from abroad.
“In Iran, nose surgery include rhinoplasty, septoplasty and alarplasty has the highest number of cosmetic surgeries, but other surgeries may be at the forefront in other countries.”

Piezo Rhinoplasty in Iran

Due to the use of more advanced technologies, piezo rhinoplasty cost is usually between 10 and 20% more expensive than usual rhinoplasty.

The cost of piezo rhinoplasty in Iran is usually between $ 1,200 and $ 2,500, which varies depending on the individual as well as the surgeon and clinic.

Is piezo rhinoplasty better?

Nowadays, in 21st century it is necessary to use modern Techniques in all fields. This issue is raised in connection with various surgical methods, including rhinoplasty. Since nose surgery is considered an invasive surgery and usually after this surgery there is a lot of swelling in the face, so it can be beneficial to use any method that has fewer side effects.

piezo rhinoplasty (Ultrasonic rhinoplasty), is one of newest methods of rhinoplasty which eliminates the need to break your nasal bone. Because in any nose surgery, the nasal bones must be broken and mixed up to form a finer structure.

Piezo Rhinoplasty in Iran

Is piezo rhinoplasty safe?

Thanks to modern equipment in 2022, piezo surgery eliminates the traditional tools like osteotomes (hammer and chisels) and rasps (surgical files) in nose surgery and uses ultra-high frequency for rhinoplasty surgery. This can compromise the surrounding soft tissue, as well as bony contour irregularities which can present after surgery. The unique feature of this method is that this ultrasound energy only hits the nasal bone tissue and does not cause any damage to other sensitive tissues.

In addition to being useful for patients, this method will also bring advantages for doctors.

  • The volume of cartilage and bone that can be removed is determined.
  • The amount of nose cutting, and shaping is under surgeon control.
  • The surgeon will be able to see and identify the bone that caused unevenness and defects in body shape and shave it more accurately.
  • The doctor can shave and thin the bone with greater precision in clients who have thick and thick bones.
  • Since the piezo technique affects only the nasal bones, by starting incision and treatment, the surgeon is reassured that soft tissues and mucous membranes will not be harmed.
  • The surgeon can fix the existing anomalies and asymmetries even when the bones are moving because it was not possible to do this technique in the previous methods.

All mentioned cases have become a reason for surgeons to welcome this method and start treatment with a more relaxed imagination because each of these factors affects final result of rhinoplasty and can prevent human errors.

Piezo surgery advantages

piezo surgery has many advantages compared to previous methods. It can be considered as a new bridge to progress in rhinoplasty. This technique gives more control and accuracy to work of surgeons to perform rhinoplasty.

  • Due to the fact that piezo surgery is a new and advanced method and in addition to the fact that after treatment, there will be less bleeding and pain for patient, final results will be more beautiful.
  • According to statistics, almost 30% of people have been re-treated after using old methods. However, by using the piezo method, these errors can be prevented. As a result, it is also effective in investing and preventing additional expenses.
  • The new technologies of rhinoplasty surgery allow surgeons to obtain and present more accurate results, as a result, this method reduces their fear and is more in demand.
  • By using ultrasonic energy, deviations and defects of nose can also be treated and no special conditions are required.
  • With help of piezo method, which is a less invasive method, as a result, the recovery period is reduced, and patients will start their daily activities sooner.
  • With help of this technique, nose surgery has become a safer method for patients and more predictable results can be expected in nose surgeries. This method reduces the amount of swelling and pain of patients and also increases possibility of recovery and repair of their wounds after nose surgery.
  • In piezo rhinoplasty, unlike traditional methods, due to use of ultrasonic blades, much less damage is done to the tissues and blood vessels, and therefore, large and extensive wounds will not be created. In this case, by choosing this method for nose surgery, you will see less scars after treatment.
  • ultrasound rhinoplasty is an FDA-approved treatment and many surgeons in Turkey and Europe use this method for their patients' nose surgery. However, it is hoped that ultrasonic rhinoplasty will become more widespread and applicable in all countries.

What are the risks of piezo rhinoplasty?

Realistically, all the cosmetic methods that are being performed may be associated with side effects and pose risks for patient.

In general, this new method is safe because of less bleeding, swelling and bruising. But since nose shaping is done directly and under direct supervision, piezo rhinoplasty technique can lead to moderate swelling and bruising in the first 48 hours after nose surgery.

Although some complications have been reported in this method, like other methods, but by doing post-op cares, the incidence of these complications can be reduced, and treatment can be done with better results.


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