Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Zafarmand | Q&A

Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Zafarmand | Q&A

Introduction of Dr. Zafarmand

Dr. Saeed Zafarmand, ENT specialist, Rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran an plastic surgeon of face and neck area. Advanced nose and sinus endoscopy

What is nose surgery or rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, which is commonly known as nose surgery, is a type of surgery that aims to change the shape and appearance of the nose or improve its function after injury or trauma or congenital defects.

What should I do before my rhinoplasty consultation?

Nose examination before rhinoplasty is very important. In fact, by properly examining the structure of the nose, 50% of the success of the surgery is guaranteed. If the patient wants to get a special shape of his nose with surgery, he can bring to the nose surgeon a detailed photo of the different angles of his desired nose. By examining the structure of the patient's nose, the surgeon will choose the most appropriate surgical method to achieve the best result.


When can I start working out after rhinoplasty?

Due to its high sensitivity, rhinoplasty has a more sensitive recovery period. Doctors always advise not to do heavy sports for 2 months after nose surgery. After this period, with the discretion of the doctor and examination of the patient's health conditions, he can start doing the previous routine exercises.

How soon after rhinoplasty can I swim?

In general, you should not do high physical activity for two months and swimming is one of the hard sports. But after this time, you can start swimming. 2 to 3 months after the operation, swimming is fine, but diving in the pool is not allowed until six months.

How long should I take off work after rhinoplasty?

It is recommended to rest at home for a week to 10 days after nose surgery and to postpone activities outside the home. Therefore, leave should be taken from work for this period.

Will pregnancy affect my nose job?

Hormones during pregnancy generally cause swelling all over the body and nose. This swelling goes away from the nose after giving birth and after a certain period of time. So, if swelling is observed after pregnancy, there is no need to worry and this will be resolved.

how many days after rhinoplasty do I need help?

After the surgery, due to anesthetic drugs, the person will be confused and dizzy, which needs to be accompanied for driving and sensitive activities. But in general, many things do not require a companion.

how many days after rhinoplasty can I shower?

If the head and face are protected, the body can be washed. If necessary, you can take a bath from the neck down 48 hours after the surgery, but the general bath after rhinoplasty should be postponed until after the cast removal. After removing the plaster, dry the stitches and nose slowly after taking a bath.

Is it hard to talk after rhinoplasty?

Hoarseness is normal after surgery. Hoarseness is acceptable in the first two to three weeks after rhinoplasty. Because when the surgery is performed, the nasal mucosa is swollen and this swelling narrow and blocks the respiratory tract from the outside of the nose. Therefore, for a few weeks, the patient may experience hoarseness, but this issue will naturally resolve itself after a while, and there is nothing to worry about.

What is the cause of snoring during sleep?

If it is determined that the cause of snoring is anatomical problems in the upper respiratory tract, such people can be treated with nose surgery and the problem of people suffering from this condition can be solved with different methods. Of course, it has been seen that the patients may not get 100% results from this operation, but more than 80% of the people who snore and had a nose job were cured.

What are the side effects of nose surgery in teenagers?

In general, because people are growing until the age of 15, usually no nose surgery is performed. Surgery at this age is limited to emergency cases that require immediate nose surgery. For example, nasal fracture surgery, nasal septum hematoma, or nasal septum abscess are things that are also performed at the age of 15 years.

What are the limitations of rhinoplasty?

There are almost no restrictions for rhinoplasty. However, people who are suffering from underlying diseases can also undergo nose surgery after the examinations and under the supervision of a specialist. The next thing that may cause limitations of rhinoplasty is the age of the patient. Because old age creates limitations for the surgeon. Very old age is not a suitable age for nose surgery. Some diseases are incompatible with the anesthesia needed for this surgery and the person cannot be anesthetized.

How much does nose surgery cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty mainly depends on the geographical area and the prices of that area and the amount of change that the person wants. Also, in addition to the cost of the operation, the cost of at least one night's hospitalization is also included. Due to the cosmetic goals of this surgery, its costs are usually not covered by insurance.

What are the side effects of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a safe surgical procedure, but like any other surgery, problems may occur. The most common risks of this surgery are infection, reaction to anesthetic and excessive bleeding. There is also a very low probability that a person will need secondary surgery in the future. But the probability of all these complications is very low and if the surgeon is expert and experienced, these cases will not occur.

What are the things To Do Before Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Before rhinoplasty, the surgeon sets realistic expectations for the surgery. He determines which aspect needs correction and chooses the most appropriate method based on the patient's expectations. The most important thing that the patient should do is not to use blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen so that excessive bleeding does not occur after the surgery. If a person smokes, it is suggested to quit smoking at least one month before the operation and continue to quit smoking for one month after the operation. Smoking slows down the healing process and prolongs the recovery period. This may be the best time to quit smoking.

What are realistic expectations for a rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the duration of surgery does not last more than 2 hours. Depending on the patient's condition, the surgeon may make an incision under the nose and between the two nostrils (known as an open surgical technique) or make incisions along the line of the nostrils (known as a closed surgical technique). The surgeon then removes or realigns the nasal cartilage or, in some cases, breaks the nasal bone and reshapes the nose. After that, the surgeon stitches the incisions and closes the nose with sterile gauze. A nasal splint is also commonly used.

How long is the recovery period for rhinoplasty?

The nasal splint should be left on the nose usually between 7 and 10 days after the surgery. After the surgery, the patient may have swelling, bruising and bruising around the eyes, and this swelling can last up to 2 weeks. In general, intense physical activities should be avoided for up to 4 weeks.

What kind of anesthesia is used for rhinoplasty?

It is always the doctor's preference to perform under general anesthesia for rhinoplasty surgery. Because during nose surgery, there is always bleeding and backflow of blood from the back of the pharynx, and if the patient is not unconscious, it can cause the patient's restlessness, and due to the blood secretions entering the lungs, the situation will be dangerous. However, in some rare cases and under special circumstances, nose surgery may be performed with local anesthesia.

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