Double chin HIFU therapy in Iran

Double chin HIFU therapy in Iran

One of the problems that manifests itself with increasing age or weight is double chin. double chin is usually caused by sagging skin or fat accumulation in neck area and overshadows face beauty. That's why people like to get rid of it in a safe way. HIFU therapy of double chin is the same effective and low-risk method that removes double chin in one or at least three sessions and restores beauty and youth to a person's face.

HIFU therapy is a relatively new method and many people do not know it properly. For this reason, they easily believe rumors about it and let fear and worry into their hearts. Rumors such as burns and wounds on skin after HIFU therapy, skin allergies, face and neck paralysis, the return of double chin in a worse condition than before, etc. are things that you should not believe. In this article, we are going to give you comprehensive and complete information about double chin HIFU therapy, so that all your concerns about how to be treated with this method will be completely resolved.

What is double chin HIFU therapy?

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Therefore, it can be understood that in this method, using ultrasound waves, loose and fallen skins or local fats are destroyed. Before performing double chin HIFU therapy, the doctor carefully examines person to make sure that HIFU is the most suitable method for him. Also, during the examination process, doctor will determine the radiation points of waves and their intensity, as well as the number of required sessions.

On the day of operation, person must come to clinic with clean skin and no makeup. Before starting HIFU therapy, doctor cleans the skin of double chin and its surrounding areas completely, and then a special gel is poured on skin. This gel is same gel used in ultrasound. After that, the device is placed on person's neck and double chin and according to severity of sagging or thickness of subcutaneous fat, the intensity and amount of ultrasound waves are adjusted. These waves hit the target location exactly and will not cause any damage to surrounding areas.

How is HIFU therapy performed?

Each HIFU therapy session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes and does not require anesthesia, because it is a completely painless process. The doctor determines required number of sessions according to individual's condition. A person can return to work after performing HIFU therapy and will not need to rest. Therefore, there is no need to take time off from work or cancel other appointments. The results of double chin HIFU therapy can be seen between 4 and 12 weeks after operation. These results are stabilized during 6 to 9 months after performing HIFU therapy and return real beauty to the person's face.

In double chin HIFU therapy, high-intensity ultrasound waves heat the skin cells and collect them. As a result, if double chin is caused by sagging skin, it will disappear. In fact, in this method, heating of skin cells stimulates them and increases collagen production. As a result of the accumulation of collagens in neck and under chin, the skin is tightened and regains its elasticity.

In cases where double chin is caused by the accumulation of fat in neck and under chin, ultrasound waves should be irradiated to the fat cells. Heating these cells breaks them down and deactivates them. These cells must be removed from body in some way, liver and lymphatic system are responsible for removing deactivated fat cells. Therefore, the health of these two organs is very important in hyphotherapy. Note that consumption of fatty foods, tobacco and caffeinated drinks interfere with their performance. For this reason, doctors recommend that you avoid using these substances before and for some time after performing HIFU therapy.

What is double chin Lift?

Sagging skin due to aging or losing weight is one of the problems that make different areas of your face and neck no longer look natural and beautiful. This issue is not very pleasant for many people and is even annoying in some cases. Fortunately, the progress of science can completely resolve these annoying issues and give you a beautiful and young face once again. Double chin lift is a way to get rid of excess skin and fat in chin area, which distorts the shape of your face and may be a bit annoying.

There are many concerns about double chin lift. Some people think that facelift is a very painful and dangerous procedure that ultimately gives an asymmetric and not very pleasant look to their face. These people also think that double chin lift may cause nerve damage and in some cases paralysis of the nerves. But it must be said that if you perform a face lift in a reputable center and by a specialist doctor, there is no reason to worry and you will have a beautiful and attractive face without experiencing any of these side effects.

Double chin Non surgical lift

Double chin may be caused by aging and loss of elasticity of skin. But in some cases, obesity, weight loss, hereditary cases, or some diseases can also cause double chin. Smoking, overeating and inactivity, sunlight damage and some environmental pollution can also accelerate the aging process of skin and, as a result, lose skin elasticity and cause double chin. In all of these cases, a double chin lift can be used as a safe way to remove double chin and tighten the skin of this area. This makes the angle of chin and jaw line appear and makes the lines of your face more natural. In some cases, a face lift makes your face look slimmer and more compact.

The most important point in candidates for a facelift is their general health. In addition, if your skin is loose and sagging due to aging, you can use various lifting methods to remove sagging. Also, if due to weight loss, chin fat has disappeared but the skin has not shrunk, you are a good candidate for double chin lift.

In addition to these cases, double chin lift can be suitable for those whose exercise or diet did not affect their double chin. In fact, when double chin fat resists these factors and does not disappear, you can use a laser lift or a surgical lift. Double chin lift can also be a safe and suitable method for people who want to make their face younger, make their jaw angle clearer, define the distance between chin and neck, and remove excess skin and neck wrinkles.

Double chin Non surgical lift

Advantages of double chin lift

By using different methods of face lift, the muscles under your chin will be tightened and your face will look younger and fresher. In addition to that, double chin lift can completely remove wrinkles and excess skin under the chin and neck. Therefore, it will make your neck more attractive. By using double chin lift, you can remove excess fat in this area and also remove excess skin caused by weight loss. Different methods for lifting double chin have very few side effects and are long-lasting. So you can enjoy the beauty and youth of your face again for a long time.

Disadvantages and complications

If you perform a double chin lift in a reputable center, you will experience very few side effects. Even if you use a surgical face lift, this method can still be considered one of the least dangerous methods to remove sagging or loose skin of chin area. Redness, swelling, bruising, and inflammation in lift area are the most common side effects of a face lift. These side effects usually disappear completely after a few days. But if the side effects last more than two weeks, be sure to inform your doctor.

Different types of Neck Lifts? (double chin)

Double chin lift can be done using non-surgical or surgical methods. Each of these methods is used for certain people, so doctor will examine you carefully before deciding on the method to be used. In non-surgical methods, doctor usually uses local anesthesia. But in surgical procedures, patient is completely unconscious. In the rest of this section, we give more detailed explanations about these methods.

Double chin lift with HIFU therapy

Double chin HIFU therapy is a relatively new method and there are many people who do not know about it properly, that's why they easily believe rumors about it and let fear and worry into their hearts. Rumors such as burns and wounds on skin after HIFU therapy, skin allergies, paralysis of face and neck, the return of double chin in a worse condition than before, etc. are things that you should not believe.

In double chin HIFU therapy, high-intensity ultrasound waves heat skin cells and collect them. As a result, if double chin is caused by sagging skin, it will disappear. In fact, in this method, heating of skin cells stimulates them and increases collagen production. As a result of collagens accumulation in neck and under chin, the skin is strengthened and regains its elasticity.

Double chin lift with suction

Nobody likes a big double chin! To get rid of double chin, you can use suction method, which can also be done under local anesthesia. With this method, the fats under skin are removed and appearance of neck, chin and jaw line is significantly improved. In this method, a small incision is made on skin and excess fat is suctioned with the help of a thin metal tube. In this surgical procedure, only local anesthetics are usually used to numb area. In many cases, skin contracts and tightens, resulting in a more defined jawline.

Double chin lift with laser

This method is also one of the non-invasive methods to remove double chin and define jaw line. In this method, fat and excess skin are removed using a laser, and your skin becomes smoother and firmer. Lift with laser can be considered as a good alternative to lift with surgery. In first stage of double chin lift, extra fat under skin is completely melted with a laser. In second stage, skin sagging is removed using ultrasound waves. This method can be considered one of most effective methods to rejuvenate skin and eliminate extra lines and wrinkles in double chin area.

Note that melted fats in first stage of laser are usually removed from body a few days after laser using drainage system. After excess fat is removed, ultrasonic waves stimulate skin's collagen production and cause skin sagging, which rejuvenates skin and over time, removes wrinkles. Double chin lift with laser only needs 30 minutes, moreover, this work does not require use of anesthetics. The results of this method can be seen immediately after lift, but more accurate results will be determined one week after laser.

The number of sessions needed to remove double chin with laser depends on doctor's decision. But for many people, this is done in 4 short sessions of 30 minutes. You do not need to rest after a laser double chin lift, so you can resume your daily activities immediately after procedure. Of course, it is better to avoid heavy activities for a while. The permanence of laser chin lift results is very long, and in some cases, by observing a proper diet and changing lifestyle, the results can be considered permanent.

Surgical double chin lift

A surgical double chin lift is usually performed under general anesthesia, but in some cases, doctor may prefer local anesthesia. In order to surgically lift double chin, incisions are made behind and in front of ear. Through these incisions, the muscles of neck, under chin and skin underlying tissues are pulled up so that chin is completely smoothed and wrinkles in this area are removed. The incisions made in surgical procedure are very delicate and narrow. The doctor tries to make these incisions in places that are less visible. Therefore, after the surgery, the marks of the sutures will not be visible on your face, and for some time after removing sutures are removed, their place can hardly be recognized.

Double chin lift surgery takes about two hours and does not require hospitalization after that. You just have to note that due to the effects of anesthetics, you cannot go home alone and you must have a companion. The recovery period of this method is very short and its results can be seen after three weeks. Usually, doctor will recommend you to use a medical collar for a few days to stabilize results and prevent pressure on double chin. Unlike the recovery period, the longevity of a surgical double chin lift is very long; if you go to a specialist and skilled doctor and follow doctor's instructions carefully, the results will last even for rest of your life.

Double chin lift with exercise

By using some facial exercises, it is possible to shrink double chin and remove it to some extent. To do this, close your mouth and pull lower lip upwards, do this until you feel tension well in your chin. To lift double chin with exercise, do this movement several times every day in three sets of 15 seconds. Note that these methods will usually work on younger people who have minor droop or very small double chin. Therefore, people with large double chin or severe sagging should consider using other methods.

Double chin lift with gel injection

Double chin is one of the problems that both men and women suffer from; the accumulation of fatty tissue under chin is the factor that causes double chin. In past, expensive surgical procedures were performed to remove double chin, but today, using new treatments such as Kybella gel injection, this problem can be easily solved. Kybella is a drug that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment and reduction of gout. The side effects of this treatment are very few and the rate of success and effectiveness is very high.

This medicine basically follows the natural rules of fat dissolution in body. The body produces a substance called Deoxycholic, which is responsible for destroying excess fat tissue in body. Deoxycholic acid targets membrane of fat cells, penetrates into fat cells and causes them to collapse. The way Kybella works is same, so its injection causes collapse of fat cells and reduces fat accumulated in the space under chin.

Double chin lift with thread

This method is one of the minimally invasive methods for double chin lift, which is performed in 30 to 45 minutes using local anesthesia. In this method, PDO threads are used, which are actually absorbable suture threads made of polyethylene acid. For this reason, it can be said that the shelf life of double chin lift with thread is between 1 to 2 years and even more.

To perform this method, the threads are inserted from the specified places using fine needles and groin area skin is stretched to required size. This causes production of collagen in skin to increase and skin regains its elasticity. As a result of this operation, sagging of double chin area will disappear and face will look younger, more attractive and even thinner.

Since the needles used in this method are very delicate, the wounds are only seen in the form of small openings, which are completely resolved a few days after operation. This method does not have a long recovery period and you can resume your daily light activities immediately after lift. In addition, these threads pass under skin and will not damage tissues or nerves of your face. Therefore, this method can be considered as one of the least risky methods for a double chin lift.

Who is the right candidate for double chin HIFU?

Usually, doing HIFU therapy does not have any special restrictions and most people who have general health can use it. Note that HIFU therapy is suitable for eliminating sagging and slight sagging, as well as mild and moderate levels of fat. Therefore, in cases where a person has severe sagging of the neck skin or a lot of fat has accumulated under his chin, it is better to use other treatment methods such as laser or surgery.

Using of this method is recommended for people between 30 and 75 years old. People who intend to use HIFU therapy to eliminate their double chin, but do not fall under this age limit, should consult a specialist and skilled doctor. Also, the doctor will take tests from him to make sure that he is healthy.

Doctors usually do not recommend HIFU therapy to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. People with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases and disorders of glands and lymphatic system should not use this method either. It is also recommended to wait about two weeks in case of Botox injection, fat injection or gel injection and then apply for HIFU therapy.

If a person has skin allergies, warts or active herpes in the neck or double chin area, he should wait until it is completely resolved.

Who should not get HIFU?

  • It is not recommended to use HIFU therapy for people who are less than 30 or more than 75 years old. People who are within this age limit but intend to use HIFU therapy to eliminate their double chin, it is necessary to consult a specialist and skilled doctor about it.
  • Doctors often do not recommend HIFU to pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • People suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, and disorders of the glands and lymphatic system should also refrain from doing double chin HIFU.
  • It is also suggested that if you have had Botox injection, fat injection or gel injection before, wait for about 2 weeks and then proceed to perform double chin HIFU.
  • If you have active skin allergies, warts or cold sores in your neck or pubic area, you should wait until it is completely healed before doing double chin HIFU.

Complications of HIFU therapy

Double chin HIFU therapy is one of the safest and least complicated methods to get rid of gout. If HIFU therapy is performed in a reputable clinic by a skilled and experienced doctor, its side effects are very minor and disappear completely after a short period of time. Usually, a person will witness redness, inflammation and slight burning in the skin after performing HIFU therapy. In most cases, HIFU side effects will disappear a few hours after the operation. But in some people, they may remain for a week. Itching on chin skin and its surrounding area is very rare. But if you feel itchy in this area, do not scratch your skin.

Some people may feel tingling, numbness or hot flushes in the neck and lower face area. This is completely normal and will be completely resolved after a few days. In rare cases, if the double chin HIFU therapy was performed in an invalid clinic or by a non-specialist, a person may feel pain in his chin or face, or the complications may remain for a long time. In this case, the person should refrain from self-administering any antibiotics or topical ointments and consult a specialist doctor immediately.

Longevity of double chin HIFU therapy

Double chin HIFU therapy is a method with lasting results. If a person modifies his lifestyle and diet after performing this procedure, the results will last even for the rest of his life. Although the results of double chin HIFU therapy show themselves later than other methods, their durability is very long. If a person keeps his weight stable after treatment with HIFU therapy and takes care of his skin against sunlight, environmental pollution and other damages by using skin care products, one time of HIFU therapy is enough for his whole life.

Of course, note that the effects of aging cannot be eliminated. In fact, increasing age of a person causes skin sagging in different areas of body, including neck and chin. However, if you perform double chin HIFU therapy and proper care, you can delay the appearance of signs of aging and prevent severe skin sagging in these areas at an older age.

What is the cost of double chin HIFU?

The costs of performing double chin HIFU therapy are different and depends on cities and clinics. Usually, the costs of performing this procedure are higher in big cities and reputable clinics. But in general, the cost of HIFU therapy is much lower than other methods such as surgical lift or laser. Determining the exact cost of HIFU therapy depends on severity of sagging, thickness of fat, the number of sessions required for examination and treatment, and doctor's salary.

Iran Medical Visa | Obtaining guide , Documents , Costs

The cost of Full facial HIFU therapy in different countries

Singapore: $1,800

USA: 1800 to 7000 dollars

Australia: $2,000

Turkey: $1200

European countries: 1500 to 3000 dollars

Full face HIFU therapy price In Iran

The cost of Full facial HIFU therapy in Iran does not have a set standard or a specific range. In Tehran, the cost of a full face lift by HIFU in reputable clinics is between $1,000 and $1,200. In other cities of Iran like Mashhad or Isfahan , the cost of treatment is lower; Because due to the small number of clients, the devices used are older and the experience and skill of the doctor is less.

Rumors you should not believe

We usually see strange rumors in the skin and hair health field in cyberspace. HIFU therapy is no exception to this rule. For this reason, we have investigated rumors in this area:

Can double chin HIFU therapy damage muscles?

Ultrasound waves are one of the safest waves for human body. For this reason, they are used to diagnose health status of fetus. The use of these waves in HIFU therapy also makes it a safe and secure method. Ultrasound waves will not have any effect on facial muscles. In fact, during double chin HIFU therapy process, doctor only targets the damaged layers of skin or fats, and these waves do not reach facial muscles at all. As a result, performing HIFU therapy in reputable clinics will not only change the condition of facial muscles, but will also make it more beautiful and attractive.

Can double chin HIFU therapy cause scarring forever?

No wounds are created in double chin HIFU therapy process. So, there is no need to worry about scar or its removal. In this method, no cut is made on surface of skin and device moves easily and smoothly on skin. Therefore, it is not possible to injure skin due to the movement of device.

Can double chin HIFU therapy cause burns?

Since high-intensity ultrasound waves heat lower layers of skin and stimulate cells, it may seem that this heat is also effective on skin surface and burns it. If you have seen the video of double chin HIFU therapy, you will notice that after doing it, there is no change in surface of skin and only a little redness and inflammation can be seen. In process of treating double chin with HIFU therapy, ultrasound waves pass through surface layers of skin and emit heat after reaching the deeper layers. As a result, there will be no damage to skin surface and no burn marks will be created.

Tips for before and after double chin HIFU

  • Talk to your doctor about your expectations and ask your questions.
  • If you have already injected Botox, filler or fat, inform the doctor.
  • Inform your doctor if you are suffering from a certain disease or taking medication.
  • Take a bath and clean your skin the day before HIFU therapy.
  • Avoid eating fatty and salty foods.
  • Avoid scratching or massaging the skin under chin.
  • Include plenty of water and fruit juice in your diet.
  • Do not go to swimming pool, sauna or jacuzzi for a few days after operation.
  • After the procedure, keep your skin clean and avoid being in too hot or too cold environments as much as possible.

Frequently asked questions

What is the right age for double chin HIFU therapy?

Doctors recommend the use of HIFU therapy method to get rid of double chin to people between 30 and 75 years old. Of course, provided that severity of skin sagging in them is not too severe and person is not overweight. People under 30 years old and over 75 years old can use this method after consulting a doctor.

What is the main cause of double chin?

  • The main reason for double chin, especially in younger people, is weight gain, usually in these people, the accumulation of fat in neck and under chin causes double chin.
  • In addition, weight loss can also be one of the causes of double chin. Because due to weight loss, the skin becomes loose and droopy and can lead to double chin.
  • Aging and decreasing skin collagen are another reason for double chin. At older ages, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness and becomes loose and droopy.
  • In some cases, family inheritance is the reason for presence of double chin in people.
  • Placing head and neck in an improper position for a long time can weaken the neck and chin muscles and cause double chin.

Is it possible to get rid of hereditary Double chin using HIFU therapy?

Usually, if person's double chin is not too big and thickness of subcutaneous fat is not too high, HIFU therapy can be used to remove double chin. But in cases where double chin is inherited, doctor will do a more detailed examination to make sure that HIFU therapy can eliminate double chin or at least make it smaller.

How to find a reliable clinic for double chin HIFU therapy?

One of the best ways to find a reputable clinic is to research people who have tried double chin HIFU therapy before. In addition to that, searching on Internet and checking opinions of users on sites of different clinics are also other ways to find a reputable clinic.


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