Oculoplastic surgery in Iran

Oculoplastic surgery in Iran

Oculoplastic surgery has emerged as one of the most and newest forms of surgery in 21th century. As a surgical subspecialty of ophthalmology, this surgery entails the medical and surgical treatment of many abnormalities in the area around the face which include the eyes and eyelids.

Oculoplastic surgery Also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery is a high-specialized field of medicine which concerns the plastic and reconstructive surgery of the orbit (bony socket), the tear ducts and the eyelids, as well as cosmetic surgery of the brows and eyelids.


What is oculoplastic?

An oculoplastic procedure is a type of surgery done around the eyes and eyelids. You may have this procedure to correct a medical problem or even for cosmetic reasons.

Oculoplastic procedures are usually done by ophthalmologists who have special training in plastic or reconstructive surgery. In some cases, procedures are performed by doctors who specialize in head and neck surgery.

Eye and plastic surgery generally include various surgical methods and treatment methods to correct eyelid abnormalities, tear duct problems, and orbital diseases. Therefore, this surgery changes the shape of structure around eye and has nothing to do with Globe. Cosmetic and restorative eye procedures are also included in this group.

For various reasons, eye surgery is performed on people of all ages. Some types of eye surgeries are medically necessary; For example, some eyelid problems affect a person's appearance as well as their vision and eye health.

Oculoplastic surgery in Iran

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty (removing sagging skin around eyes), tear duct surgery, orbital surgery, entropion (inward turning of eyelid edge) and ectropion (outward turning of eyelid edge) repair, children oculoplastic surgery, eyebrow and forehead lift, face lift and implantation are the main types of eye plastic surgery.

Types of oculoplastic treatments

According to patient and the purpose of this surgery, which is cosmetic or medical, there are two methods for oculoplastic:

Non-surgical treatments:

They include laser skin treatments, chemical peel techniques, home skin care regimens, and facial filler injections aimed at reducing facial wrinkles.

Surgical treatments:

They consist of a wide range of procedures including eyelid surgery to remove excess skin, muscle or fat, eyelid reconstruction to remove eyelid tumors, brow and forehead lifts, facial rejuvenation and implants.

This procedure also includes eye treatments that retract your eyelids from inside or outside and correct procedures that cause the upper or lower eyelid to droop. Additionally, oculoplastic surgery includes tear duct procedures that restore tear flow, as well as orbital surgery to control eye disorders and trauma.

Oculoplastic surgery in Iran

How is oculoplastic surgery performed?

Most oculoplastic surgeries can be performed under local anesthesia and others with intravenous sedation. Depending on surgery type, an oculoplastic surgeon starts by making one or more small incisions in different areas of face, eyebrows or...

For example, eyelid surgery is performed through eyelid lines. Tear duct surgery is performed through nose or eye corner.

In next step, the surgeon may separate the skin from the underlying tissue to remove excess fat, skin, or muscle. In the case of tear duct surgery, a small incision is made directly in nose through the blocked tear duct.

Oculoplastic surgery in Iran

For brow and forehead lift, incisions are made in scalp to remove excess fat. For a facelift, an incision is made to access muscle around ear, then skin is lifted and underlying muscle and connective tissue is repositioned and tightened.

Conditions for orbital surgery are more complicated, sometimes requiring large incisions and may result in visible scars. While eye function and vision are preserved, involved or damaged tissues are removed or carefully repaired as necessary.

If needed, after positioning and alignment in oculoplastic types, sutures or metal clips are placed.

Eye surgery recovery time

The recovery time required after eye surgery depends on the type of procedure performed and can be different for each person. In general, recovery takes about 7-14 days.

During the recovery period, you may experience some pain, discomfort, bruising, and swelling. Your vision may be blurry for the first few days after surgery.

In general, recovery time is usually not long. Eye and eyelid surgeries are free of complications and most patients report little discomfort.

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