Emam Zaman Hospital

Emam Zaman Hospital

Imam Mahdi (as) its activities thanks to Mr. Haj Mohammad Khadem Khamsah founding in 1359 began as a clinic. Following the start of construction of the hospital and pick a woman, Ayatollah Mirza Javad Aqa Tehran with the participation of provincial officials in 1360 coincided with the birthday of Imam Hassan (AS) was performed.

The relentless efforts of the Board of Management, Charity Hospital Imam Mahdi (AS) in 1366 with 160 beds and maternity wards, radiology, laboratory and emergency start its activities.Outlook hospitalCharity Hospital Imam Mahdi (AS) in the glare of attention Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Shoghi Samen Hujaj (AS) suggest that by the year 1396 one of the top providers of health services in Mashhad, guaranteeing to provide the best health care in quiet and safe environment for all segments of society following recognized standards for hospitals so that no disease is not treated as a mere economic problem deprived of services.

Units of Emam Zaman Hospital

  • Departments
  • Women surgery
  • Domestic and heart
  • Men Surgery
  • Hemodialysis
  • Maternity Emergency
  • Surgery room
  • Special cares
  • NICU
  • ICU
  • CCU

Location: Iran, Razavi Khorasan Province, Mashhad، Mosalla Blvd Mosalla2 Alley

Hospital beds: 173

Established: 1981

Tel : +98 51 3365 2000

Hospital chief: Mohammad Khader Khaimah

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