Nose Massage after Rhinoplasty

Nose Massage after Rhinoplasty

Nose massage after surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of delicate operations that very small tips to take care of it should be implemented. In order to reduce swelling and remove protrusions that appear on nose, doctor uses nasal massage after operation, which is very important. It doesn't matter if you have a bulbous or bony nose; rather, you should use this method to eliminate deviations and crookedness on nose.

One of most important points about nose massage after surgery is that you should not massage it arbitrarily at all. Massaging nose after surgery is considered a kind of treatment and doctor must perform this treatment for you. If nasal massage is not done properly, it is not only useless, but you should know that it increases swelling and irritation of nose to a great extent.

In general, nasal massage is performed after operation in order to achieve following two goals.

Shaping nose prominent parts: In this type of massage, more pressure is applied inwards on prominent areas. This type of massage should be performed by a doctor, and if it is necessary to repeat it, the doctor will give explanations to patient.

Reduce nose swelling and helping to shape nose skin: to achieve this goal, usually whenever doctor wants to change the nasal tape, he performs massage, which is possible in three different ways. The way of massaging is like this, it is massaged in a parallel way up to under eyebrows.

Nose massage methods after rhinoplasty

First method: In this method, thumb should be placed on one side of nose tip and index finger on other side, and massage should be done in a parallel way up to under eyebrows. The massage pressure is more relaxed when fingers pass by nose tip and its cartilages, and becomes firmer when passing by nasal bones. This massage lasts for two to three minutes.

Second method: In this method, the place where nose connects to cheek or nose sides is massaged for a few minutes.

Third method: The massage starts from above nose tip and continues upward with gentle pressure until between eyebrows.

Benefits of nose massage after surgery

One of most important advantages and importance of massage is to shape the nose. After removing plaster, nasal bones need to be massaged to form their texture. Nasal massage heals pain and adjusts nose bone condition. Nasal massage after operation increases nose beauty and speeds up recovery time. It also makes nose shape much better and more beautiful. In fact, if you allow doctor to massage your nose after surgery, the result of surgery will be much better.

When is nasal massage needed after surgery?

Usually, the nasal bones return to their original place with help of special protectors located inside and outside nose. But you should know that in some cases and due to many deformities of nose, surgeon breaks bones in order to change the nose shape.

In such situations, surgeon usually recommends nasal massage. Of course, it is done by himself so that he can give consistency to nose shape. Creation of new tissue on nose is another reason why you may need nasal massage after surgery.

How long should nose massage continue after surgery?

Continuing nasal massage after surgery depends a lot on nose type; the fact that nose is fleshy or bony has a great impact on this case and doctor can diagnose it well.

After the second week of surgery, when nasal plaster is removed, perform nasal massage. Some bony noses should be massaged more times on day. For the nose initial massage, you should go to doctor so that he can do it for you in a correct and principled way. After doctor massages the nose, he will show you how to do it, and if he approves, you can continue massage yourself.

You should use this method several times a day to shape your nose. It is usually recommended to continue massaging for 2-3 months after nose surgery so that nose bones get used to their new texture. Make sure to massage nose before taping it. Gently massaging and moving your hands up and down is one of the important points that you should pay attention to.

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