Am I a good candidate for Piezo Rhinoplasty?

Am I a good candidate for Piezo Rhinoplasty?

What is the piezo method?

Piezo rhinoplasty is one of the newest nose cosmetic surgery methods that can also be used therapeutically. Using this method, you can have a beautiful nose in the shape you want.

Most applicants for rhinoplasty seek to reduce size of their nose because they believe that their natural nose does not match their face shape and by making changes in its shape, they can increase attractiveness of their face.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, or piezo rhinoplasty in short, is a method that eliminates need to break your nasal bone for nose surgery. Because in any nose surgery, nasal bones must be broken and mixed together to form a more delicate structure.

The traditional method of nose operation was rhinoplasty, during which nose was broken and necessary changes were made on it. The piezo method is the newest method in which need for these blows has been reduced and at same time less damage is done to the surrounding tissues.

This tool is much softer than traditional rhinoplasty hammers, and therefore causes less damage to the tissues and minimizes the amount of bleeding and swelling after rhinoplasty.

Compared to previous nose surgery method, this method will result in less bleeding and bruising.

With help of this technique, rhinoplasty has become a safer method for patients and more predictable results can be expected in nose operations. This method reduces the amount of bruising and pain of patients and increases possibility of recovery and repair of their wounds after nose surgery.

Am I a good candidate for piezo rhinoplasty?

People who are usually candidates for rhinoplasty are dissatisfied with their appearance. This group of people should talk about their issues and problems with rhinoplasty surgeon and share their problems with him.

By talking and getting the necessary recommendations from surgeon, you can decide whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty or not and then make a decision regarding rhinoplasty. In fact, it should be said that best candidates for rhinoplasty are people who have obvious abnormalities and deformities in their noses.

Also, if you have real and correct expectations from the results and outcome of rhinoplasty, you can consider yourself one of the best options for rhinoplasty. Another important point in nose surgery is that you must be completely mentally prepared for operation.

The appearance and anatomy of each person's nose is completely different. If you are one of the people who have difficulty breathing due to abnormalities in your nose, or there is a large bulge on outer surface of your nose, you have a drooping nose tip, you have a wide and fleshy nose, or your nose wings are wide and it’s shapeless, you need a rhinoplasty.

If there is no problem in your nose appearance and you intend to have a nose job, it is better to talk to your nose surgeon about your wishes and reasons. After that, you can decide whether you are the right choice for a nose job or whether your problem can be solved with non-invasive methods.

Sometimes, by seeing other people's noses shape, such as famous actors and artists, or people around you, you may come to the conclusion their noses are very beautiful, and if you make your nose same way, your face will be more beautiful. But this is not right idea because people's faces are unique and naturally the parts of all people's faces have a relative proportion with each other.

For this reason, if another person's nose looks beautiful to you, it does not mean that exactly same nose model suits you and makes you more beautiful. It is true that changing the shape of nose changes people's faces to a great extent, but in order to look more beautiful in general, you should pay attention to other parts of your face and measure your nose according to the proportion they create with other parts of face.

In most cases, if doctor feels existing problem is bothering you, he will perform rhinoplasty for you.

Who should not do rhinoplasty?

In some cases, people's noses do not have any problems in their appearance and look very natural however, the person still insists on performing nose surgery. In this case, it is better to consult a nose surgery specialist and check conditions. In some cases, there is not such a serious problem, and therefore doctor does not recommend nose surgery and may solve your problem through non-invasive methods.

The non-invasive ways are change a person's nose shape without the need for surgery and use of a surgical blade to make it closer to what she wants. One of the most common and best methods in this field is the use of natural fillers.

These fillers are made of hyaluronic acid that exists naturally in human body, and for this reason, the use of these fillers does not cause any harm to body. As mentioned, this method is much less troublesome than rhinoplasty method and is performed in less than an hour in the doctor's office, and person can return to his normal life after a few hours.

Another group that is not allowed to perform rhinoplasty is teenagers who are under 16 years old. The reason for this is that until this age, actual shape and size of nose has not been established and nose must reach size and shape of maturity so that surgery can be performed on it without the risk of changing nose shape.


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