Is nose surgery life threatening ?

Is nose surgery
life threatening ?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex and high-risk surgeries that can cause dangers for a person if the surgeon is not opted correctly and enough care is not taken before and after the operation. Therefore, the applicant should be aware of the risks of rhinoplasty.

The risk of performing rhinoplasty can be represented from three angles; The people who should not have rhinoplasty, complications and problems which happen after rhinoplasty, and things that endanger the patient's life and may even cause death.

Who is not a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is very risky for some people;

  • People who smoke and drink alcohol: Excessive bleeding during surgery is one of the dangers that threatens smokers and alcoholics, because cigarettes and alcohol have very destructive effects on the functioning of the immune system. Thus, if you are a smoker or drink alcohol and you intend to have a nose job, stop smoking and drinking alcohol as soon as possible.
  • People with diabetes: People with diabetes are not good candidates for rhinoplasty because most of them have heart and kidney problems and their wounds heal slowly.
  • Cardiovascular patients: For people with a history of vascular disease, Anesthetics can be very dangerous and may even lead to death! Therefore, be sure to discuss any previous illness or allergy to anesthetics with your doctor before the operation.
  • People with anemia: Bleeding during surgery is normal, and people with anemia may be at risk for nose surgery, so be sure to tell your doctor before surgery.
  • People with Respiratory Disorders: Pulmonary problems are another barrier to rhinoplasty that can prevent you from having rhinoplasty because of the risk of developing respiratory and pulmonary problems during anesthesia.
  • Mental imbalance: The candidate must be sure that they are not under stress when making a decision and that they are in a good mental condition. Because the effects of this action will stay with the person for the rest of their life and if they regret the action, there is no way back.
Is nose surgery life threatening ?

Risk of complications after rhinoplasty

Postoperative complications are completely normal and happen to everyone, but they might be severe and weak in different people. Postoperative complications include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Numbness
  • Hematoma - the accumulation of blood under the skin
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Intranasal wounds
  • Failure of operation and need for a revision rhinoplasty
Is nose surgery life threatening ?

Is nose surgery life threatening?

Although the probability of death in rhinoplasty is very low, but unfortunately it is not zero. There are factors that can even endanger your life during rhinoplasty;

  • Anesthesia: In rhinoplasty, the first cause of death may be anesthesia. Misuse of anesthesia and only a small increase in it can cause death or coma. On the other hand, low use of it can cause incomplete anesthesia, which is known as one of the dangers of anesthesia in rhinoplasty. Therefore, anesthesia of the patient in rhinoplasty is very important. Anesthesia drugs in general for patients with a history of heart disease, diabetes, brain injury, respiratory problems, kidney failure, metabolic disorders, endocrine diseases and… have special side effects and in these patients it should be used very carefully.
  • Operation of medical devices and equipment in the operating room: Another cause of death during nasal surgery is malfunction of devices and equipment. For example, oxygen concentrator or anesthesia equipment may be disrupted during surgery.
  • Performing several cosmetic surgeries at the same time: Sometimes some non-specialists perform several surgeries on the patient during anesthesia, such as nose and abdomen surgery, and in such cases, the patient may not be able to tolerate the operation for 8 to 10 hours and lose his life. Of course, a professional rhinoplasty surgeon will never do that.

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