When can I touch my nose after rhinoplasty?

When can I touch my nose after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most sensitive cosmetic and therapeutic procedures. Candidates for this operation should be careful to follow all the doctor's recommendations exactly; One of the recommendations that doctors strongly emphasize is to avoid manipulating the nose after surgery.

Because the postoperative nose takes a long time to form and heal, any action or manipulation can cause serious damage. There are also people who see their nose enlarged by manipulation after rhinoplasty due to not following the necessary tips.

Is it possible to touch the nose after rhinoplasty?

Non-manipulation and touching the nose is one of the important issues that doctors emphasize after observing nose surgery. What causes the nose to touch and manipulate? Some of the most important things that can be done in this category are:

blowing your nose:

 blowing your nose puts pressure on the sutures of the nose and increases the chances of the sutures tearing and bleeding. For this reason, your doctor urges you to strictly avoid pinching and manipulating your nostrils in the first few days after rhinoplasty. To prevent the need for this, it is best to use anti-allergy medications as recommended by your doctor.

Put on glasses:

Wearing glasses puts pressure on the nose. Since the newly operated nose is not yet strong enough and its shape has not stabilized, you should stop wearing glasses for a while. If you have weak eyes and have to wear prescription glasses, it is recommended that you replace your lenses.

Rubbing and squeezing the nose:

 People who have had nose surgery should never rub or apply pressure to their nose. For example, your doctor may recommend a cold compress to reduce or prevent bruising and swelling of the nose. People should do this without the slightest amount of pressure.

touching my nose after rhinoplasty:

 If you have just had a nose job and are not used to sticking glue on your nose yet, it is best to get used to this condition and never touch your nose; Because this can lead to unpleasant results. Note that touching the nose after surgery can waste all the effort and expense and lead to unpleasant results.

When can I touch my nose after rhinoplasty

Curiosity to see the result of nasal surgery

It is perfectly normal for rhinoplasty clients to want to see the final result very quickly, but note that in the case of rhinoplasty, you have to be a little patient and wait for the end of the recovery period to see the final result.

During this period, it is necessary to pay attention to all the recommendations of the doctor, and be sure that at the appropriate time, the doctor will remove the adhesives from your nose and show the final result. It is best not to remove and reattach the adhesives to your nose alone, as the slightest mistake can have a very negative effect on the end result.

Complications of nasal manipulation after rhinoplasty

The decision to have rhinoplasty is very personal, but if anyone makes this decision, whether for medical reasons or for better health or beauty, they should know that there are possible risks and complications after rhinoplasty some of which occur as a result of behavioral and daily habits.

Before rhinoplasty, your doctor will inform you about the care you need and warn you of what is dangerous to do. In the meantime, manipulating the nose, touching and squeezing it are some of the things that should be strictly avoided.

Postoperative manipulation and squeezing of the nose can cause annoying side effects. With a little patience and endurance, you can greatly reduce your recovery period after rhinoplasty and achieve the desired result quickly.

Nasal manipulation after rhinoplasty, not only can it deform or rupture the sutures, but it also carries its own risks. Complications of nasal manipulation after rhinoplasty include the following:

  • Deformation of the nose and the occurrence of negative effects on the results of rhinoplasty
  • Increased swelling and bruising
  • Probability of bleeding
  • The possibility of tearing the stitches
  • Sensitization of the skin and pimples
When can I touch my nose after rhinoplasty

All of these are very important issues and you should be extremely sensitive to prevent such issues from occurring. If you subconsciously manipulate your newly operated nose and feel a particular problem, you should discuss this with your doctor as soon as possible and check for signs of rupture of the nasal sutures.

The last word

Since you have devoted part of your time and money to rhinoplasty, you should pay full attention to the principles of care and the do's and don'ts recommended by your doctor to achieve the desired result; Because the slightest negligence can waste all the effort and cause negative effects on the end result.

Do not forget that choosing a good doctor is only part of the story, and in order to continue on the path without any particular and annoying problem, you must also seriously observe what the doctor says.

When can I touch my nose after rhinoplasty

Postoperative nasal manipulation, touch, and pressure on the nose after rhinoplasty may overshadow the time and money you spend on the procedure and alter the results of the nasal operation. Therefore, these things should be avoided as much as possible.

In case of nasal manipulation and side effects, you should visit your doctor to take the necessary measures for you. Do not forget that rhinoplasty has permanent results and if these results are not desirable, you should apply for secondary rhinoplasty, which will have its own difficulties.

source : heliaclinic.com


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