Double chin Non surgical lift

Double chin Non surgical lift

Sagging skin due to aging or losing weight is one of the problems that make different areas of your face and neck no longer look natural and beautiful. This issue is not very pleasant for many people and is even annoying in some cases. Fortunately, the progress of science can completely resolve these annoying issues and give you a beautiful and young face once again. Double chin lift (non surgical) is a way to get rid of excess skin and fat in chin area, which distorts the shape of your face and may be a bit annoying.

There are many concerns about double chin lift. Some people think that facelift is a very painful and dangerous procedure that ultimately gives an asymmetric and not very pleasant look to their face. These people also think that double chin lift may cause nerve damage and in some cases paralysis of the nerves. But it must be said that if you perform a face lift in a reputable center and by a specialist doctor, there is no reason to worry and you will have a beautiful and attractive face without experiencing any of these side effects.

Double chin Non surgical lift

What is double chin Lift?

Double chin may be caused by aging and loss of elasticity of skin. But in some cases, obesity, weight loss, hereditary cases, or some diseases can also cause double chin. Smoking, overeating and inactivity, sunlight damage and some environmental pollution can also accelerate the aging process of skin and, as a result, lose skin elasticity and cause double chin. In all of these cases, a double chin lift can be used as a safe way to remove double chin and tighten the skin of this area. This makes the angle of chin and jaw line appear and makes the lines of your face more natural. In some cases, a face lift makes your face look slimmer and more compact.

The most important point in candidates for a facelift is their general health. In addition, if your skin is loose and sagging due to aging, you can use various lifting methods to remove sagging. Also, if due to weight loss, chin fat has disappeared but the skin has not shrunk, you are a good candidate for double chin lift.

In addition to these cases, double chin lift can be suitable for those whose exercise or diet did not affect their double chin. In fact, when double chin fat resists these factors and does not disappear, you can use a laser lift, HIFU therapy or a surgical lift. Double chin lift can also be a safe and suitable method for people who want to make their face younger, make their jaw angle clearer, define the distance between chin and neck, and remove excess skin and neck wrinkles.

Double chin Non surgical lift

Advantages of double chin lift

By using different methods of face lift, the muscles under your chin will be tightened and your face will look younger and fresher. In addition to that, double chin lift can completely remove wrinkles and excess skin under the chin and neck. Therefore, it will make your neck more attractive. By using double chin lift, you can remove excess fat in this area and also remove excess skin caused by weight loss. Different methods for lifting double chin have very few side effects and are long-lasting. So you can enjoy the beauty and youth of your face again for a long time.

Disadvantages and complications

If you perform a double chin lift in a reputable center, you will experience very few side effects. Even if you use a surgical face lift, this method can still be considered one of the least dangerous methods to remove sagging or loose skin of chin area. Redness, swelling, bruising, and inflammation in lift area are the most common side effects of a face lift. These side effects usually disappear completely after a few days. But if the side effects last more than two weeks, be sure to inform your doctor.

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