Which surgeon is best for rhinoplasty?

Which surgeon is Best for Rhinoplasty?

As the decision to have a nose job can be one of the most sensitive individual decisions in life. Finding a good surgeon can also have a great impact on the outcome of this surgery. But which surgeon is best for rhinoplasty? What are the factors of a professional surgeon? Does choosing a good surgeon guarantee the result of rhinoplasty?

These are some of the questions that arise for many people who intend to have a nose surgery. In this article, we discuss these issues.


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As a patient it can often be confusing as to what to look for in a rhinoplasty surgeon and choosing the right surgeon for you. The first thing to look for in a rhinoplasty surgeon is to make sure that your surgeon is board certified by the American Board of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery or the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The reason for that is because board certification shows the surgeon has gone through the requisite training and has fulfilled the requirements to show competence in those procedures including rhinoplasty. but that's just the beginning just because a surgeon is board-certified in facial plastic surgery does not make that surgeon a rhinoplasty specialist or an expert in rhinoplasty. The next thing to look for is the physician's before and after photos.

A busy surgeon will always have before and after photos showing examples of cases that he or she has performed. It's important to look at those critically and to see if any of those patients are similar to you and have achieved results that you find aesthetically pleasing. Another great way to see if a surgeon is the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you is by patient referrals.

 By speaking to patients who have had procedures done by the same surgeon or who have had good experiences with the surgeon, that can sometimes be helpful in narrowing down the right surgeon for you. Finally, it comes to your connection with the surgeon. Once you have done your research and your due diligence and you've narrowed down your list to potential surgeons the onus is on you as a patient to make consultations and to meet the surgeons one-on-one.

The consultation will tell you a lot in terms of if you're able to communicate with the surgeon, if you feel a connection where you're confident that your surgeon can deliver the results that you're looking for, and you also want to have a level of comfort because ultimately once you commit to surgery this is a surgeon who's going to be taking care of you for years to come. If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment below, remember to subscribe for more videos and more information about facial plastic surgery, and I look forward to speaking to you

Is rhinoplasty, just has beauty aspect?

The answer to this question is no. In general, rhinoplasty can be performed for two purposes: to improve nose function and to improve nose appearance. Rhinoplasty is not only a cosmetic aspect and can also be performed with the aim of resolving the functional problems of the nose that are the cause of respiratory disorders.

Therefore, the idea that purpose of rhinoplasty is only to improve the shape and beauty of nose is wrong, and by performing surgery, it is possible to correct functional problems of nose while eliminating nose apparent defects.

Note, however, that in some cases, nose surgery is performed solely to correct mechanism of nasal function, during which nose apparent defects are not eliminated. At the request of patient, appearance of nasal defects will be removed at the same time.

Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

A healthy and beautiful nose is directly related to choosing the best rhino surgeon, so it is recommended that you do not decide to rush and search for a rhino surgeon. After preparing a list of best rhino surgeons, be sure to research their education, work history, experience, portfolio and patient satisfaction.

Pay attention to this point, if your chosen surgeon is not skilled enough, performing this surgery can have side effects for you.

Possible risks of not being a skilled rhino surgeon

  • Remaining of incision or place of nose cosmetic operation on nose.
  • Excessive nose shrinkage, which causes adhesions inside the nose and causes breathing problems.
  • Excessive removal of tissues and cartilage of the nose, resulting in narrowing of nose inner valve and occurrence of numerous problems.

Characteristics of the best rhinoplasty surgeon

  • The patient's health should be one of priorities of rhinoplasty.
  • The rhino surgeon must have great power in visualizing nose after surgery to be able to suggest the best model to patient.
  • The rhino surgeon must be aware of both the principles of surgery and rules of aesthetics.
  • The surgeon must be patient and inform patient about procedure and subsequent care.

Methods of choosing the best rhino surgeon

The first step in choosing best rhinoplasty surgeon is to talk to relatives and friends who have had rhinoplasty and ask how satisfied they are with their surgeon.

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty
Which surgeon is best for rhinoplasty?

The next step is to search the web and find a skilled rhino surgeon. Today, most surgeons have official websites and web pages, and you can visit their website and Instagram page to learn about the surgeon's level of knowledge and scientific credentials, as well as to see their portfolio.

In addition, you can go to the surgeon's office to make sure of your choice; Take a close look at patients in office who have operated on them, and talk about their level of satisfaction with surgery outcome and measure their satisfaction.

By following the above, you can find a skilled and experienced rhino surgeon and refer to his office for surgery with utmost confidence.

The cost of rhinoplasty

IRAN Rhinoplasty, Price, Benefits and Cares
IRAN Rhinoplasty, Price, Benefits and Cares

Rhinoplasty if performed to improve nasal function; including Rhinoplasty, nasal polyps and like are in category of medical surgeries, are covered by insurance.

If this surgery is performed only to correct appearance of nasal defects such as changing nose, removing nose hump, etc., the insurance will not cover the cost and the person will have to pay all the costs.

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