Stem cell hair transplantation 2022 |Costs and benefits

Stem cell hair transplantation 2022 |Costs and benefits

Even hearing the news that with help of stem cells you can have natural and thick hair is exciting and unbelievable, but in reality this is not true. Although stem cell hair transplantation seems like a unique technique, this technique is presented only in theory.

Hair transplantation with help of stem cells is very similar to hair transplantation with help of other hair transplantation methods. But in this technique, instead of removing a large number of hair follicles, only a small sample of skin that contains hair is removed. In this way, hair follicles are multiplied in laboratory and implanted in hairless area.

But this process requires very advanced equipment and technologies that world has not yet achieved. However, some beauty clinics claim to implement this ultra-advanced technique. Is this claim true, or is it just the intention of these people to profit from existing market?

What is stem cell hair transplant?

You must have heard the name stem cells, but what do you know about nature of these cells? Stem cells are actually cells that have the potential to become all types of body cells. These cells are called unspecialized cells; because  they cannot do specific functions in the body. They have the potential to become specialized cells, such as muscle cells, blood cells, and brain cells.

According to a recent research, defects in stem cells are one of most important causes of hair loss. In this way, the use of hair transplant method using stem cells is on agenda and this method has also been able to achieve very positive results.

Stem cell hair transplantation 2022 |Costs and benefits

Usually, the use of stem cells to repair different parts of human body has been very effective in recent years, and this has made it possible to use stem cells to repair baldness.

Stem cell hair transplantation 2022 |Costs and benefits

Stem cells can be miraculously effective in repairing different tissues of body, including hair. They can also be a very suitable replacement for damaged cells. People who are facing hair loss due to genetic problem or any other reason, can use stem cell hair transplantation.

Due to the very high quality of this method, it can create very wide changes in future of hair transplantation. This issue has caused many hair transplant methods to be removed and stem cells method to replace them.

However, an important characteristic distinguishes these cells from other cells in body; the ability to divide and multiply and transform all types of body cells. By dividing these cells and replacing them with old and dead cells, the damaged tissue can be repaired.

Now that we are familiar with these special cells, it is time to know the process of hair transplantation with help of this technique.

Hair transplant process using stem cells

The first whispers of stem cells hair transplantation date back to 2017. When Italian researchers first presented idea of ​​hair transplantation in this way. In theory presented for this hair transplant technique, the following steps can be seen.

  • Extraction of hair follicles: at this stage, punch biopsy is used for hair transplantation. In this method, a tool with a circular blade is used. This blade is rotated into scalp to harvest a cylindrical sample of tissue.
  • Implantation of hair follicles: in next phase, the stem cells are separated from tissue with help of a device called a centrifuge. Next, the cell suspension remains, which are injected into hairless areas of head.
Stem cell hair transplantation 2022 |Costs and benefits

Currently, there are several research teams around world working on process of treating hair loss using stem cells. Although the theories presented in this field may be slightly different from each other, the basis of all of them is growth of new hair follicles in laboratory, obtained with help of a small sample of applicant's skin.

The best candidate for stem cell hair transplantation

The form of hair transplant using stem cell method is very different from other hair transplant methods. In this method, there is no need to remove hair and plant it in place where hair loss has occurred, and in fact, by using stem cells, hair can be transplanted by these cells.

In this method, there is no need to use a donor area and this area hair will not be thin. The best option for using stem cell method is people who do not have a suitable donor area. Currently, people who have a weak donor area have a serious problem for hair transplantation, and stem cell method can be considered a very good solution for this problem.

Hair transplant using stem cells seems ideal and a ray of hope for people who have tried all kinds of hair transplant methods and did not get results. Research shows that this method will be the most appropriate method for people who experience hair loss due to following reasons, which will help these people in not too distant future:

  • People with male Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness).
  • People with Androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness).
  • People with Cicatricial alopecia (in this condition, hair follicles are destroyed and scar tissue replaces them).

If you are in one of above categories, you can hope that research on stem cells and hair transplantation with their help will one day bring you your dream.

Recovery after stem cell hair transplantation

One of the interesting points about hair transplantation using stem cells is short recovery period. Researchers predict that you will experience pain after doing this beauty technique. Of course, there is no need to worry about this and pain feeling will disappear in just one week.

The good news is that after hair transplantation in this way, you will not need recovery. All you have to do is avoid vigorous sports activities for a week. After this period, you will be able to resume your daily activities.

Meanwhile, during this technique, local anesthesia is applied to head to minimize pain experience. It is better to have someone with you on day of this procedure. By following correct care after hair transplantation, you will be able to pass recovery period in best possible way.

Stem cell hair transplantation 2022 |Costs and benefits

Complications of stem cell hair transplantation

Just like any other beauty technique, stem cell hair transplantation also has its own complications; with difference that in this technique, the complications that existed in old methods have been tried to be solved. Since stem cells technique of hair transplantation has not yet entered practical phase, detailed information regarding its side effects is not available or available information is very limited.

In general, there is always a risk of bleeding and infection at sample collection site and stem cell injection site. It is also possible to see a scar instead of remaining at place where samples were taken.

Although complications from punch biopsy are not significant, there is still the possibility of damage to artery or nerves in lower part of sample. However, by choosing an expert doctor in this field, the side effects of hair transplantation can be minimized.

Success rate of stem cell hair transplantation

The research conducted on stem cell hair transplantation technique reports promising results. Results that may change the future of hair transplant and other beauty techniques. However, it seems very unlikely that technologies needed for this work will be available in near future.

The results of research of an Italian group show that after only 23 weeks of treatment, the density of hair in bald area increased by 29%. Of course, more research is being done in this field.

Stem cell hair transplantation 2022 |Costs and benefits

Although these results look very promising, more time is still needed to prove the success of this technique. The beauty clinics that currently claim to implement this beauty technique have not been approved in any way, and there is even no guarantee regarding the success of final result of this method.

Is it possible to implement stem cell hair transplantation now?

Although hair transplantation with help of stem cells has many advantages and is good news for hair transplant applicants, this technique still needs more research and tests.

There are beauty clinics that claim to offer stem cell hair transplant services, but this technique has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is interesting to know that the US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning in 2017 to prevent abuse by profiteers. Even beauty clinics that claim to implement this method in Iran, do not give you any guarantee for result of operation. Therefore, it is better to use alternative techniques for it and not to be fooled by advertisements of profit-seeking beauty clinics.

Advantages of stem cell hair transplantation

Stem cell hair transplantation 2022 |Costs and benefits

One of problems that people may have with traditional hair transplants is pain. Therefore, many people may skip benefit of hair transplant because of its pain. The latest methods of hair transplantation such as stem cells and hair transplantation by FUE method have been able to achieve great success in solving this problem.

Because this work can usually be done with local anesthesia and no pain will be felt during hair transplant procedure using stem cell method. Also, no pain will be observed after operation.

The result is completely natural

Hair transplanted using this method will have a completely natural appearance and growth. People who want to see no difference between natural hair and implanted hair after hair transplantation can choose stem cell method. Because most natural possible results of hair transplantation are achieved with this method for different people.

Complete recovery in a short time

One of problems that arise for people after hair transplantation is lengthening of treatment period. This makes them unable to reach their work and even face problems in doing their daily tasks.

In order to be able to experience complete recovery in a very short period of time after hair transplant operation, you can use stem cell method. Because in less than a week, you can do different things and there will be no problems.

Suitable for treating burnt tissue

In some cases, burns may be cause of hair loss. In these cases, it may be necessary to use special methods to restore hair. The stem cell method is one of best hair transplant methods for people who have lost their hair due to burns.

Because in this method stem cells replace damaged cells. In stem cell method, hair transplantation is done with best possible quality. This issue has made most of people who have faced burns hope to use stem cell method.

Without causing wounds

The stem cell method is one of methods for hair transplantation that does not require creating wounds and cuts in scalp. In this method, no lines or marks are left on scalp after treatment.

On the other hand, the risk of operation is much less. People who want to use a completely safe and effective method to treat hair loss can choose stem cell method. Because least side effects from hair transplantation are obtained in method of using stem cells, and this has made this method popular.

Stem cell hair transplantation 2022 |Costs and benefits

The cost of stem cell hair transplantation

As we mentioned many times, hair transplantation with help of stem cells is still in research stages and it is unlikely that it will come to fruition in near future. So if you are curious about costs of this cosmetic technique, there is no information available.

Of course, there are currently alternative methods of this up-to-date technique that are implemented in many beauty clinics. The cost of hair transplantation varies according to pattern of hair loss and size of treated area.

Considering that hair transplantation using stem cells is a new technique and requires laboratories with ultra-professional equipment, its cost will be relatively high.

Therefore, maybe in distant future this technique will become practical and common and people all over world will have access to it. Specialist or doctor, geographic location, your expectations and other such parameters are other factors that determine final cost of hair transplant.

Although hair transplantation using stem cells seems like an exciting idea, it is unlikely that this technique can be implemented using today's technologies, and it is practically impossible to implement this method at moment. For this reason, it is better not to be influenced by false advertisements of profit-seeking sites and not to risk our money, time and most importantly our health.

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