What is Septoplasty? | Suitable candidates, procedure and cost

What is Septoplasty? | Suitable candidates, procedure and cost

Septoplasty is another nose cosmetic surgery that is performed to solve problems caused by middle septum deviation. If you are dealing with breathing problems and have this complication caused by deviation of middle diaphragm, you can get help from surgical method to solve this problem.

Some people with deviated septum do not face a particular problem in appearance of their nose, but symptoms such as nasal congestion, snoring during sleep, severe congestion after a cold, sleeping with mouth open, and mouth breathing during sleep can be main reason for middle septum deviation.


What is Septoplasty?

Septoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to solve problem of deviated nasal septum. By performing this surgery, the surgeon tries to straighten nasal septum and help facilitate passage of air through this passage. Most people experience more comfortable inhaling and exhaling after correcting deviated septum.

In simple definition, the septum is bony and cartilaginous wall in middle part of nose. This wall is located between two nostrils. If a part of septum is deviated to one side, the person will have breathing problems, and this complication is called deviated septum.

Some Septoplasty applicants suffer from septum deviation since birth. However, sports injuries, accidents or some diseases play a role in deviation of middle nasal septum. The common point among all people with a deviated septum is that one of nasal passages is smaller compared to other.

Its main consequence will be difficulty breathing. In cases where deviation of nose median septum is severe, the person experiences frequent bleeding from nose and severe pain in face. Septoplasty is only way to solve this problem.

What is Septoplasty? | Suitable candidates, procedure and cost

Problems caused by middle nasal septum deviation

The apparent asymmetry of nose and breathing problems are the most serious complications of having a deviated septum. In most cases, people who suffer from this condition have a great tendency to blowing their nose. This increases the chance of nosebleeds. People with this condition have difficulty breathing in addition to nose external problems.

They usually sleep with their mouths open. Premature fatigue due to a decrease in level of oxygen needed by body, lethargy and extreme anger are common in people with a deviated septum. Statistical studies show that there is a direct relationship between the increased probability of heart and brain attacks and the deviation of middle nasal septum.

who is good candidate for septoplasty?

If you have the following conditions, you are most likely a good candidate for this surgery:

  • People over age of 15.
  • Feeling of extreme dryness in mouth.
  • Snoring during sleep.
  • Sleeping with your mouth open.
  • Having chronic sinusitis.
  • People with severe respiratory problems.
What is Septoplasty? | Suitable candidates, procedure and cost

Recommendations before septum surgery

Various factors are involved in achieving ideal result after Septoplasty. The first step is to choose best surgeon and clinic. This step is very important and you should do it very carefully and obsessively. But the result of operation does not depend only on skill and experience of surgeon and sterility of operating room.

If you do not perform preoperative care properly, unforeseen events may occur during Septoplasty that are out of doctor's control. Before care instructions include following:

  • Stop taking blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen two weeks before procedure.
  • Be sure to inform your doctor if you are suffering from any disease and taking any type of medicine before operation.
  • People who are allergic to anesthetic drugs or have a history of bleeding during operation should inform doctor about this.
  • If your doctor chooses general anesthesia for septum surgery, avoid eating and drinking before procedure.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol two weeks before operation.
What is Septoplasty? | Suitable candidates, procedure and cost

How Septoplasty works?

After your doctor has determined that you are a suitable candidate for Septoplasty surgery, it is time to perform diagnostic tests. At this stage, doctor checks whether you have the necessary conditions to perform operation or not. If person is not suffering from any serious disease, the doctor will choose a suitable day for surgery. Most of applicants are interested in knowing about events that happened in operating room and knowing about the different stages of this operation.

In Septoplasty, the surgeon first makes a small incision on one side of nose. The choice of incision site depends on physiological conditions of applicant and doctor's diagnosis. This incision will make access to septum easier.

The surgeon raises mucous membrane and septum protector and returns deviated blade to its place. At this stage, any type of cartilage or bone obstruction that is in way of septum is removed. In some cases, sutures are required to hold septum in place.

This surgery is usually performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia type is based on need and with diagnosis of the surgeon. The time required for septum surgery is between two and four hours. This time will be different in different people and according to severity of blade deviation and anesthesia conditions.

The duration of septum surgery varies from person to person. The main reason is the difference in nose structure and problems caused by deviation of septum. But in general, the middle nasal septum deviation operation will take between 1 and 2 hours.

How Much Does a Septoplasty Cost ?

To check the final cost of septoplasty, several factors should be considered. The first factor is amount of nasal deviation. After that, the investigation of breathing problems caused by septal deviation should be prioritized. In cases where the deviation of blade causes changes in appearance and structure in nose, the correction of these cases will also affect increase in final cost of operation.

Complications of septoplasty

We mentioned that septum surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Complications from this procedure are very few. In general, Septoplasty complications depend on two factors. The first factor is level of skill and experience of surgeon and the second factor is observance of pre- and post-operative care instructions by patient. In order to make an informed choice, knowing the benefits and possible complications of procedure is only way forward.

Despite the fact that septoplasty is a risk-free surgery, the inexperience surgeon and non-sterility of operating room equipment may cause serious problems for applicant. For people who are not satisfied with the result of surgery, there is a possibility of re-surgery. Complications of nose surgery include the following:

  • Impaired sense of smell.
  • Change and deformity of nose.
  • Perforation of middle blade.
  • Remaining scars on nose.
  • Nose color change.
  • The possibility of bleeding during and after operation will increase greatly in people who use blood thinners or alcohol.
  • Infection caused by non-sterility of operating room equipment or keeping nose moist during recovery.
  • Numbness of teeth, lips and nose tip. This complication may be temporary and resolve a few days after operation. But if the condition worsens or does not resolve, be sure to contact your doctor.
  • Change in sound quality.
  • Loss of sense of smell and taste.
What is Septoplasty? | Suitable candidates, procedure and cost

In what cases should you contact your doctor?

In general, after all nose cosmetic surgeries, should be more careful about behavior and possible injuries to the nose. But in the event of an accident and under the following conditions, you can consult a surgeon.

  • People who have severe breathing problems after Septoplasty surgery.
  • People whose bleeding is excessive and uncontrollable.
  • People who have very severe pain and use of painkillers is not effective in relieving their pain.
  • People who experience conditions such as fever and chills and finally.
  • people who have a lot of headache should contact their doctor as soon as possible.

How long does it take to recover from a septoplasty?

The recovery period depends on physiological conditions and the strength of immune system. But usually after 3 to 7 days, you can perform daily activities easily and attend classes or your workplace.

If there are no serious complications after surgery, the person can be discharged from hospital after operation and recovery. Swelling in nose area and feeling pain is completely normal. The nasal plaster will be opened two to three days after operation. If pain is severe, the doctor will prescribe you painkillers.

It is better to postpone physical activities for several weeks. Sports such as running or weight lifting put a lot of pressure on face and nose, which will lead to a longer recovery period and serious damage to nose.

Keep your head elevated while sleeping or resting. This method puts less pressure on nose. Use buttoned clothes so that there is no pressure on head and nose.

Wounds on nose heal quickly. A few days after operation, you will see the improvement of your breathing. Depending on physiological conditions of your body, stabilization of cartilage shape may take up to one year after operation.

Post-operative care of septoplasty

  • To reduce swelling and bruising, use two pillows under your head and place your head higher than other parts of body.
  • 1 to 2 months after operation, avoid finning and lifting heavy objects.
  • Do not use blood thinners because of increased risk of bleeding.
  • Take medicines prescribed by your doctor according to the prescribed instructions.

Results of Septoplasty

One of basic questions that most users face is stability of septum surgery results. If surgeon has enough experience and skills and the patients follows all instructions before and after operation, the result of this operation is completely stable.

Do not forget that breakdown and change of cartilage occurs relatively slowly. So, to see the definitive results of this operation, you must be patient for about 3 to 6 months. After this period, the shape and posture of nose is stabilized. Most people notice a deviated septum with signs and symptoms such as difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, or pain in face. When you do not experience any of these symptoms, the procedure has been successful.

The most important point is that the difference in severity of symptoms, causes difference in results of operation. Simply put, people who experience milder symptoms will make a full recovery after procedure. But people with severe complications and problems cannot expect same and similar results as mild examples. Do not forget that if surgeon does not have enough skills and after recovery period you do not feel any change in nose appearance and breathing, repeating the Septoplasty will be mandatory.

What is Septoplasty? | Suitable candidates, procedure and cost

What is Septorhinoplasty?

In some septum surgery applicants, blade deviation did not change nose appearance. The problem of this group of people will be solved through septum surgery and returning it to first place. But in some patients, the deviation of middle blade is too much. As a result, it has caused nose to deviate and create changes in nose shape.

These people will need nose plastic surgery or rhinoplasty in addition to correcting middle lobe. The operation performed to correct structural role and appearance of these people's nose is called Septorhinoplasty. The complexity of this surgery is more compared to other nose operations. People who suffer from aquiline, crooked, sunken and severely deviated noses are considered best option for Septorhinoplasty.

Reconstructive surgery

In cases where people get help from inexperienced doctors or unreliable clinics for septum surgery to reduce surgery costs, the operation will not have an ideal result. Surgery may even aggravate septal deviation and respiratory problems caused by it. In such cases, reconstructive surgery will be necessary.

Do not forget that reconstructive surgery is more complicated than initial auction and requires more skill.

Does Septoplasty change the voice?

Deviation of septum can make the voice hoarse. Most people who have a deviated septum will experience a smoother, clearer sound. Because this action makes conditions for air flow through nose easier.


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