Dr. Ali Sarabi | Rhinoplasty surgeon in Mashhad & Iran

Dr. Ali Sarabi

Dr. Seyed Ali Sarabi is an an ENT Specialist, Facial plastic surgeon and Rhinologist in Mashhad and Iran. He has also performed other reconstructive surgeries including facelift, harelip and cleft palate. Although he is very experienced in broken jaw and ear surgeries, he performed them lower these days because he is very busy with the face cosmetic surgeries

Dr Ali Sarabi also is the member of Rhinology Research Association and Rhinology scientific Association and participated in most of the international congress

The cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Ali Sarabi include the following:

Before & After Pictures

Credentials & experiences

  • Plastic nose surgeon in Mashhad
  • Performed more than 7000 successful nose surgery

Why Iran is the best country for nose job?

The high number of Rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran has made this country one of the first countries in the world in the field of rhinoplasty and has the first rank of rhinoplasty in relation to the population.
Performing various cosmetic surgeries has made Iranian surgeons have a special skill in shaping the nose at the request of the applicant.
Also, the low cost of surgery compared to outside Iran has led to an increase in the number of people who apply for cosmetic surgery from abroad.
"In total, Iran ranks first in the world in terms of population in terms of cosmetic surgery. Iran still has the largest number of cosmetic surgeries in the world, which includes various cases. "In Iran, rhinoplasty has the highest number of cosmetic surgeries, but other surgeries may be at the forefront in other countries."


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