latest hair transplant technology 2022| pros, cons, costs

latest hair transplant technology 2022| pros, cons, costs

At the time of the first hair transplantation in the world about 70 years ago, perhaps few people predicted that one day hair transplantation would become a definitive method of treating baldness and thinning hair. Today, it can be said that hair transplantation is a great revolution in treatment of hair loss problems.

The development of medical science over time has developed new and more complete techniques of hair transplantation, so that each technique has removed limitations of previous techniques to some extent and most suitable technique can be chosen according to people physiology. Nowadays, hair transplantation is done for a wide range of people.

One of the best countries for hair transplant in 2022 is Iran. In country of Iran, the science of hair transplantation is carried out by prominent experts for applicants, and today Iran is certainly considered one of the poles of hair transplantation in world. In this article, we have tried to provide you with complete information about new methods of hair transplantation in Iran and world.

What are the different hair transplant methods?

The basis of all hair transplant techniques is to harvest hair grafts from donor area in different ways and plant them in low back and bald areas. Each technique of hair transplantation is basically suitable for a series of applicants, which depends on bald area size and discretion of specialist doctor. Different methods of hair transplantation differ from each other in several ways:

The donor area used in different methods may be somewhat different. In general, best donor area is the hair behind head and near ear, but in some methods, such as super hybrid method and BHT method, it is also possible to take hair grafts from body hair bank, i.e. chest area and under beard.

Another important difference is related to way grafts are taken from donor area. For example, in FUT hair transplantation, follicles are removed from donor area in strips. This is despite the fact that in FIT hair transplantation, hair follicles are harvested individually and one by one. Also, in some techniques, such as super hybrid hair transplantation, it is possible to harvest grafts with both FUT and FIT techniques.

The tool and method of extracting grafts from donor area is another obvious difference between these techniques. For example, in micro FUE(FIT) technique, miniature implants are used for extraction, which are very delicate and precise. Very small holes created around hair follicle separate it from surrounding tissue with utmost care and without causing physical damage to follicles.

But in micrograft technique, the expert doctor makes very small holes in donor area and removes desired follicles by using one of two automatic holder techniques or scarlet trichophytic technique. Also, the ultra-advanced devices used in Super FUE technique, without causing damage to donor area and follicles, carefully extract the best follicles that have right thickness.

latest hair transplant technology 2022| pros, cons, costs

The causes of new hair transplant techniques

But basic question here is what was the main reason for emergence of these techniques over time? In general, there are several factors that are considered as quality criteria for review and evaluation of different hair transplant techniques. Basically, new and advanced techniques have been developed based on these criteria. In summary:

  • The advanced tools used in latest hair transplant methods increase accuracy and speed of hair transplant process and can produce better results.
  • In addition to head, some of these techniques can also be used for beards, mustaches, and eyebrows if doctor decides. Because advanced technology makes it possible to create very miniature gaps in delicate areas such as eyebrows and beards.
  • In newer techniques, we always try to be less invasive than previous methods, so that in today's newer methods, there are no traces of bleeding or sutures. In this way, the place of hair removal from donor area will remain unrecognizable after complete recovery.
  • Ulcers, tingling and unbearable pain in modern methods rarely happen.
  • The use of miniature and more advanced tools in new techniques create a more natural growth line because it is possible to choose hair with different fineness from donor area for surgeon.
  • Mechanical damage to follicles due to extraction from donor area will be much less thanks to more advanced devices.
  • Also, in methods where it is possible to analyze and scan follicles, doctor can extract the best quality follicles for transplantation, which will be very effective in improving results.

latest hair transplant technology 2022 in Iran

Along with progress of medical science in world, thanks to most experienced hair transplant specialists, modern hair transplant methods are also offered in Iran in a completely specialized manner. The latest hair transplant techniques in Iran are as follows:

Hair transplant by Micro FIT method

Hair transplant by Micro FIT method

Micro FIT or MFIT hair transplantation is one of the newest methods in hair transplantation field in Iran. As it is clear from this method name, the basis of this method is same as FIT method, but it is done with help of more accurate and delicate tools and devices. The delicacy of devices is so much that they are even more delicate than implanters used in ARTAS hair transplant robot (it has punches with a diameter of 1 mm).

In this technique, with help of a miniature implanter, holes with different diameters from 0.6 to 0.9 mm are created on skin of donor area area and follicles are separated from surrounding tissue. The miniature implanter consists of a punch with a rotating head that enters skin like a drill and the follicles are extracted with help of suction force.

On the other hand, the created holes are very small, so probability of bleeding will be very low and they do not need sutures to close removed area, and this feature is also contrary to FUT method, which is associated with bleeding and wounds and requires sutures. For this reason, the recovery period after implantation with Micro FIT method is shorter. Finally, after preparing grafts that were extracted in previous step, they are inserted into skin of recipient area by device holder or special forceps.

Among notable advantages of this method, the following can be mentioned:

  • Reduction of side effects such as incomplete removal of follicles, burial of follicles and lack of direct contact of follicles with surgical instruments due to use of a miniature implanter with rotating punch capability.
  • The possibility of completing hair transplant in one day.
  • The possibility of increasing quality of extracted grafts with help of miniature devices of Micro FIT technique.
  • No need to shave head.

It should be noted that almost all people can be candidates for this technique, except for applicants who have a non-dense and insufficient donor area or have a history of kidney ulcers.

Hair transplant by Micro Graft method

Hair transplant by Micro Graft method

In micrograft hair transplantation, follicles are removed with advanced and special tools help called "automatic holders" in micron size (in case of doctor's discretion and there is a lot of baldness, the trichophytic scarlet method is also used to remove grafts). Then, using very small needles, 1 mm holes are created in bald areas and prepared grafts are implanted inside holes using a micro-implanter.

The possibility of transplanting grafts up to 2 times more than other methods, less invasive, easy implementation of this technique due to its advanced technology along with acceptable results and natural appearance that it brings, the micrograft method has attracted attention of many skin and hair specialists and applicants.

In all people who are candidates for this technique, the presence of hair behind head or near ear is necessary, and people who have more hair density in these areas will get better results. Fortunately, a wide range of applicants, including people who have partial baldness, permanent baldness, severe hair loss or baldness, as well as applicants for beard and mustache transplants and eyebrow transplants, can be candidates for this technique. There are no restrictions for implementation of this technique for dear ladies.

Although this method of hair transplantation is considered as least complicated technique, but due to more advanced and new tools of this technique, the skill of a specialist doctor in using tools and correct implementation of this technique is very important.

Super FUE hair transplant

Super FUE hair transplant

This technique is also based on FUE method of hair transplantation, and like FIT method, the follicles are extracted separately, with difference that harvesting and planting stages are all done with advanced and smart devices help, therefore, it has overcome limitations of previous techniques. Currently, this technique is known as one of the most high-quality methods of hair transplantation, and its results are highly dependent on doctor's expertise and experience.

In short, to perform hair transplant by Super FUE method, first the scalp is carefully analyzed by 3D scanners and growth line is engineered and designed with help of special lasers. Then, the grafts that have thicker and blacker roots are extracted from donor area by intelligent and automatic devices. After extraction, follicles are stored with special holding equipment help (which is an isolated, sterile environment containing nutrients for follicles) until time of implantation and for this reason, their survival is maintained up to 5 times longer than other techniques.

With the help of the special implanter device that this technique has, very fine slits with specific depth are created in recipient area and follicles are implanted in low back areas. Using this technique significantly increases accuracy and speed of hair transplantation. As the main limitation of this technique, we can point out need to cut head hair.

  • Scalp analysis by 3D scanners gives us a lot of information, including: information about planting area size and number of follicles needed for transplantation, the scalp characteristics in terms of moisture and elasticity, the characteristics of hair donor area, determining the most suitable areas for selection as donor area, accurate evaluation of number of follicles that can be harvested from donor area, determining cause of hair loss, the presence of skin diseases, checking thickness and roots of grafts, evaluating depth of roots in order to reduce possibility of damage during harvesting, checking the blood supply to skin head, determining the density of white and black hairs so that hairs with black roots can be extracted.
  • Automatic devices have ability to adjust angle and rotation speed of cannula and cause minimal bleeding or damage to follicles.
  • It is possible to extract multi-rooted grafts up to 5 times more.
  • Side effects such as infection are minimal due to disposable punches and pens of device.

Almost all those interested in hair transplantation who have low back hair and cannot be candidates for techniques such as FUT due to several reasons such as stiffness of scalp, can receive acceptable results from this technique.

DHI hair transplant technique

DHI hair transplant technique

DHI hair transplantation is a completely new method of hair transplantation and stands for "Direct Hair Implantation" and process of extracting follicles in this technique is exactly the same as FUE method, with difference that implementation of two steps Follicle extraction and implantation are simultaneous and combined as part of a one- or two-step process, whereby doctor implants extracted hair follicles directly into recipient areas and back of head.

The advanced technology of this technique has been able to bring hair transplantation with lifelong results without use of a surgical blade, or suture and creating a gap in scalp for dear applicants, so that an acceptable density will be provided in just one session. The higher speed of this technique ultimately reduces the time grafts remain outside body and fewer follicles are damaged in this way. No need to shave hair is another advantage of this technique.

Note that, like other modern methods of hair transplantation, sufficient mastery of specialist doctor on how to implement DHI technique leads to a reduction in side effects and a more successful transplant, so choosing the right clinic is very important.

latest hair transplant technology 2022 in the world

There are some other hair transplant techniques that have recently been offered in more advanced countries, some of which will be briefly mentioned below:

Super FIT hair transplant

Super FIT hair transplant

As it is clear from this technique name, hair transplantation will be based on principles of FIT method, where follicles are extracted one by one from donor area, and all steps are performed by advanced and automatic devices. This technique is performed for almost all applicants depending on the doctor's discretion and due to its advanced technology, in addition to increasing speed and accuracy, it also leads to unique results.

There is no pain, bleeding or sutures in this technique. The whole process of hair transplant by Super FIT method will be without anesthesia and only using local anesthetics that are applied by a special device. The use of advanced devices in this method allows doctor to extract grafts with multiple roots, which will significantly increase density of planting up to 5 times.

The advanced technology of this technique has reduced the possibility of damage to follicles and hair donor area to zero. In this technique, special implanters are in charge of planting follicles and they are planted at right depth and desired angle. The precision in implementation of this technique depends on doctor's expertise, and precision of implantation with this method tools has increased up to 10 times more than previous techniques. The elegance and precision of this technique tools also makes it possible to implant beards, mustaches and eyebrows. However, in this technique, the head hair must be cut.

Hair transplant with NeoGraft device

NeoGraft hair transplant is a semi-automatic method consisting of FUE and is one of the most modern hair transplant techniques in world, which uses a new technology called Venus Treatments. The NeoGraft method is more effective than other FUE-based methods by eliminating some human errors associated with hair transplantation.

In NeoGraft technique, hair follicles are removed with help of an instrument and removed by suction. This technique does not require a separate step to create an incision for hair follicles. In this way, with a special tool help, making a cut and planting follicles are done simultaneously. In NeoGraft technology, compared to FUE and FUT methods, the possibility of trauma and damage to hair follicles is less, and as a result, the survival rate of transplanted follicles is higher. This technique is one of very minimally invasive methods of hair transplantation that does not harm blood vessels and peripheral nerves and does not require any sutures. The execution speed of this technique is also much higher than FUE method.

Sapphire FUE hair transplant

Sapphire FUE hair transplant

This method is one of the latest hair transplant techniques and the tools used are equipped with cut rubies that reduce pain and do not cause any tissue damage to donor area, because only follicles are extracted and samples Texture is not done. In order to extract hair grafts, very fine slits with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.7 mm are created, and due to their fineness, they do not bleed and heal quickly during recovery period, so no scars will remain.

The very fine slits that are created are proportional to size of hair follicles, so hair roots can be planted in channels with a suitable depth, which will not allow angle of planting to be changed and their original shape will be preserved.

Having a strong and removable donor area is very important to perform Sapphire method.

The blades used in Sapphire technique are antibacterial and will not cause tissue damage or infection. It is possible to implant more grafts with Sapphire method, the final results of graft will be more natural and dense.

Robotic hair transplant with ARTAS device

Robotic hair transplant with ARTAS device

The latest hair transplant technique in world, is the ARTAS robot. The ARTAS robot is actually a fully automatic assistant that helps surgeon to remove grafts with higher precision.

This robot is so advanced that it can provide surgeon with a map of donor area follicles condition (Angle, orientation, number, quality and thickness of follicles roots, and information about scar in donor area skin).

The main difference between this method and previous methods is automatic harvesting of follicles by robot, which makes main feature of this technique high speed, because robot can increase harvesting speed by 2 times. This method is very minimally invasive, with a short recovery period and does not require anesthesia. Of course, it should be noted that implantation of follicles in low back areas is done manually by implant specialist himself, just like other techniques.

One of the main limitations of this technique is that the robot needs to have a significant difference between color of applicant's hair and skin to identify follicles. Identification of follicles by this robot can be done for people with straight and dark hair, and it may not be a suitable technique for applicants with light (colored or white) and thin hair.

How much is cost of hair transplant in new methods?

As you know, hair transplant is known as one of beauty procedures and the insurance does not cover its costs. For this reason, all people who want to do hair transplant see costs as biggest obstacle in front of them.

Many factors determine cost of hair transplant. These factors include:

  • Hair transplant method
  • The amount of hair loss
  • Number of implanted grafts
  • The level of proficiency of medical team
  • The level of facilities and equipment of surgery center and hair transplant clinic

Is there an age limit for hair transplantation?

Yes, according to studies, the best age for hair transplantation is when pattern of hair loss is established. Usually over age of 27, hair loss will reach a fixed pattern.

What is the most effective method of hair transplantation for people who have a history of hereditary hair loss?

Without face-to-face consultation in clinic by hair transplant consultants, it is not possible to say with certainty which method is more suitable for whom, because the choice of hair transplant technique depends on many conditions and variables, including physical physiology of people.

Does hair transplant affect brain function?

Absolutely not, because hair transplant methods are only performed on superficial scalp layers, which do not harm brain in any way.

How should the coverage of head implanted areas  be during recovery period?

For this purpose, it is better to use a wide hat and avoid wearing any tight clothing or tight and small hats.

Is hair transplant safe and does it not have serious side effects?

Hair transplant surgery, if performed by an experienced and board-licensed plastic surgeon or hair transplant specialist, usually has no specific side effects. But people's physical responses to treatment methods are very different, and like any other surgical method, there is a possibility of swelling, tingling, numbness, and in some cases causing infection. All the necessary care that you need to take after hair transplantation will be provided to you by consulting doctor at hair transplantation clinic, and if you take care of it properly, the possibility of side effects will decrease.



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