FUT vs FUE | Comparing Hair Transplantation Methods

FUT vs FUE | Comparing Hair Transplantation Methods

Nowadays, Due to developments in technology there are two base methods for extracting hair follicles during the hair transplant procedure:

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

The primary difference between FUE and FUT is the way in which hair follicles are extracted from the back of your scalp (donor area). However, there are other differences between the two methods to consider when deciding which method is best for you. There are many factors to consider as both FUE and FUT are effective hair transplant techniques that offer long-lasting results; but which one is the right one for you?


Simple comparison of different hair transplant methods

The classification of hair transplant methods is based on the type of hair harvesting and they do not differ from each other in way of planting. But how is hair transplant?

First, the amount of hair grafts specified by doctor is taken from donor area. Then, small holes are created in bald area with precise tools, and the harvested hairs are planted in created holes.

Based on the type of hair grafts taken from donor area, hair transplantation is divided into three categories:

FUE hair transplant method

In FUE hair transplantation, the entire head is shaved, and each hair graft is harvested from donor area (hair bank) individually by sensitive punches and planted in desired location. This method is called FUE or FUE.

FUT vs FUE | Comparing Hair Transplantation Methods

Because hair is harvested by a punch, is this method the best hair transplant method?

No, choosing the best method for hair transplant requires a doctor's advice and opinion; Each person is a suitable candidate for one of hair transplant methods according to specific genetic conditions, the strength of donor area to support bald areas, age, hair loss pattern and other factors that are examined in consultation session.

Is the hair harvesting method in FUE the best hair harvesting method?

Hair transplantation is done by medical team; Now, if this team does not have the necessary precision and skill, when harvesting grafts with a punch, the side grafts may be damaged, and the hair root may be lost. Therefore, the skill and experience of the medical team is most decisive factor in this case.

FUT hair transplant method

FUT hair transplant is done by surgically harvesting a strip of skin and hair from back of hair transplant applicant's head with a razor. This strip is usually between 1.5 and 2 cm. Determining the diameter of this beam depends on factors such as looseness and stiffness of scalp, the skill of surgeon, the amount of hair needed, etc.

After cutting scalp, the hair grafts are separated from each other with a microscope and delicate surgical tools and kept in sterile places for a short time. The wider strip harvested from donor area, the more grafts we will have for planting. But it should be noted that after surgery, the skin of scalp should reach each other easily and without too much pressure, and suture line should not be too wide.

Suture line in FUT method

The suture line that remains at harvesting site after hair transplantation makes the majority afraid of this method. It is completely wrong to use FUT technique for someone whose scalp does not have the ability to stretch. We will clarify this issue by citing an example: for example, a person applies for hair transplantation and his scalp is capable of harvesting a 1.6 cm strip.

FUT vs FUE | Comparing Hair Transplantation Methods

But the doctor unknowingly or in order to have a better cover in empty part of head, harvests a strip with a diameter of 2 cm, unaware that after harvesting the strip, he has to pull the skin of scalp more than usual to sutures scalp. This tension creates a wide and bad suture line behind the patient's head. Sometimes it has been seen that the width of suture line has reached 1 cm, which is not beautiful and pleasant at all.

How many hairs does the harvested flap contain?

A hair flap used in FUT method for hair, eyebrow, and beard and mustache transplantation contains 1700 to 2000 grafts, which includes 5000 hairs.

In FUE and FUT methods, how much can the bald area be filled?

By using any of the above methods, hair transplantation can be done for people who have severe baldness, that is, the hair in the front of their head has fallen, and also for people who have a round, empty head in the middle. Each of these methods covers 8 to 10 cm of head space. The choice of the best implantation method should be based on diagnosis of a specialist doctor and other factors that have been examined in detail in an article.

3- Hair transplantation by combined method

The third method used for hair transplantation is for people who have severe baldness; It means that the hair has moved back from growth line to about 20 cm, and it is not possible to get a good result from hair transplantation with one method.

A combined method is used for such people. In hair transplantation with a combined method, the grafts are harvested in one session as both FUE and FUT methods; In this method, after harvesting a narrow strip of hair from back of head, hair grafts are harvested from top and bottom of cut part as FUE. With this method, about 10,000 to 12,000 hairs can be harvested in one session.

Therefore, this hypothesis that in the combined method it is possible to harvest and implant as much as sum of FUE and FUT methods is completely wrong, because harvesting more than the allowed amount from donor area causes damage to hair bank and its destruction.


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