5 reasons for not doing hair transplant abroad

5 reasons for not doing hair transplant abroad

We are starting to see more and more patients who have returned from hair transplant abroad with horrible and sometimes health-threatening results. The alluring promise of "cheap" hair transplants is drawing people to other countries, but the results speak for themselves and you really do get what you pay for. Read on to learn 5 reasons for not doing hair transplant abroad.

The growth of medical tourism

Medical tourism is a growing industry where many people are willing to travel around world for a wide range of medical treatments, including hair transplants, to get the cheapest treatment. When it comes to medical tourism, it can be very attractive because of the low initial advertised price. But it is important to consider other possible costs and risks.


Can a bad implant be reversed?

Some people visit an unauthentic clinic and get hair transplant at a much cheaper price, but in some cases, the expected results are not achieved. As your results begin to show, you may find that hair transplant doesn't look the way you expected. You then have to decide whether to return to the clinic and spend more money on travel and accommodation to get second implant done, or go somewhere closer to your home with better credit.

You can meet many people who come to clinic for consultation and ask if they can return their hair transplant because they are not satisfied with the results. Although we are not able to restore implant done, we can work on patient and restore their results.

5 reasons for not doing hair transplant abroad

Bad hair transplant repair

We have two different options to help fix a bad hair transplant, the first option is to do another hair transplant. If patient has enough hair follicles on donor area, experienced doctors can be used to design and uniquely perform better hair transplants to help people achieve the results they were looking for in first place.

We also offer Advanced Tricho Pigmentation, which can be used to increase hair density in areas of scalp. If your hair transplant leads to thinning in certain areas, this treatment will make the hair grow much thicker.

Older hair transplant methods such as FUT hair transplant can cause large scars on skin behind patients' backs. We can prevent these scars by using both Micro-FUE and FUE hair transplant methods.

Hair restoration is a big decision and you spend a lot of time researching different treatments and which one might be the best hair transplant for you. When you finally decide to undergo a treatment like hair transplant, then you should start researching the best hair transplant clinic.

In recent years, we have seen that people spend most of their time researching hair transplant abroad. Although medical tourism has been around for years, it is an issue that is becoming alarmingly more common. Today we have 5 reasons for not doing hair transplant abroad.

5 reasons for not doing hair transplant abroad

1- Standards are different all over the world.

In country, medical facilities are organized by the Ministry of Health and Care Quality Committee or are officially registered as professional clinics. Since the clinics are organized in country, you can be sure that you are visiting a clinic with good facilities and high standards.

When visiting a clinic abroad, it can be difficult to ensure that the clinic you choose meets the standards expected in country. Some countries do not have a professional reporting organization and this makes it difficult to get required information.

2- You may not get the treatment you want.

If you are looking for any medical procedure abroad, it can sometimes be difficult to get basic information you need. One of risks you face is actually leaving the clinic with a treatment contrary to what you really wanted.

Sometimes there can be a language barrier and the information on websites and advertisements can be misleading and FUT hair transplants can be done for you when you are actually looking for FUE hair transplants. This mistake can lead to significant scars on back of head and the results may not be as favorable as you had hoped.

3- The results may be very different than expected.

We believe that a good hair transplant clinic has various types of testimonials and customer endorsements, this can be on website in form of videos or photos, or even the clinic can provide some samples when you visit.

Some clinics around the world have few reviews and before and after photos, and that's something to watch out for. The more case studies you see, the better and you will be able to visualize the real picture of your post-procedure result in your mind, and then you won't be disappointed with results.

5 reasons for not doing hair transplant abroad

4- Cost is not the most important factor

People usually look into medical tourism to find a hair transplant clinic that can treat them at a lower price. It's easy to focus on hair transplant costs when you start seeing ads from clinics around world with cheaper prices. But you must remember that cost is not the most important factor.

5- Donor hair is a limited resource

We believe that this is the most important factor to consider. Always remember that your donor area hair is a limited resource. Hair follicles located at back and sides of head that are usually used during hair transplant process (donor hair) are valuable resources. If hair transplant process is not done correctly, more treatment may be needed to correct mistake.

If you have little donor hair area due to previous hair transplantation, it is very difficult for doctor to perform a natural hair transplant. The key to natural-looking hair transplants is to not only make sure your new hair looks natural, but also to make sure there is enough density left in donor area after transplant, which can be difficult after multiple treatments.


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