Neograft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

Neograft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

Hair loss has been considered one of major problems in destroying beauty for years, because one of attractions of every human being is his hair. This issue has led to the invention of different hair transplant methods by specialist doctors. Hair transplantation can be done with different methods and usually none of these methods can be introduced as the best method, because usually each of them has advantages and disadvantages and diagnosis of best hair transplant method for you is chosen by a dermatologist and hair specialist according to conditions of your hair grafts and scalp and amount of hair loss.

But what is clear is that every newer method that has been presented has tried to solve previous problems that existed in other hair transplant methods. Neograft hair transplant is one of newest and most different types of hair transplant methods. Neograft is undoubtedly one of the methods that has much more to say in future than other hair transplant methods. Because in this method, most of work is done automatically and specialist doctor is responsible for setting parameters.

The basis of hair transplantation by neograft method

In Neograft method, a robot is usually used to perform hair transplantation. Thus, it can be called as an automatic method. This issue can make this method superior to other hair transplant methods, especially SUT hair transplant method. In Neo Graft method, in addition to robot, an ergonomic chair is also needed.

 A computer interface is also needed for doctor to communicate with robot. The robot arm is equipped with cameras and using these cameras, it can easily detect place of hair removal as well as place of hair implantation. Usually by recognizing follicular units by a special algorithm, these follicles are randomly removed and transferred to desired location.

The robot arm system is equipped with two needles. One of these needles enters the depth of epidermis and next needle removes transplanted nucleus. In this way, it can be seen that most of steps of hair transplantation using neograft method are done by robots and doctor only supervises this work, so as not to face any special problems.

Neograft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

Adjustable parameters by the doctor

The most important task that a doctor has in hair transplantation by Neograft method is to control various parameters. Controlling parameters is very important. Because the robot does not have ability to recognize and performs its work according to parameters determined for it through computer interface.

Hair transplantation by robots is done well and with high quality if the doctor can adjust various parameters well. The angle of harvesting grafts is one of things that must be determined by doctor, and whatever angle the doctor gives to computer, the robot executes it.

The speed of needle is also one of parameters that doctor must determine for robot. Because speed of needle is very important. The depth of needle penetration is another thing that doctor must define and robot executes it based on information received through computer. Needle’s penetration depth should be chosen appropriately, because too little or too much penetration depth may cause problems.

Neograft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages
Artas vs Neograft method hair transplantation

Who is good candidate for hair transplant by neograft method?

One of most important questions that may arise in most people's minds is, Who is good candidate for neograft method?

In answer to this question, it can be said that any person who has faced hair loss for any reason and wants to experience very suitable and natural hair density again, can benefit from Neograft method. Neograft hair transplantation has no gender restrictions, so usually both men and women can benefit from Neograft hair transplantation services.

In recent years, when this method was invented and doctors recommend it to people who are facing hair loss, it has become one of most popular and practical hair transplant methods. Due to fact that hair loss is very uncomfortable and unpleasant, usually people who have used neograft method and have seen its very good results, find much better conditions mentally and psychologically than before.

Neograft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

Advantages of hair transplant by neograft method

All hair transplant methods have advantages and disadvantages that make each of them unique. However, over time, FUE-based methods have met with more favor from applicants. Some advantages of the Neograft method are as follows:

  • High speed : One of best advantages of hair transplant by neograft method is to have a much faster operation speed than other hair transplant methods. Because usually, in other methods, a specialist doctor performs hair transplant operation manually, while in neograft method, this work is done by a robotic arm. In this way, robot can do this work at a much faster speed than a human hand. This makes people who want to repair their hair spend less time for this.
  • The least amount of invasion and damage: The neograft method can be considered one of best methods for hair transplantation, because it is done with least amount of invasion. Thus, usually more people tend to use this method. Because some of older methods were very different in terms of invasiveness and caused problems in scalp, and this caused recovery period after operation to be much longer. While neograft method is minimally invasive and recovery period of this operation is much shorter than other methods.
  • The naturalness of hair: The quality of hair transplant by neograft method is much higher than other methods. Therefore, hair transplanted by neograft method is usually much more natural than hair transplanted by other methods. Usually, no inconsistency between hairs is seen after hair transplantation by neograft method. This has made most people choose this method because of higher quality. Because the higher quality of hair transplant, the more confident you can be in society. Therefore, people who want to have more self-confidence choose the neograft method.
  • High density:  High density is another advantage of hair transplant by neograft method, because usually very high accuracy and delicacy is used in this method. Due to existence of high-quality images of harvesting site as well as hair transplant site, it is possible to prevent thinning of donor area or same area behind head, and to choose amount of density more than other methods. In this way, the people who have experienced hair transplantation with neograft method are very satisfied with this procedure, and this has made them introduce this method to their friends and acquaintances as a completely scientific and successful method.
Neograft Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages


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