What is gel injection? | Uses, advantages, side effects and cost

What is gel injection? | Uses, advantages, side effects and cost

Throughout history, beauty has been of special importance to humans, and people have always used different methods to beautify themselves and remove facial and body defects. One of things that has a great effect on beauty and rejuvenation of skin, shaping of face and body is injection of gel and fillers. Filler injection is actually a kind of safe treatment to remove signs of aging, facial and body skin sagging, which injection in reputable centers can restore feeling of vitality and youth to people.

With age, the skin tissues become thinner and facial lines, which are usually seen around nose, mouth, eyes, and cheeks, deepen and turn into obvious wrinkles.

Injecting gel or using other methods of injecting skin fillers can compensate for this lost volume and smooth facial wrinkles. Of course, removing wrinkles is only one of the uses of this treatment method, and it can be used to increase the volume of lips, lift eyebrows, remove facial dimples, and more.


What is a gel? (Structure and ingredients)

One of the questions that arise for people in field of filler injections is what is a gel or filler and what are the ingredients in its structure? As mentioned, gels are a type of skin filler and volume booster that are used for rejuvenating, shaping and volumize different parts of body. Among the most important components of gel, the following can be mentioned:

What is gel injection? | Uses, advantages, side effects and cost

Hyaluronic acid: This natural substance is present in skin of all humans and helps to maintain freshness and moisture of skin. Hyaluronic acid gel injection last up to one year and after that it is gradually absorbed by body. The types of hyaluronic acid fillers approved by the US Food and Drug Administration include Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero Balance.

Hydroxyapatite calcium: This natural substance is found abundantly in bone. Hydroxyl apatite is more concentrated in terms of concentration than hyaluronic acid and has a longer lifespan. Injecting this substance into skin will stimulate collagen production and remove lines and wrinkles. One of the types of calcium hydroxyl apatite fillers approved by the Food and Drug Organization is Radiesse.

Poly-L-lactic acid: This substance strengthens skin and reduces wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. Sculptra gel is one of the fillers approved by US Food and Drug Administration, which contains a large amount of poly-L-lactic acid, and its results last up to two years.

Polymethyl methacrylate: Although this is an industrial material, it is known to be safe for use in the body. Also, due to having a lot of collagen in it, it causes firmness and cohesion of the skin. Bellafill is one of the polymethyl methacrylate fillers approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Types of gels in terms of durability

Usually, the result of gel injection is clear in first session, which is why this beauty product is more popular among people. When preparing gel and filler, it should be noted that in addition to required standards, the purchased gel must also be approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Types of gel are generally divided into three groups in terms of durability:

Temporary gel: Temporary gel contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, body fat and calcium hydroxide. This gel is used to increase volume in lips, cheeks and shape other parts of body.

Semi-permanent gel: This category of gels are mostly used to fill deep facial lines and treat sagging. Note that semi-permanent fillers require restoration after a few weeks.

Permanent gel: Permanent fillers are produced in different brands; but only a limited number of them are approved by US FDA. Permanent fillers are a bit hard to drain and bring more side effects such as infection for person; therefore, its use is not recommended for anyone.

What is gel-filler injection?

One of common methods for removing facial lines and shaping different areas of face and body is gel injection. Injections are usually done with help of artificial and natural substances and in the end, the result will not be anything but freshness for person.

With the help of gel injection, even scars and depressions caused by wounds can be corrected. Filler and gel injections are also known as injectable implants, wrinkle fillers, soft tissue fillers, and dermal fillers. Using this method in beauty as a fast and effective method has many benefits that we will mention below. The filler injection takes about 20 to 40 minutes; But this duration may change based on skin lines and doctor's diagnosis.

Due to reasonable costs and very few side effects, more than 1 million men and women use this treatment method to rejuvenate their skin every year. It is interesting to know that injection of dermal fillers is the most widespread method of skin rejuvenation in the world after Botox injection.

What is gel injection? | Uses, advantages, side effects and cost

Gel injection uses

One of the important uses of injecting fillers is to increase skin collagen and remove all kinds of wrinkles and laugh lines, cheek lines and other facial lines. Other usage of gel injection:

  • Rejuvenating skin and reducing signs of aging are other uses of filler injections.
  • With help of different types of gels, you can increase the volume of different areas of body, including chest, thighs, chin, cheeks, buttock and lips.
  • One of interesting uses of injecting gels is to rejuvenate skin of hands and feet.
  • Injection of various fillers is also effective in beautifying nose and shaping it.
  • Sometimes, according to doctor's opinion, these gels can be used to increase volume of whole face and repair it.
  • One of uses of filler injection is to remove dimples, wrinkles, dark circles around eyes, drooping eyelids.
  • Gels can also treat scaly wounds.

Most people know dermal fillers as a way to fill and remove facial wrinkles. The effect of gels on facial wrinkles is amazing; but this method of rejuvenation has many more uses. Most of usage of gel injection have been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America). Some uses have not yet been approved by FDA; but they are very safe and effective. In following, we tried to mention most of uses of gel injection for skin rejuvenation.

FDA approved uses

Use of gel as a volumizing: dermal fillers can be used to highlight and increase the volume of lips, chin and cheeks. Most people know this usage by name "prosthesis".

Removing wrinkles: gel injection can be used to remove wrinkles such as forehead lines, frown lines, laugh lines, lines around lips and nose.

Facial volume: One of the most unpleasant effects of skin aging is loss of facial volume. We usually see this effect on lips, cheeks and eyelids. Gel injection is one of the most effective ways to compensate for lost volume. This method can be used to remove dimples and dark circles under eyes, lift eyebrows, and remove face and neck skin sagging.

Nose beauty: Correcting nose shape without surgery is one of the interesting usage of gel injection.

Rejuvenation of hands: In addition to rejuvenating face, skin fillers can also be used for rejuvenating body skin. Among the uses of dermal fillers for body, only for rejuvenating and increasing volume of back of hands has been approved by FDA, and other uses (which we have mentioned below) have not yet been approved.

Uses not approved by FDA

Non-approval of a treatment method by FDA does not necessarily mean that the method is inappropriate or risky, but FDA has specific instructions and standards for approval of drugs and treatment methods, which sometimes causes them to be disapproved. Anyway, FDA rules are approved by doctors all over the world and it is better to follow them. Unapproved uses include following:

  • Increase in breast size
  • Increase buttock volume
  • Increase  volume of legs
  • Injection of gel into bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Gel injection areas in body

Gel injection into body is done in different areas, which we have examined below:

Hand and arm gel

As we said, due to aging, in addition to wrinkles, different areas of body lose their elasticity and sag. Over time or severe weight loss, arm muscles also decrease, this problem is less noticeable in people who do sports.

Fortunately, lines and drooping areas such as hands and arms can be corrected. Most of time, experienced specialists suggest gel injection to fix hand and arm defects and re-tighten this area skin.

Laugh line gel

Laugh line gel injection is another common beauty service among women, which, in addition to removing lines and wrinkles, also helps to fill and give volume to face. It is up to specialist to determine which parts of your face need gel.

Gel under eyes

Filler injection under eyes is one of the beauty services for women and men who have sunken or dark under eyes. This beauty method is recommended by most experts and plays a big role in lifting and reducing dark circles under eyes.

Breast gel

In order to shape, give volume, lift and smooth breast skin, filler injection is very effective. The gels used in this area usually contain hyaluronic acid.

Gel for genital area

Injection of fillers in genital area in old age causes the wrinkles and darkness of this area to disappear. This method is mostly used for older women and young women do not need it. Use of gel for genital area must be according to doctor's opinion. This method is not suitable for people with many wrinkles, and surgery is usually recommended for them.

Cheek gel

Cheek is one of parts of body that helps face attractiveness. Cheek filler injection is used for people whose cheeks are slightly protruding and sunken, and it can be said that using gel is the best choice to make the cheeks more beautiful.

Immediately after injecting gel, you will see lifting and highlighting of your cheekbones. Currently, cheek injection is one of the most popular beauty services among women.

Thigh gel

Fillers and gels can be used to treat cellulite and remove wrinkles. One of best brands used in this area is Sculptra, these gels with an abundance of poly-L-lactic acid help to correct thigh defects. It is not bad to know that this material is compatible with the environment and can be decomposed.

What is gel injection? | Uses, advantages, side effects and cost

Lips gel and its models

Lips is one of parts whose shape has a great influence on face beauty. For lip volume and shaping with help of injecting fillers and gels, doctor usually uses gels containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has a shelf life of about 6 to 12 months, and after this period it is necessary to renew the lip gel. This beauty and treatment method is used for people who have very thin or asymmetrical lips. Lip gel is injected into lips using special methods and techniques. Note that the specialist injects filler according to client's request and initial shape of her lips. Among different models of lip gel, the following can be mentioned:

Russian lips gel: This model is more suitable for people who prefer natural forms. The Russian model does not make significant changes to your lips; therefore, if you are going to do lip injections for the first time, it is recommended to choose this model. In the Russian form, your upper lip is more injected and lips overall shape is similar to a heart.

Doll lips gel: This model is considered one of the most popular lip models after Russian injection. In this type of injection, your lips will look like lips of a Barbie doll. The amount of volume added to a doll's lips is natural; therefore, you should not expect your lips to be too big in this model, this model is suitable for people whose gingiva are visible when they laugh.

Full lips gel: in this model, your lips will be completely prominent and voluminous. To create this model in lip, your doctor injects gel in middle of upper and lower lip and on its side. The risk of full lips gel is high; therefore, it is recommended to consult with skilled and experienced doctors to choose it.

Buttock gel

Another area of ​​ body that can be shaped and increased with help of fillers and gels is buttocks. Gel injection is usually done in order to lift buttock, give volume and shape it. One of the most used brands in this area is Sculptra. The use of this method is highly recommended for people who have lost volume of their buttocks or who have wrinkles in this area due to aging. Sometimes, doctors suggest this method to patient to prevent cellulite and tightening of buttock skin.

Chin gel

Although chin gel is not as popular as lip and cheek gel, injecting gel into the chin can cause a wonderful change in face. With help of chin gel, you can help to make the face angular and cover up defects such as having a double chin. This method is usually more effective in people who have a small and short chin.

Nose gel

Nose, as the most important part of face in creating a flawless and beautiful face, may sometimes need correction. You may think that only way to correct nose is to use rhinoplasty and surgery; but it is interesting to know that one of methods of correcting nose shape is use of gel injection.

Nasal filler can correct defects such as protruding nasal septum, nasal hump, asymmetry on both sides of nose and drooping nose easily and without bleeding in shortest time. Injection of various types of gels on both sides of nose usually removes nose hump; but if this injection is done at nose tip, it will lift nose to a great extent and make it look good.

Note that nose filler injection is never suitable for people who have a large nose bump. It is better to use cosmetic surgery method to correct bulbous noses in consultation with a specialist doctor.

Introducing the best type and brand of gels

There are various types of injectable gels in market; but finding a gel that, in addition to having necessary standards, is approved by the FDA is not an easy task. Finding right and high-quality gel depends on your budget in the first place, but factors such as experience, the priority of beauty service clinic, skin differences, the medical community and Ministry of Health are not without influence in this regard. In following, we will mention some of gels approved by the Ministry of Health and FDA for gel injection:

What is gel injection? | Uses, advantages, side effects and cost

Restylane gel: This gel is made of hyaluronic acid. With help of this gel, you can remove moderate to severe wrinkles such as lines at corners of mouth. The use of this gel is allowed for people over 21 years old.

Sculptra gel: Sculptra gel is produced from environmentally friendly synthetic materials such as poly-L-lactic acid. Injection of this gel is effective in restoring lost collagen.

Radiesse gel: This gel is one of the most common and popular injectable fillers approved by the FDA. The soft texture of Radiesse gel causes proper volume in different areas of body and face. By stimulating body's natural collagen, this gel removes defects such as wrinkles in skin.

Perfectha gel: This injectable gel is one of the best types of French hyaluronic-based injectable gel.

Teosyal gel: In addition to hyaluronic acid, this gel contains bacterial endotoxin in its composition and prevents occurrence of sensitivity.

Stylage gel: This gel is mostly used in lip area. Due to presence of lidocaine in composition of this gel, people do not feel pain during injection.

Revofil gel: This gel is currently one of the best injectable gels that contain anti-inflammatory compounds that have a very high durability.

Juvederm gel: This gel is one of the most reliable and durable injectable gels in the world.

Steps of gel injection

Every year, millions of people use gel injection method to rejuvenate their face. This treatment method is one of the most popular methods of skin rejuvenation after Botox injection. In following, you will get to know the steps of this attractive beauty method:

What is gel injection? | Uses, advantages, side effects and cost

Consultation and examination: After choosing desired clinic, doctor or nurse will evaluate appearance and color of your skin and body areas, and based on which areas should be strengthened, a detailed examination will be performed.

Preparation and anesthesia: At this stage, after following necessary recommendations, the injection site is cleaned with a cotton containing an antibacterial solution. After that, with help of ice compress, numbing ointment and local anesthetic, the target area will be numbed and practically patient will not feel any pain.

Filler injection: it is good to know that injection to desired area takes only a few seconds. After that, doctor performs massage and evaluates results, and if the injection needs correction, he performs it again. The maximum time for filler injection will be one hour.

Checking the results: After injection is done completely, doctor and client check the overall results. Using an ice pack can reduce swelling and discomfort after injection.

Suitable candidate for gel injection

Perhaps, after reading this article, considering the benefits of gel injection, you will be more enthusiastic about this low-cost and effective beauty method. But point in this regard is that use of filler injection has a series of special conditions, these conditions are determined based on opinion of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and include following:

  • A person who intends to inject fillers must be in good physical health.
  • It is important not to have any underlying disease when injecting fillers.
  • It is very important not to have any allergies and sensitivities; because if a person is sensitive to all kinds of fillers, serious problems may arise for him. In such cases, to perform this cosmetic procedure, you should consult your doctor and if he approves, you should inject fillers.
  • People who do not fail to maintain their skin health are suitable candidates for filler injections.
  • Note that a person should have realistic expectations of the results of filler injections.
  • This beauty method can be used by people over 18 years old and has no gender restrictions.
  • If you plan to apply filler to only a part of your face, you do not need to correct entire face, only desired area will be corrected by doctor's decision.

Advantages of gel injection

What is gel injection? | Uses, advantages, side effects and cost

The many advantages of gel injection have caused the number of fans of this treatment and beauty method to increase day by day.

  • The use of many gels is allowed for people over 18 years old.
  • Gels have wide applications in rejuvenating and correcting the shape of face and body.
  • This product can be used for both men and women.
  • Using gel as a non-invasive and non-surgical method has many fans.
  • Filler injection does not require anesthesia, surgery, hospital, and is performed without pain and bleeding in less than an hour by skilled doctors.
  • Because most doctors use anesthetics, you will not feel any pain during this procedure.
  • The recovery period of this method is very short and recovery is achieved in less than two weeks. Even people can go about their daily activities immediately after injection.
  • Durability of all types of fillers and gels is high and may last up to 18 months.
  • Filler injection is associated with few complications and risks.
  • Injectable fillers can be repaired at any time.
  • Choosing different types of gels for rejuvenation, volume or angle is cheaper, less risky and more economical compared to plastic surgery.
  • Immediate results can be seen clearly after ten minutes in this method.
  • The results of filler injection are very subtle and natural.

Disadvantages of gel injection

In general, gel injection does not have many disadvantages, unless this beauty procedure is performed by inexperienced and unreliable people. Today, in addition to beauty service clinics, hair salons also provide beauty services such as filler injections for customers. Trusting any place other than reputable clinics and famous doctors may lead to irreparable consequences for people.

These complications include :

nerve damage, tissue damage, severe pain and bleeding, dangerous and unusual bruising and redness, short-term durability, asymmetry and unevenness of treated tissue, lumping of gel under the skin, infection, allergic reaction, and movement of gel under the skin. .

Remember that research and investigation about the desired clinic for filler injection is very important. By visiting reputable clinics, avoid any serious complications in filler injection and choose a safe and effective method for yourself.

Gel injection side effects

Gel injection, like any other beautiful procedure, has a series of side effects. Of course, these side effects will be temporary and safe if injection is done in accredited centers with an official license from the Ministry of Health. Performing filler injections by skilled and experienced doctors makes people achieve the desired result.

Some of the most important side effects of filler injection include temporary swelling for up to two days, mild pain, itching, redness and mild inflammation lasting a few hours, and bleeding at the injection site. These cases do not pose any risk to candidate for filler injection, but if the side effects persist, you should immediately discuss the matter with your doctor. In these cases, doctor prescribes medicines that you must take on time.

Complications such as infection in injection area, material leaking out, and nodules around injected area should be taken seriously by patient and immediately referred to doctor to resolve it. Note that most of time these side effects are the result of not taking proper care of patient or going to unreliable clinics and inexperienced doctors.

Cares and FAQ about gel injection

Gel injection, like other beauty and treatment services, requires following recommendations and tips before and after injection. By taking care before and after injection, you can enjoy the final result, but not following care points when injecting fillers can cause irreparable damage to person. In following, the important points that you must follow before and after injection are explained:

  • One week before filler injection, avoid taking medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.
  • Avoid eating fish oil and vitamin E for seven days before injection.
  • Don't neglect spinach, cabbage and celery for better blood coagulation and increase of vitamin K in body.
  • Avoid eating garlic and apples before injection, these substances have effect of blood thinning.
  • Be sure to eat a suitable snack before injecting fillers.
  • Always try to see a doctor who, in addition to being compassionate, is trustworthy and has enough experience in field of beauty services.
  • After the gel has been injected by your doctor, in order to avoid bruising, swelling and bleeding, never be in hot areas such as sauna, hot shower, sunlight or hot flame.
  • For first few days, do not do any heavy sports activities and hard physical exercises.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and drugs in the first 24 hours of treatment.
  • Do not drink anything immediately after filler injection.
  • It is safe to use all kinds of cosmetics after injection.
  • In order to remove or prevent bruising and swelling, be sure to use an ice compress.
  • Do not massage the injected area for 14 days.
  • Avoid taking ginger, vitamin E, ginseng and garlic for two weeks.

How much does gel injection cost?

The cost of gel injection has always been one of main concerns of people. The cost of beauty services depends on many factors. The credibility and history of clinic, the expertise of doctor, his skill and accuracy amount of gel used and type of brand used, etc. are considered to be influential factors in price of filler injection.

Note that cheap price will not always indicate appropriate and acceptable quality; therefore, always pay attention to skill and expertise of your doctor first and then pay attention to costs. Undoubtedly, comfort and achieving the desired result when performing beauty services is more important than \ cost issue. The cost of injecting all kinds of gels is fully borne by client and insurance will never cover it.

Which age group is more suitable for filler injection?

Usually, people over 40 years old can use gel injection to remove wrinkles in different areas of face and body. But sometimes young people also use gel to fix defects such as asymmetry or to create freshness. If you are allergic to filler injections, be sure to discuss issue with your doctor.

Are all gels absorbed by body? How to remove the gel?

If you intend to remove the gel, sometimes gels can be removed with help of hyaluronidase enzyme. Usually, gels that contain hyaluronic acid in their composition are destroyed with help of enzymes. In most cases, doctors recommend that instead of applying the enzyme, patient waits for gel to gradually disappear. The reason for this is the painfulness of hyaluronidase enzyme injection. Applying more enzymes is recommended when results are very unfavorable or there is infection or swelling in treatment area.

After how many days are effects of gel injection seen?

The results of injecting different types of gel into different areas are usually seen immediately. But after about 4 days, swelling and bruising will disappear and the result will be more tangible.

Permanent or temporary gel, which is a better option for injection?

If you intend to inject filler for the first time, it is better to use a variety of temporary gels. Gels containing hyaluronic acid are absorbed in a short period of time if there is no satisfaction.

How long does gel injection last?

Synthetic gels are more durable than natural gels such as hyaluronic acid. Durability of gel is different depending on type of brand chosen. In gels such as Juvederm and Revofil, durability will be up to 12 months. But in any case, the durability of injected gel depends on treatment area and client's condition. The denser and deeper gel is injected, the longer it lasts.

Guide for gel injection applicants

If you want to inject gel, there are important points to keep in mind that are preferable to choosing a brand of gel or the like.

First of all, you should choose a suitable clinic for gel injection. A clinic that has the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health and also benefits from an experienced and skilled medical team.

After choosing the right clinic, you should see if gel injection is best skin rejuvenation method for you or not. Skin condition, age, history of gel or Botox injection, general health, smoking and various medications are among the things that can make you a suitable or unsuitable candidate for gel injection. Full explanations, including all types of fillers and appropriate rejuvenation methods for your skin, will be fully explained in face-to-face meeting by a specialist doctor.

source : whcl.ir


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