How long does it take for hair transplant results?

Many reasons such as genetics, environmental factors and lack of proper hair care can lead to hair loss; in such cases, people use different methods to prevent hair loss or restore lost parts. But usually these methods do not have a permanent effect and can only temporarily prevent hair loss; In addition, such methods usually do not have the power to replace lost hair and regrow them.

This is what makes people look for natural hair transplants. Hair transplantation is a safe and permanent treatment method that can restore your natural hair growth. But one of most important questions that concern people's minds at time of hair transplantation is How long does it take for hair transplant results? In other words, when can you be sure that hair transplant process is over and the result will not change? If you are also looking for the answer to this question; stay with us until the end.

What is meant by final result of hair transplant?

The first issue that we should consider in this regard is what is meant by final result of hair transplantation? In answer to this question, we must say that final result of hair transplantation occurs when your hair is in a state with the following characteristics:

  • The hair has regained its natural growth.
  • The density and thickness of hair is sufficient.
  • The shape of hair should not be different from natural hair.
  • Hair can be cut, combed or dyed safely.
  • The scars caused by hair transplant are completely gone.
  • No hair loss after implantation.
  • The follicles are completely fixed and cannot be damaged by touching or even pulling hairs.

When transplanted hairs are in such a state; you will be sure that hair transplant is effective and you have achieved your desired result. As a result, you can deal with implanted hair without worry and just like natural hair.

How long does it take for hair transplant results?

hair transplantation month by month

To find out when you should expect final results of hair transplant; you should create a time calendar "Month by month" for yourself. In this time calendar, you should write down the events that happen in each period of time after hair transplantation, so that you can check the growth process of your hair and notice appearance of final results. We have prepared this time calendar for you in this section.

The first week after hair transplantation

You should know that the process of hair growth after implantation and reaching final result in this treatment method is a long-term process. Therefore, it is better not to go in front of mirror every day in first week and do not expect new hair growth. Because during this period of time, you will probably get nothing but swelling and inflammation.

In first week after hair transplant, hair donor area will swell and scars caused by transplant will also be seen on head. During this time, not only the hair will not grow; you may also experience hair loss. But there is no need to worry; because this shedding will happen only from stem, and follicles under skin will not be harmed.

How long does it take for hair transplant results?

The first month after hair transplantation

It is better to take this advice seriously and do not expect amazing results until end of first month after hair transplantation. Although, from second week, the effects of inflammation and swelling will gradually disappear; but hair loss will not stop. In some cases, the severity of implanted hair loss may even increase.

Of course, this is probably the only time you should be happy to see your hair falling out; because this shows that hair transplant process has been done correctly and your body has given right response to it. Hair loss usually becomes more severe from third week and continues until end of first month. In this case, place of the follicles is completely safe and nothing will happen to them.

The second month after hair transplantation

Starting from second month after hair transplantation, the transplanted hairs will enter resting phase. This rest helps hair follicles to get enough energy for regrowth; during this time, you may feel that your hair has not changed at all compared to before transplant, and you may feel disappointed.

But you should know that there is nothing to worry about. The only thing you need to do in second month is to have a good diet and use ingredients that strengthen follicles.

The third month after hair transplantation

The loss of implanted hair will continue until end of the third month after implantation; to extent that you will probably encounter a heartbreaking scene in this part of timeline when you go in front of mirror. A scene in which all or many of implanted hairs have fallen out; the hair is not thick enough and has not grown well.

But never worry; because this is not end of your hair transplant. Until the beginning of fourth month after hair transplantation, the hair is still fluffy and has not started its natural growth. In addition, hair growth is not same everywhere on head and you may see a non-uniform shape in your hair.

How long does it take for hair transplant results?

Fourth month after hair transplant

When four months have passed since your hair transplant; the transplanted hair enters a new phase. A stage that gradually removes them from fluffy state and improves hair thickness. Of course, you should know that final result of hair transplant will not appear at this time; because this is where the hair begins to grow naturally. As a result, it can be said that fourth month is the first step towards seeing final result of hair transplantation.

5th to 9th month after hair transplant

After the transplanted hair starts to grow and increase in thickness, you can see how successful hair transplant has been. At this time, hair will grow naturally if it is planted correctly. The fifth to ninth month after hair transplantation is time for hair to stabilize. During this time, the transplanted hair grows between 5 and 7 cm.

10th month after hair transplant

After ten months of hair transplantation, the transplanted hairs have completely stabilized. These hairs will be thick and will not fall out. In addition, part of final result of hair transplantation can be seen at this time; because the hair density has reached its final value.

By 10th month, there are fewer follicles that have not started growing; for this reason, you can almost deal with transplanted hair, similar to natural hair. But you should know that final result of hair transplant has not been seen yet.

First year after hair transplantation

After one year of hair transplant, it can be said that time has come to see final result of transplant. In this year, all follicles have started their natural growth cycle and hair has reached proper thickness and density. In addition, transplanted hair has gained enough strength and is no longer as sensitive as the first days.

Between first year and second year after hair transplantation, the hair continues to grow and gain more volume. During this time, all shed hairs will grow; In addition, the possibility of re-falling of transplanted hair will disappear. In this way, after one to two years of hair transplantation, you can see final result on your hair.

How long does it take for hair transplant results?

Why does it take a long time to achieve final result in hair transplantation?

You may ask yourself why does it takes so long to achieve final result in hair transplantation?

We must say that hair follicles have a growth cycle; this cycle usually takes a long time. To this time, you should also add time needed to accept new follicles in implanted area.

During this time, body is first trying to accept new follicles and allow them to grow. After this time, follicles will enter active growth stage and will gradually gain enough energy to grow again. At the beginning of this period, hair is fluffy and not thick; but gradually they become thicker and reach appropriate density.

To better understand hair growth cycle after implantation and to reach final result, it is better to pay attention to hair growth process in newly born children. After implantation, your hair is soft and fluffy at first, just like babies hair; but they will gradually reach appropriate thickness and density. For this reason, we recommend that you never rush to see final result of hair transplantation and give hair time to go through its natural growth cycle.

What factors affect the time it takes to achieve final result in hair transplantation?

How long does it take for hair transplant results?

Although it is recommended to let transplanted hair go through its natural growth process; but following some things can also reduce the time it takes for final results to appear. One of most important of these is the clinic you go to for hair transplant. If this doctor or specialist who does this work does not have enough experience; Hair follicles are not properly located under skin. As a result, they cannot go through their natural growth cycle.

In addition, the process of harvesting follicles from donor area must be done carefully so that grafts are not damaged during this process. So if you want to achieve final result of hair transplant after one year; you must visit a reputable clinic. In addition to this, other factors can affect time to reach final result in hair transplantation, including following:

  • Skin type and its ability to make collagen
  • Hormonal and genetic changes
  • Observance of care after hair transplantation and not taking prohibited drugs during this period
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Quantity and quality of sleep
  • Skin diseases
  • Type of baldness
  • Characteristics of transplanted hair


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