Is it dangerous to hit head after hair transplant?

Is it dangerous to hit head after hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss, which has very few side effects. However, not following some recommendations and cares after hair transplantation will increase severity of these complications and as a result, the implanted grafts will be damaged.

Care after hair transplantation includes all aspects of a person's life such as bathing, showering, sleeping, marital relationship and even nutritional pattern. In addition to these cases, it is strongly recommended that after hair transplantation, you should avoid any blow to head. But the question is, how long can it be dangerous to hit the implanted hair? Does any blow of any intensity cause damage to the grafts?

What injuries are dangerous after hair transplantation?

To answer the question of which shocks are dangerous after hair transplant, the first thing to consider is time of shock. Because with passage of time, the strength of implanted grafts will increase and shocks will put less pressure on them. According to this issue, dangerous hits in different time frames are as follows:

The first 3 days after hair transplantation

In first 3 days after hair transplantation, the grafts are still not firmly in place and slightest pressure can cause them to move or even dislodge the grafts. At this time, usually the effect of anesthetic drugs has not completely disappeared. So, you may not feel the severity of blow to your head and ignore it. But you should know that in some cases even very little pressure like a simple caress can damage newly planted hair.

For this reason, during this period, you must pay attention so that no impact is made on head while changing dressing, washing or sleeping. In initial 3 days, blows such as hitting head with a ball or hitting head with a stick, even if they do not cause bleeding, bruising and swelling, can completely destroy the implanted grafts. Therefore, you should take good care of your hair in these 3 days so that the follicles can enter growth stage.

Is it dangerous to hit head after hair transplant?

3 to 10 days after hair transplant

After initial 3 days, it can be said that follicles sensitivity has decreased. But you should know that even after 10 days, the implanted grafts have not reached a stage where it can be said that the blows will not harm them.

In period of 3 to 10 days after hair transplantation, you should still be careful not to put any pressure on hair. Especially blows and pressures that cause bleeding will be very dangerous. Although this bleeding is minor, there is still a possibility that the follicles are damaged and cannot go through their growth cycle. For this reason, it is recommended to be as careful as you were during the first 3 days.

So make sure that for 10 days after hair transplant, no pressure is applied to follicles while changing dressing, sleeping and bathing. You should also make sure that you do not do heavy sports at this time and do not bend your head for a long time.

10 days to 1 month

Is it dangerous to hit head after hair transplant?

When 10 days have passed since hair transplantation, it can be said that the risk of damaging implanted grafts has decreased to a great extent. During this time, the light blows that may be inflicted on implanted hair while sleeping or washing hair will not be dangerous.

As more time passes after hair transplantation and we get closer to one month, the grafts become stronger and more resistant to minor impacts. So, cases that do not involve bleeding, bruising or swelling will not be dangerous. However, if you experience bleeding due to an injury to implant area, or swelling or bruising occurs after injury; you have to worry about damaging the grafts.

Because these signs are usually caused by a gap or serious damage to that area, and this issue can reduce the resistance of implanted grafts. That's why it is recommended that you never do sports such as karate, taekwondo, judo, wrestling, ball sports and activities where there is a possibility of head injury during this period.

1 to 6 months

After a month of hair transplantation, you almost don't need to worry about getting hit on head. In this period of time, blows such as hitting head with a ball cannot damage the grafts. Even if there is no bleeding, there is no need to worry about eating the head.

In period of 1 to 6 months after hair transplantation, you should only be careful of injuries that may result in severe bleeding, bruising, and extensive swelling. For example, dangerous accidents or falls from a height can jeopardize the health and strength of implanted grafts. Of course, it is recommended that you consult your doctor and in case of injuries that resulted minor bleeding show him the place of hit. In this way, you can be sure of follicles health.

FAQ about hitting head after hair transplant

What should I do if my head injured after hair transplantation?

As we said, the severity of damage from this blow depends on time that has passed since hair transplant and the severity of blow. In first 10 days, if you get any shock, you must see a doctor for further examinations. In period of 10 days to 1 month, only injuries that lead to swelling or bleeding need to be treated by a doctor. But it is not bad to consult your doctor about mild injuries. But after 1 month, it is necessary to see a doctor just to check the effects of blows that have resulted in bleeding, bruising or swelling.

Is it dangerous to hit head after hair transplant?

Can damaged grafts be repaired immediately after trauma?

Grafts that are completely destroyed after a head injury cannot be repaired immediately. Because the best time to restore hair transplant is about a year after.

From when can I touch my hair while washing after hair transplantation?

After ten days of hair transplantation, you can massage them slowly while washing your hair. At this time, the hair shaft may fall on head along with created skin, which is nothing to worry about.

When does the blow to head show its effect after hair transplantation?

Severe blows that cause bleeding, bruising, or swelling usually show their effects immediately. But after ten days, it is not possible to comment with certainty about the effect of blows that did not cause these complications. In such cases, it is usually recommended to wait up to two months after implantation, so that the period of shock and hair loss after hair transplantation ends. After this time, it can be said whether the impact caused loss of grafts or not.

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