Why is the tip of my nose still swollen after rhinoplasty?

Why is the tip of my nose still swollen after rhinoplasty?

Swelling of the nose is one of the natural complications after rhinoplasty. One of the common concerns among clients is swelling of the nostrils, swelling of nose tip, swelling of nose septum, and sometimes even unilateral swelling of the nose. But Why is the tip of nose still swollen after rhinoplasty?

Recovery from swelling after rhinoplasty usually takes up to a year, keep in mind that the thickness of the skin is directly related to the amount and duration of swelling. Also, although swelling causes the nose tip to tighten, the nose does not appear swollen and the cartilage and tissue of the nose are still in the process of healing.

In general, the thickness and type of skin are factors affecting the outcome of rhinoplasty, which varies from person to person; It can also be said that the thickness of the nasal skin determines the amount of swelling of the nose after surgery.

Thick skin of the nose increases the extent of bleeding and swelling and slows down the healing process; As a result, bulbous noses usually have a longer healing process.

Cause of swollen nose after surgery

Postoperative swelling can be due to trauma during surgery or fluid retention, but there is no need to worry because over time and nasal bone repair, swelling also decreases; In general, it can be said that swelling disappears by following the tips after surgery.

The patient will usually see the worst amount of swelling in the first three days of surgery, but after a week the person can see the healing process. In some clients, the whole face becomes swollen after surgery, in these cases the patient is advised to use a cold compress to reduce swelling.

Swelling of nose tip

Why is the tip of my nose still swollen after rhinoplasty?

In this type of swelling, although the whole nose is swollen, but most of it is in nose tip, note that the tip of the nose is the last place where the swelling disappears.

The reduce process of swelling starts from the upper part of the nose, then the bridge of the nose reach to the normal state, and finally the swelling of the nose tip disappears. Whole of this process takes between 12 to 18 months.

To speed up the healing process, rhinosurgeons advise their patients to avoid using salt.

Swelling of the nasal fins

Rhinoplasty is performed by manipulating the structure of the nose and generally the nasal fins also need to be changed, which can be the cause of swelling of the nasal fins.

Also, in some cases, the cause of swelling of the nasal fins can be a dressing and sterile gauze that is placed inside the nose for 3 to 24 hours after surgery.

However, there is no need to worry, because this type of swelling goes away in up to 4 months.

Unevenness of nose sides

Uneven Swelling After Rhinoplasty

Sometimes the swelling on one side of the nose is more than the other, in such cases it is better to be a little patient instead of thinking about revision surgery.

If the swelling does not go away within a month and you also have abnormal symptoms such as bleeding or pain in one side of your nose, see your nasal surgeon to carefully check the condition of your nose.

Asymmetry of the nostrils

The most discussed issue after rhinoplasty is the symmetry of the nostrils. Most patients notice some degree of asymmetry in their nostrils after rhinoplasty; The fact that the slight asymmetry of the nostrils has always occurred and is a kind of law, is very upsetting and unexpected for the patient.

The goal of all cosmetic surgeons and rhinoplasty specialists is to make the nose as symmetrical as possible, which means creating a nose where all the components are aligned and fit from all angles. However, the fact is that you will never have a perfectly symmetrical nose; Even if your nose surgery is best done.

Uneven nose after rhinoplasty
Uneven nose after rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty, due to the pressure on the nasal bone during the surgical procedure, the nose becomes swollen and asymmetric nostrils are definitely displayed; This asymmetry is completely normal after rhinoplasty.

Swelling of the nose, nasal casts, as well as nasal tampons, affect the heterogeneity of the nostrils, which will completely disappear after a period of convalescence and complete recovery. If the nostrils are still uneven after 6 to 8 months, call your surgeon and let them know. Of course, it should be noted that sometimes in some noses, complete recovery may take more than 2 years.

The last word

Despite patients' concerns, swelling is normal for up to a year after rhinoplasty; So be patient and listen to your doctor's advice.

In bony noses, it is possible for nose swelling to disappear between 6-12 months, while in thick skin and bulbous noses, this period is longer and can even last for two to three years.

So do not judge the nose and its appearance by seeing swelling in the first year or more.

Let the healing process take place over time and be patient to see the end result and complete elimination of the swelling.


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