When can I Smoke after rhinoplasty?

When can I Smoke after rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an ideal choice to change the shape and fix nose problems. In this regard, it is necessary for patients to follow some cares so that process of improving nose is not disturbed. One of cares after nose surgery is to avoid smoking.

We all have a desire to be beautiful, and nose is one of things that is at the center of others' attention at first glance and has a great impact on beauty and attractiveness of face. Unfortunately, rhinoplasty is expensive and laborious, and neglecting care points will disrupt healing process and waste doctor's efforts.

What effect does smoking have on healing process after nose surgery?

One of things you should consider after nose surgery is to avoid smoking because of its side effects during recovery process. One of the most frequently asked questions of patients is, "What effect does smoking have on final result of operation?"

If you have had a nose job, doctor will certainly prohibit smoking in the early days. Note that this ban is not permanent and you can start smoking again after recovery period.

When can I Smoke after rhinoplasty?

Smoking and hookah have a series of side effects and risks that make the disease process more difficult and longer. Nicotine in cigarettes has negative effects on a person's health and blood circulation, and leads to symptoms such as inflammation, bruising, expansion of swelling and disruption of the healing process. On other hand, smoking causes skin cells to not function well and the amount of collagen produced in skin decreases.

Another point is that the patient's blood vessels are constricted by smoking after rhinoplasty. If it is necessary to have best blood flow in treated area in order to heal wounds caused by surgery, so that the healing process will pass faster. On other hand, the contraction of blood vessels increases the possibility and risk of complications such as stimulating the immune system and contracting some infectious diseases.

That is why doctor recommends that you avoid smoking for a month before rhinoplasty and for a few months after surgery. Smoking and nose surgery are closely related due to the high sensitivity of nose surgery, and its recommendations should be followed before and after surgery.

What are side effects of smoking after rhinoplasty?

The following are most common side effects of smoking:

When can I Smoke after rhinoplasty?
  • Patients who have a habit of consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking are more susceptible to infection compared to other patients.
  • One of the most important reasons for not smoking after nose surgery is the disruption of blood circulation, which results in a decrease in oxygen supply to tissues and narrowing of blood vessels and disruption in healing process of wounds. Therefore, in order to reduce the possibility of infection, it is better to avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking increases risk of bleeding in patients who have recently undergone surgery.
  • Smoking disrupts the circulatory system, causing swelling and severe bruising.
  • Collagenization of skin is one of the most important things that helps to repair skin and heal wounds caused by surgery. Unfortunately, cigarette nicotine causes skin cells to not function properly and surgical wounds take longer to heal.

The point in this context is that each cigarette after nose surgery causes nicotine to remain in body for 2 weeks and block blood vessels. This is why doctors have forbidden smoking after nose surgery. Of course, keep in mind that incidence of side effects of surgery varies from person to person and depends on physical condition of patient and skill of specialist doctor.

How long should you not smoke after rhinoplasty?

As we mentioned, cigarette nicotine remains in body and blood for up to two weeks. This is why smoking patients’ blood has a high level of toxins such as nicotine and carbon monoxide; Therefore, doctors recommend that you avoid smoking a few weeks before and a few weeks after surgery.

Some clients ask about the reason for not smoking after nose surgery, and answer should be that blood has duty of carrying oxygen and nutrients to tissues and treated area. But unfortunately, smoking causes blood vessels to become blocked and blood circulation to slow down. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid smoking at least two weeks before nose surgery and one month after operation.

When can I Smoke after rhinoplasty?

Last word

All doctors believe that patients should avoid smoking for a few weeks after rhinoplasty. Note that the longer patient stays away from smoking after nose surgery, the faster person will regain their general health and the more favorable result of surgery. This is why it is necessary to follow instructions given by the relevant doctor and it will lead to the prevention of scars and other side effects of nose surgery. In general, smoking after nose surgery should be postponed for at least one month after surgery.

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