How to tape nose after rhinoplasty?

How to tape nose after rhinoplasty ?

After surgery, nose becomes swollen, which is obvious and is a natural complication of the operation. Postoperative nasal tapes help to eliminate this swelling faster and cause the nasal skin to adhere to the underlying tissue, thus facilitating the healing process in a shorter period of time.

But one of the most common questions and problems that people have after nose surgery is the correct way to tape the nose. Because if the nose tape is not applied properly after the operation, side effects may occur later. In this article, we want to talk about the correct way to tape the nose after rhinoplasty and its problems.

Nasal tape

Postoperative nasal taping, in addition to reducing nose swelling and inflammation; Prevents the formation of wound tissue and allows better nose formation.

It should be noted that proper taping to the nose causes the application of uniform pressure on the nose, and as a result, causes nose swelling to decrease in the same way in all nose parts.

Postoperative nasal tape can also be a warning to those around you that you have recently had rhinoplasty; Therefore, they should be more careful in dealing with you.

How to tape nose after rhinoplasty ?

How long should I tape my nose after rhinoplasty?

 The length of time to be taped after rhinoplasty often varies, ranging from two weeks to two months. This difference depends on the type of nasal skin; If the nose skin is thin, you can stop taping the nose after two weeks. In thick-skinned noses, this period lasts up to two months. Thick skin is a feature of fleshy noses.

Nose Tape After Rhinoplasty

Step 1: In order to tape the nose, in first place you must be careful about choosing the right tape, paper tapes that are 1 to 1.5 cm wide are a very good option.

Step 2: In this step, you should wash your facial skin well with soap and water and then clean it with alcohol cotton and after drying the skin, apply the tape.

Step 3: In this step, considering the size of your nose, you should cut the tapes into 8 to 6 pieces of 3-4 cm and 2 pieces of 12-10 cm.

Step 4: You should stand in front of the mirror and start sticking 3 to 4 pieces of 3-4 cm tape on the nose from the nose upper part so that part of each piece of tape is hidden under next tape, then Each piece of tape should be pressed lightly to fix it well.

Now put the 12-10 cm tape in U shape in the middle, in the nose lower part and stick it; Then guide the tape sides upwards and finally fix it. Apply tape next piece that you cut with these dimensions on the same tape.

Now again from nose lower upwards and across the nose, tape the remaining 3-4 cm pieces of tape (depending nose size) and just as before, hide a part of each piece of tape under next tape, and finally Squeeze them gently to fix them. Finally, carefully remove the tape that protrudes from nose tip.

How to tape nose after rhinoplasty ?

How to properly remove nasal tape after rhinoplasty

In order to be able to easily remove the nasal tape, it is better to use a solution, and you can also use tools such as tweezers to hold the nasal tape head.

Now, to separate nasal tape, gently hold the end of it and turn it 180 degrees and continue peeling other tapes in the same way.

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