Zidane hair transplantation in Turkey

Zidane hair transplantation in turkey
Zidane hair transplantation in turkey

Zidane's trip to Istanbul for hair transplantation is one of the most unbelievable news that could be imagined, but it seems that this is true and Zidane is craving hair.

It seems that Zinedine Zidane, the French legend of the world of football, who is one of the greatest footballers in the history of this sport, has always been famous for his short hair and in recent years he has been hairless. But as Turkish newspaper Hurriyat has claimed, Zidane now has a craving for hair and has gone to Istanbul for a hair transplant!

The journalist of Hurriyat newspaper reported that Zidane secretly traveled to Istanbul to transplant hair in this city, which is considered one of the most important centers of hair transplantation. He stayed in his room at the Raffles Hotel in this city for 2 weeks to let his hair fall out.

Zidane hair transplantation in Turkey

Zidane hair transplant in Turkey (Istanbul )

Zidane, known as "Zizou" and often regarded as one of the best players in the history of football, had thick hair when he started playing, but eventually started going bald in his 20s.
But why did Zidane choose Turkey for his hair transplant? Turkey is said to be world-renowned for its health tourism, led by the hair treatment industry, which has boomed in the past decade and attracts hundreds of thousands of people from around the world every year.

Zidane hair transplantation in turkey

The only photos with the hair of one of the proudest players and coaches in the history of football go back to his youth and marriage, and for years, no one has seen Zidane's head with thick hair, and now we have to see if it is true that Zidane's trip to Istanbul for hair transplantation is Zidane's new look. How big is it?

Zidane hair transplantation in turkey

Hair transplantation in Middle east countries

Of course, next to Turkey, Iran is also one of the most popular health tourism destinations for hair transplants and cosmetic surgeries due to its low cost and expert doctors.

Hair transplantation in Turkey and Iran is done with specific methods. In fact, both countries use standard and global techniques. Hair transplantation has been very popular since the early days, but with the techniques used today, it has become the top trend in the world and the Middle East.

The interesting thing is that Turkey, as a big pole in the beauty and hair transplant industry, has become the destination of many Persian Gulf countries, and the amount of capital turnover in this country is over one billion euros, which is a very extraordinary number.

However, despite the restrictions that have been recently imposed on Iran, it can be safely said that it has not had any impact on this industry. The facilities available in Iran are no different from Turkey and Istanbul clinics, and you can experience the same quality with much lower costs in Tehran & Mashhad.

Hair transplant costs in Turkey vs Iran

Hair quality is one of the factors that determine the price of hair transplant. In order for the hair to have a natural appearance, high-quality grafts must be removed. It should be determined how much hair density a person needs. The number of hair follicles to be transplanted must be determined.

Which method should be applied during hair transplantation? Hair transplant should be determined in which clinic or hospital. The expertise of the specialist doctor is important in determining the price and the success of the process. Tests and examinations that must be done before hair transplant affect the price factor.

The price of hair transplant changes every year based on different features. Performing new surgical techniques in this field is an important factor that causes changes in hair transplant prices in Turkey. It should be known that the price of hair transplantation will be different according to the center where it is performed and the characteristics of the specialist doctor.

However, considering all these cases, Hair transplant in Iran is preferable to hair transplant in Turkey in every respect. Affordability, having advanced equipment and the charms of the city of Tehran have made Iran become a strong competitor of Turkey in the field of hair transplant.

Some people like to go to Istanbul for sightseeing and do a hair transplant in the meantime.

In such a situation, the cost of hair transplantation and its affordability are not important for the individual, but some people who care about their budget and like to get the best answer for the expenses they spend, consider hair transplantation in Iran as a They look at the option seriously because technically, there is no difference between hair restoration in Istanbul and Tehran, because in both cities, the best equipment can be found.

As a result, this is mostly a matter of taste and if we want to say that Turkish clinics are better than Iran or vice versa, it will be a bit unfair. Both countries have made tremendous progress in the field of hair restoration that cannot be ignored.


source : ensafnews.com


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