Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr.Sohrabpoor (nose job in IRAN)

Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr.Sohrabpoor (nose job in IRAN)

A Rhinoplasty consultation with plastic surgeon "Dr.Sohrabpoor" about rhinoplasty or nose job , age limits and some tips about nose surgery in IRAN.

Introduction of Dr. Sohrabpoor

Hello doctor, please introduce yourself

I am Dr. Saeed Sohrabpoor, surgeon and specialist in ENT, head and neck surgery, faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. I have been doing cosmetic nose surgery or septorhinoplasty for about 8 years.

Do you only do rhinoplasty or do you have experience with other cosmetic surgeries?

I do rhinoplasty, I do chin prosthesis and I also do earlobe cosmetic surgery. I also have experiences in therapeutic surgeries such as salivary gland tumors of the thyroid and neck.

So are you familiar with all face and neck surgeries.

rhinoplasty age limit

Given that in this consultation session we want to talk about age limit and conditions of rhinoplasty. Please answer the question whether those who perform rhinoplasty at a young age, the result of the operation will change after a while and may return to the previous state? Please explain about the age conditions of rhinoplasty.

What is the youngest age for rhinoplasty?

In general, we face two age limitations on rhinoplasty:

  • Physiological limitations
  • Psychological limitations

Physiological limitations: The nose, and especially the nasal septum, like other organs of the body, grows up to the age of teens, and then this growth stops. What is said in references and academic books about this age is different for men and women. The age for stopping nasal growth is 13 and 14 years for women and 15 and 16 years for men. Within these ages, the growth of the nasal septum stops and will reach its maximum growth. And physiologically, rhinoplasty can be performed  one or two years later. But this is not the only factor!!

psychological limitations: After completing the physical development, with the counseling sessions that we do, we can check the mental and psychological condition of the applicant and find out whether he or she is ready for the operation or not? In most cases, the age limit for women is 17 years, and after this year, they reach this mental maturity suitable for surgery, and in the case of men, 18 to 19 ages, it is usually possible to have rhinoplasty.

Regarding the physiological growth of the nose, how can we know if the growth of the nose has stopped or not?

We usually understand this in two ways. The first method is to use previous studies and research in this field, and we know when it's almost time for men and women to stop growing physically. The second method, based on the pre-operative counseling sessions and the information we receive from the applicant about the person's height and physical growth in previous years, we can make our estimates more accurate and notice that the person's physical growth has stopped.

Please explain a bit about the applicant's mental maturity and how you noticed this maturity in the counseling session.

Given the approximate time of preoperative counseling sessions, which is about half an hour, and the conversations we have, we can almost realize this mental maturity.

For example, just because a person's other friends do rhinoplasty, and therefore the person has to do it, is not a logical reason for the operation.

On the other hand, when the client talks about his nose problems and talks about his reasonable expectations, then there are more logical reasons.

Or sometimes it happens that the client does this operation due to the pressure of others, which again is not the right reason for the rhinoplasty.

In some cases, we encounter clients who face obsessive-compulsive disorder or depression, and so-called manic patients.

All these facts and conversations help us to understand this mental maturity of a person and to conclude whether this person is a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty or not?

Please explain a bit more about the obsessive people you mentioned.

As you know, rhinoplasty is a relative procedure. That is, there is no absolute and constant value for the result, and the purpose of this action is to improve the current situation, or in other words, progress. This means that you have to go from a level of beauty to a higher level of beauty by solving the problems that can be solved.

In the case of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) people, as most people see, when they wash a dirty dish, they are still not satisfied after cleaning and start washing the dish again and again, and at the end, they are not satisfied.

The same problem exists in rhinoplasty. These people are usually not satisfied with the result of the operation under any circumstances and think that a better result can be achieved, which will not. Sometimes we see that these people do nose surgeries and reconstructive surgery for this reason, which in the end not only does not have a better result, but also has worse consequences.

The next question that arises for some people is what is the maximum age for rhinoplasty? And do people over 40 or 50 have rhinoplasty or not?

What is the oldest age for rhinoplasty?

I did not see anything in the references about the maximum age of rhinoplasty. But usually with age, there are three main problems.

Skin problem: With age, the skin loses its elasticity and collagen decreases and when we do rhinoplasty, this skin no longer stretches well on the structure of the nose and does not get a good shape.

Cartilage Problem: In the case of clients who have had surgery on an elderly person, about 62 years old, the cartilage no longer has that consistency and strength, and since the beauty and basic structure of the nose depends on these cartilages, the nose may have that shape. And do not take its ideal structure

Bone problems: As people get older, they often develop osteoporosis. When we have a woman who is over 54 years old, we do rhinoplasty and we want to collect the bone. It is very sensitive and fragile and we have to be very careful. If we encounter, the patient may have many problems and the so-called nasal bone collapse may occur.

So, I think until the end of 45 years, it is better for people to make their decision for nose surgery, because otherwise we may have to use the cartilage of the earlobe or ribs for the structure under the nose, in which case, these operations It has its own difficulties and complications

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Dr. Eskandarzadeh

This rhinoplasty consultation conducted by "tajrobeamal.com group" with plastic surgeon "Dr. Saeed Sohrabpoor" about Rhinoplasty in Iran ,age limit for rhinoplasty and some tips about cosmetic surgery in IRAN.

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