Care tips before and after double chin lift

Care tips before and after double chin lift

Perhaps, the phrase "double chin lift surgery" and its treatment is not pleasant for some people and causes fear in them. But fortunately, with the advancement of medical and beauty science, this problem can be treated easily and without surgery by visiting the best dermatologist. But along with these treatment methods, you can get much more effective results by following some tips.

Tips before and after double chin lift

  • Be sure to attend consultation sessions with doctor; In these sessions, doctor will examine you and suggest best double chin lift method according to your age, skin type, amount of sagging, and health status.
  • Stop taking food or blood thinners one week before double chin lift.
  • In case you have a special disease or allergy, be sure to inform your doctor.

It is also necessary to follow these points after double chin lift:

  • Avoid pressing or massaging lift area.
  • If doctor has prescribed a special medicine or cream for you, take it on time.
  • After lifting, use a cold compress. Repeat this every 2 hours for 2 days, placing cold compress on your neck for 20 minutes each time.
  • For three days after double chin lift, sleep in an open position and place your head higher than usual.
  • For two weeks after lift, avoid going to swimming pool, showering with hot and high-pressure water, and using sauna and hot tub.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen for two weeks after lift.
  • Avoid heavy sports activities for three weeks after lift.


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