Shedding after hair transplant

Shedding after hair transplant

Can you lose your hair again after a hair transplant?

Hair loss after hair transplant is one of the things that worries patients a lot and there are many questions about it. By reading this article, we will provide you with complete information about this issue.

Hair shedding after hair transplant

As it was said, after the hair transplant operation, you will face complications, which are completely normal and there is no need to worry about them, and all these complications will be resolved.

Hair loss after transplantation is one of the natural side effects of this surgery, which is completely normal.

Newly planted hairs will start growing from the beginning, the first day when the bandage is removed, and this growth, which is about 1-2 mm, will continue until about the 20th day.

How many months after hair transplant do you see results?

During the first month, almost all of the transplanted hairs that were damaged in the process of surgery will be lost.

• Up to 7 days after hair transplant, transplanted hair will grow temporarily

• From the first week to the fourth week, growth stops and the hair shafts begin to fall out

• 20 to 40 days after the hair transplant operation - with each of the different hair transplant methods - the transplanted hairs start to fall out on average from 80 to 100%. In the meantime, there may be exceptions so that only 40 to 60% of the transplanted hairs fall out and the rest of the hairs continue to grow without falling out.

• After this hair fall, hairs go to sleep for almost 3 months, and after the fourth month, the natural growth of planted hair begins.

• The transplanted hairs have reached their natural growth cycle after about 8-9 months. Your new hair is thicker than your other hair, which provides better coverage for thinning hair areas. In the meantime, the part you have removed hairs from will also recover and now you can cut or trim your hair.

• In the first year of hair transplantation, your hair may be slightly curled and twisted due to the wounds in the transplanted area, which will be resolved with full recovery. After this, your hair will look completely natural and you will be satisfied with your appearance after a long time.

How do I get the best results after hair transplant?

• The ideal age for hair transplant in men is over 30 years old. before the age of 30, the level of hormones in the body varies. For example, the amount of secretion of many hormones in a 24-year-old person is much different from a 27-year-old person, even though they are only 3 years apart. That's why we see many mental and physical changes in people during their youth. But after the age of 30, the level of hormones reaches a relative stability and we will rarely see sudden changes, and this issue reduces the chances of hair loss again.

• Take appropriate doses of vitamins, such as vitamin D, E, B5, B12 and biotin with the advice of your doctor from 2 months before transplantation and up to 6 months after that.

• After the period of recovery and hair growth, use hair strengthening solutions every year for a period of 3 months under the supervision of your doctor. Suitable solutions include: minoxidil 2%, Aminexil, solutions containing caffeine, arginine and ginseng root.

• Pay attention to your nutrition and avoid consuming saturated fats such as sauces, cream and fried foods. One of the factors involved in hair loss that is often not given enough attention is high cholesterol. Add olive oil, coconut and other useful oils to your diet. Also, eat fish 2 to 3 times per week or use omega 3 supplements. 2 to 3 omega 3 capsules per week provide the body's need for unsaturated fatty acids.

• Do not use gel, tuft and other conditioners and hair dryer as much as possible.

• While bathing, use lukewarm to cold water to wash your head and hair, warm water makes the skin stretch and open its pores and increases the chance of hair loss.

• Men should use shampoos containing caffeine such as Alpecin C1 and women should use shampoos containing natural mint extract, caffeine increases the life of hair roots and mint reduces skin stress and improves blood flow.

• If you have an itchy head, use shampoos containing aloe vera and avoid scratching your head.


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