Double chin HIFU therapy | Does work ?

Double chin HIFU therapy | Does work ?

One of the problems that manifests itself with increasing age or weight is double chin. double chin is usually caused by sagging skin or fat accumulation in neck area and overshadows face beauty. That's why people like to get rid of it in a safe way. HIFU therapy of double chin is the same effective and low-risk method that removes double chin in one or at least three sessions and restores beauty and youth to a person's face.

HIFU therapy is a relatively new method and many people do not know it properly. For this reason, they easily believe rumors about it and let fear and worry into their hearts. Rumors such as burns and wounds on skin after HIFU therapy, skin allergies, face and neck paralysis, the return of double chin in a worse condition than before, etc. are things that you should not believe. In this article, we are going to give you some information about double chin HIFU therapy, so that all your concerns about how to be treated with this method will be completely resolved.

what is double chin HIFU therapy?

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Therefore, it can be understood that in this method, using ultrasound waves, loose and fallen skins or local fats are destroyed. Before performing double chin HIFU therapy, the doctor carefully examines person to make sure that HIFU is the most suitable method for him. Also, during the examination process, doctor will determine the radiation points of waves and their intensity, as well as the number of required sessions.

On the day of operation, person must come to clinic with clean skin and no makeup. Before starting HIFU therapy, doctor cleans the skin of double chin and its surrounding areas completely, and then a special gel is poured on skin. This gel is same gel used in ultrasound. After that, the device is placed on person's neck and double chin and according to severity of sagging or thickness of subcutaneous fat, the intensity and amount of ultrasound waves are adjusted. These waves hit the target location exactly and will not cause any damage to surrounding areas.

Double chin HIFU therapy | Does work ?

How is HIFU therapy performed?

Each HIFU therapy session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes and does not require anesthesia, because it is a completely painless process. The doctor determines required number of sessions according to individual's condition. A person can return to work after performing HIFU therapy and will not need to rest. Therefore, there is no need to take time off from work or cancel other appointments. The results of double chin HIFU therapy can be seen between 4 and 12 weeks after operation. These results are stabilized during 6 to 9 months after performing HIFU therapy and return real beauty to the person's face.

In double chin HIFU therapy, high-intensity ultrasound waves heat the skin cells and collect them. As a result, if double chin is caused by sagging skin, it will disappear. In fact, in this method, heating of skin cells stimulates them and increases collagen production. As a result of the accumulation of collagens in neck and under chin, the skin is tightened and regains its elasticity.

Double chin HIFU therapy | Does work ?

In cases where double chin is caused by the accumulation of fat in neck and under chin, ultrasound waves should be irradiated to the fat cells. Heating these cells breaks them down and deactivates them. These cells must be removed from body in some way, liver and lymphatic system are responsible for removing deactivated fat cells. Therefore, the health of these two organs is very important in HIFU therapy.

Note that consumption of fatty foods, tobacco and caffeinated drinks interfere with their performance. For this reason, doctors recommend that you avoid using these substances before and for some time after performing HIFU therapy.

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