What if I get hit in the nose after rhinoplasty?

What If I Get Hit in the Nose After Rhinoplasty?

First of all, it should be said that injury happens to every person and there is no difference between people who have had their nose operated and those who have not, but the point is that people who have had a nose job are injured even with small hits.

These people should know how to react in case of any accident in order to quickly prevent further injuries and also reduce the severity of injuries as much as possible. It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible after the injury.

Symptoms of operated nose injury

After the operation, the nose becomes more sensitive than before, and its reaction to hits and everyday collisions also becomes more sensitive than before the operation, and it may even bleed.

What if I get hit in the nose after rhinoplasty?

  Again, it is necessary to mention that when you feel pain or see bleeding after an injury, you must see a doctor. Symptoms of nose damage include:

  • Inflammation of the external or internal surface between
  • Changing the external shape of the nose and its deviation
  • Internal or external bleeding
  • Darkening of the eyes, dimples, or bruises around the nose
  • Changes in respiratory conditions and causing disturbances in it
  • Make a sound when your hand touches your nose
  • Excessive formation of nasal mucus and its discharge

Solutions for dealing with operated nose injuries

If you see any of the signs of nose damage, you should provide a suitable solution.

What if I get hit in the nose after rhinoplasty?

These solutions are divided into 4 general categories, which you should do step by step and according to the damage.

Bleeding: If you see bleeding, keep calm at first and then go to stop the bleeding. For this purpose, sit first and avoid lying down or leaning apart. Put your head down in a normal position so that it is above your heart and lean forward a little so that the blood does not stay in your throat.

  Try to breathe through your mouth. Hold the soft part of the nose with your thumb and index finger until the bleeding stops. Note that after every 5 minutes, blow your nose for a few seconds and hold it again.

Pain: If you feel pain after the injury, go to the doctor's office first, but if it takes time and you have difficulty tolerating the pain, use OTC pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Take some rest and lie down and try to keep your nose higher than your heart, so that your head is upright or close to it.

Swelling: if your nose and around the nose are swollen, prepare an ice compress for yourself using several ice packs and a plastic; Place this compress on the swollen area and remove it after a few minutes. After a few minutes, put the compress on the swollen area again. Just be careful not to put pressure on your nose. Do this several times during the day.

Visit your doctor: If the symptoms are mild and you don't go to the doctor and you don't get anywhere with the above solutions, definitely go to the doctor and identify the problem by examining your nose and try to solve it.

What if I get hit in the nose after rhinoplasty?


All doctors tell their patients about warnings and necessary care after surgery. They often advise the patient that if the nasal bone is displaced during rhinoplasty, it will take a month for the displaced bone to regain 90% of its strength, and during this time should be careful. so as not to hit the nose and avoid doing any dangerous work.

If there is a blow to the operated nose, one of the most important points and things that you should pay attention to at this time is that you should first keep your cool and calmness and do not lose control, then the things that Do what was said in the article above and finally go to your nose surgeon to examine your nose and prevent any possible damage.

source : drbeiraghi.com


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