Back to Sports After Rhinoplasty | month by month

Back to Sports After Rhinoplasty | month by month

Usually, People who decide to get a rhinoplasty, want to change the shape of their noses. This surgery often is done to balance element of the face, get an unsightly bump removed or to repair obstructed airways. Nose job surgery is a major surgery and requires at least 2 weeks for rest and care.

But if you are one of the people who include exercise in your daily schedule, you need a plan for Back to Sports after rhinoplasty. In this article, we want to talk about the return to sports program month by month.

Schedule month to month exercise after rhinoplasty

One of the constant questions is when is exercise allowed after rhinoplasty? The answer to this question is different for each sport and each athlete.

Allowed sports in the first month

In the first month, you are not allowed to do any activities or sports. At this stage, you are only allowed to do light exercises such as walking at a slow pace. Under no circumstances should your blood pressure rise, as this will cause your nose to swell and change shape.

Allowed sports in the second month

Activity rate: 0 to 25%

If you've been a bodybuilder before, you can now follow your previous workouts with a 25% intensity. Pay attention to the following points when doing your exercise:

  • The number of repetitions and the weight of your weights should be only 25% of your previous workouts
  • Avoid bending over during exercise
  • You should not do aerobic exercise at this stage.
Back to Sports After Rhinoplasty | month by month

Allowed sports in the third month

Activity rate: 25 to 50%

Now you can increase the intensity of your workouts to 50%. During this month, if you do not want to hurt your body, the size of the weights and repetitions should be 50% of your previous exercises. Be sure to pay attention to the following points in the third month:

Running in the third month is not recommended at all.

Allowed sports in the fourth month

Activity rate: 50 to 75%

At this stage, the intensity of your exercises can reach 75%, and your weights and repetitions should finally have 75% of the intensity of the previous exercises.

Allowed sports in the fifth month

Activity rate: 75 to 100%

You can now move on to medium-weight weights and get your repetitions to pre-surgery. In the fifth month, yoga and bending are also allowed.

Important note: Remember that your exercise should be in line with the degree of swelling in your nose. Light exercise increases blood flow and improves nasal swelling in the first few months, but if you want to put too much pressure on yourself, you may have increased nasal swelling. Do not engage in contact or ball sports for at least the first six months.

Back to Sports After Rhinoplasty | month by month

Some important tips for activity and exercise after rhinoplasty

  • In the first month, forget about any exercise that requires bending. Movements such as crunching, bringing the hands to the feet, and lifting weights are dangerous activities that are definitely forbidden and not recommended at all.
  • Rest for at least two months after rhinoplasty and you should never lift more than 2 kg, which means that even if you are a mother or father, lifting and hugging your baby will damage your nose. Lifting heavy objects will put pressure on your body and delay the process of repairing your nose.
  • Limit sex too. In general, put aside things that take your breath away; So it is better to sleep alone for the first week to avoid possible events.

Concluding remarks

You have to be very careful to do exercise after rhinoplasty. Each person's situation is different; Therefore, it is better to ask your doctor about it. In this article, we talked about the time of exercise after rhinoplasty and the permitted and unauthorized works and sports after that.

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