What are the different types of Neck Lifts?

What are the different types of Neck Lifts?

Double chin lift can be done using non-surgical or surgical methods. Each of these methods is used for certain people, so doctor will examine you carefully before deciding on the method to be used. In non-surgical methods, doctor usually uses local anesthesia. But in surgical procedures, patient is completely unconscious. In the rest of this section, we give more detailed explanations about these methods.

Double chin lift with HIFU therapy

Double chin HIFU therapy is a relatively new method and there are many people who do not know about it properly, that's why they easily believe rumors about it and let fear and worry into their hearts. Rumors such as burns and wounds on skin after HIFU therapy, skin allergies, paralysis of face and neck, the return of double chin in a worse condition than before, etc. are things that you should not believe.

In double chin HIFU therapy, high-intensity ultrasound waves heat skin cells and collect them. As a result, if double chin is caused by sagging skin, it will disappear. In fact, in this method, heating of skin cells stimulates them and increases collagen production. As a result of collagens accumulation in neck and under chin, the skin is strengthened and regains its elasticity.

Double chin lift with suction

Nobody likes a big double chin! To get rid of double chin, you can use suction method, which can also be done under local anesthesia. With this method, the fats under skin are removed and appearance of neck, chin and jaw line is significantly improved. In this method, a small incision is made on skin and excess fat is suctioned with the help of a thin metal tube. In this surgical procedure, only local anesthetics are usually used to numb area. In many cases, skin contracts and tightens, resulting in a more defined jawline.

Double chin lift with laser

This method is also one of the non-invasive methods to remove double chin and define jaw line. In this method, fat and excess skin are removed using a laser, and your skin becomes smoother and firmer. Lift with laser can be considered as a good alternative to lift with surgery. In first stage of double chin lift, extra fat under skin is completely melted with a laser. In second stage, skin sagging is removed using ultrasound waves. This method can be considered one of most effective methods to rejuvenate skin and eliminate extra lines and wrinkles in double chin area.

Note that melted fats in first stage of laser are usually removed from body a few days after laser using drainage system. After excess fat is removed, ultrasonic waves stimulate skin's collagen production and cause skin sagging, which rejuvenates skin and over time, removes wrinkles. Double chin lift with laser only needs 30 minutes, moreover, this work does not require use of anesthetics. The results of this method can be seen immediately after lift, but more accurate results will be determined one week after laser.

The number of sessions needed to remove double chin with laser depends on doctor's decision. But for many people, this is done in 4 short sessions of 30 minutes. You do not need to rest after a laser double chin lift, so you can resume your daily activities immediately after procedure. Of course, it is better to avoid heavy activities for a while. The permanence of laser chin lift results is very long, and in some cases, by observing a proper diet and changing lifestyle, the results can be considered permanent.

Surgical double chin lift

A surgical double chin lift is usually performed under general anesthesia, but in some cases, doctor may prefer local anesthesia. In order to surgically lift double chin, incisions are made behind and in front of ear. Through these incisions, the muscles of neck, under chin and skin underlying tissues are pulled up so that chin is completely smoothed and wrinkles in this area are removed. The incisions made in surgical procedure are very delicate and narrow. The doctor tries to make these incisions in places that are less visible. Therefore, after the surgery, the marks of the sutures will not be visible on your face, and for some time after removing sutures are removed, their place can hardly be recognized.

Double chin lift surgery takes about two hours and does not require hospitalization after that. You just have to note that due to the effects of anesthetics, you cannot go home alone and you must have a companion. The recovery period of this method is very short and its results can be seen after three weeks. Usually, doctor will recommend you to use a medical collar for a few days to stabilize results and prevent pressure on double chin. Unlike the recovery period, the longevity of a surgical double chin lift is very long; if you go to a specialist and skilled doctor and follow doctor's instructions carefully, the results will last even for rest of your life.

Double chin lift with exercise

By using some facial exercises, it is possible to shrink double chin and remove it to some extent. To do this, close your mouth and pull lower lip upwards, do this until you feel tension well in your chin. To lift double chin with exercise, do this movement several times every day in three sets of 15 seconds. Note that these methods will usually work on younger people who have minor droop or very small double chin. Therefore, people with large double chin or severe sagging should consider using other methods.

Double chin lift with gel injection

Double chin is one of the problems that both men and women suffer from; the accumulation of fatty tissue under chin is the factor that causes double chin. In past, expensive surgical procedures were performed to remove double chin, but today, using new treatments such as Kybella gel injection, this problem can be easily solved. Kybella is a drug that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment and reduction of gout. The side effects of this treatment are very few and the rate of success and effectiveness is very high.

This medicine basically follows the natural rules of fat dissolution in body. The body produces a substance called Deoxycholic, which is responsible for destroying excess fat tissue in body. Deoxycholic acid targets membrane of fat cells, penetrates into fat cells and causes them to collapse. The way Kybella works is same, so its injection causes collapse of fat cells and reduces fat accumulated in the space under chin.

Double chin lift with thread

This method is one of the minimally invasive methods for double chin lift, which is performed in 30 to 45 minutes using local anesthesia. In this method, PDO threads are used, which are actually absorbable suture threads made of polyethylene acid. For this reason, it can be said that the shelf life of double chin lift with thread is between 1 to 2 years and even more.

To perform this method, the threads are inserted from the specified places using fine needles and groin area skin is stretched to required size. This causes production of collagen in skin to increase and skin regains its elasticity. As a result of this operation, sagging of double chin area will disappear and face will look younger, more attractive and even thinner.

Since the needles used in this method are very delicate, the wounds are only seen in the form of small openings, which are completely resolved a few days after operation. This method does not have a long recovery period and you can resume your daily light activities immediately after lift. In addition, these threads pass under skin and will not damage tissues or nerves of your face. Therefore, this method can be considered as one of the least risky methods for a double chin lift.

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