Double chin HIFU | Candidate, Cost

Double chin HIFU | Candidate, Side effect, Cost

Usually, doing HIFU therapy does not have any special restrictions and most people who have general health can use it. Note that double chin HIFU therapy is suitable for eliminating sagging and slight sagging, as well as mild and moderate levels of fat.

Therefore, in cases where a person has severe sagging of the neck skin or a lot of fat has accumulated under his chin, it is better to use other treatment methods such as laser or surgery.

Who is the right candidate for double chin HIFU?

Using of this method is recommended for people between 30 and 75 years old. People who intend to use HIFU therapy to eliminate their double chin, but do not fall under this age limit, should consult a specialist and skilled doctor. Also, the doctor will take tests from him to make sure that he is healthy.

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Doctors usually do not recommend HIFU therapy to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. People with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases and disorders of glands and lymphatic system should not use this method either. It is also recommended to wait about two weeks in case of Botox injection, fat injection or gel injection and then apply for HIFU therapy.

If a person has skin allergies, warts or active herpes in the neck or double chin area, he should wait until it is completely resolved.

Complications of HIFU therapy

Double chin HIFU therapy is one of the safest and least complicated methods to get rid of gout. If HIFU therapy is performed in a reputable clinic by a skilled and experienced doctor, its side effects are very minor and disappear completely after a short period of time. Usually, a person will witness redness, inflammation and slight burning in the skin after performing HIFU therapy. In most cases, HIFU side effects will disappear a few hours after the operation. But in some people, they may remain for a week. Itching on chin skin and its surrounding area is very rare. But if you feel itchy in this area, do not scratch your skin.

Some people may feel tingling, numbness or hot flushes in the neck and lower face area. This is completely normal and will be completely resolved after a few days. In rare cases, if the double chin HIFU therapy was performed in an invalid clinic or by a non-specialist, a person may feel pain in his chin or face, or the complications may remain for a long time. In this case, the person should refrain from self-administering any antibiotics or topical ointments and consult a specialist doctor immediately.

Longevity of double chin HIFU therapy

Double chin HIFU therapy is a method with lasting results. If a person modifies his lifestyle and diet after performing this procedure, the results will last even for the rest of his life. Although the results of double chin HIFU therapy show themselves later than other methods, their durability is very long. If a person keeps his weight stable after treatment with HIFU therapy and takes care of his skin against sunlight, environmental pollution and other damages by using skin care products, one time of HIFU therapy is enough for his whole life.

Of course, note that the effects of aging cannot be eliminated. In fact, increasing age of a person causes skin sagging in different areas of body, including neck and chin. However, if you perform double chin HIFU therapy and proper care, you can delay the appearance of signs of aging and prevent severe skin sagging in these areas at an older age.

What is the cost of double chin HIFU?

The costs of performing double chin HIFU therapy are different and depends on cities and clinics. Usually, the costs of performing this procedure are higher in big cities and reputable clinics. But in general, the cost of HIFU therapy is much lower than other methods such as surgical lift or laser. Determining the exact cost of HIFU therapy depends on severity of sagging, thickness of fat, the number of sessions required for examination and treatment, and doctor's salary.

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