Best age for hair transplant

Best age for hair transplant

Many young boys and girls are very sensitive about their hair and always like to diversify their face by styling their hair in different ways and attract attention of others. Now, if these people experience hair loss and low back and in some cases become bald, their self-confidence is greatly affected and they become worried.

For this reason, with the first signs of hair loss, they look for a solution to get rid of it as soon as possible, and usually first option that comes to their mind is hair transplant.

The main reason for hair loss at a young age is genetics. People whose fathers, brothers, uncles or cousins ​​lost their hair at a young age are likely to be more prone to this problem than anyone else. But this is not only reason.

In today's world, the stress of life and work is very high for young people, and for this reason, their health is affected by this factor, and they lose their hair in first place. In addition to this, some diseases, chemotherapy, use of certain drugs, hormonal agents, and wound or burn in a part of head are other reasons that can cause hair loss at a young age.

From what age can you think about hair transplantation?

As we said, most people think of hair transplant as the first option when they lose their hair at a young age. This method is one of most effective ways to remove baldness and treat hair loss and has permanent results. This is the reason why people prefer to go for something that they are almost sure will work instead of spending money on solutions that may not have much effect.

But the problem is that many doctors believe that hair transplantation has an age limit and not everyone can use it and achieve their desired results. In this article, we explain more about the age limit for hair transplantation and its reasons.

In general, there are two main factors in determining appropriate age for hair transplantation:

  • Gender
  • Cause of hair loss

In case of women, there is often no age limit for hair transplants and they can have thicker and more attractive hair at any age by using female hair transplants. Of course, our advice is that women start transplanting after age of 18 so that the hormonal changes of adolescence do not affect transplanted hair and they can achieve their desired results.

Best age for hair transplant

Of course, this does not mean that all women over age of 18 are a suitable option for hair transplantation; rather, they should be examined by a specialist doctor to ensure that implantation can be used to solve the problem of hair loss in them.

There is no age limit for people who have lost all or part of their hair due to injury or burns. If these people do not have hair loss in other parts and only intend to cover hairless area, they can take action at any age to have thick and attractive hair and to hide wound and burn area.

The appropriate age for hair transplant is more important in men. For men who suffer from genetic male pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia, the age limit is over 27 years.

Men who have experienced hair loss in their teenage years or before age of 27, should wait until condition of hair loss is fixed and a specific pattern is established, and then proceed to hair transplantation. In next section, we will explain reasons for this in more detail.

Best age for hair transplant

Why is it not possible to transplant hair at younger ages?

The impossibility of hair transplantation at ages younger than 27 years, has two main reasons. The first reason is impossibility of hair donor area situation, and the second reason is related to high probability of widespread baldness at older ages. We will explain these reasons further in this section.

Prediction of hair transplant status

In natural hair transplant methods, the donor area or donor area is very important, and a person must have a reliable donor area so that doctor can use it to transplant new hair. In most people, the areas behind head and sides are chosen as donor areas.

The hairs in these areas must be resistant to effects of androgenic hormones so that they can be implanted as hairs that never fall out. These hormones are actually the same male hormones that increase in body of men and women can lead to thinning and eventually hair loss.

Best age for hair transplant

The prerequisite for predicting the state of donor area and ensuring that implanted grafts are resistant to hormones and do not shed is that the pattern of hair loss is determined. At age of less than 27 years, it is very difficult to diagnose this issue, and considering that pattern of hair loss is not yet established and hair loss is continuous, it is impossible to predict what will happen to donor area in future.

At older ages, hair loss is stabilized and future of donor area hair is predictable to a large extent. For this reason, the doctor will not worry about loss of hair in donor area and identification of wounds and effects of hair transplantation. In fact, if hair transplantation is done at a young age, there will be a possibility of donor area hair loss and even a person may experience complete baldness at an older age. In this way, his head has small and large scars from different hair transplant methods and it looks very bad.

The possibility of widespread baldness

Most people who experience hair loss at a very young age will experience widespread baldness and even total baldness when they are older and will lose a large part of their head hair. Due to this issue, problem of determining the implantation wounds will show itself again.

Another issue that exists is that young people are often not satisfied with relative density of hair loss area and tend to have very high density of their hair. In fact, they look for high density hair transplant methods. For this reason, the doctor has to remove a large amount of graft from donor area, which is not suitable for a person with continuous hair loss.

It is very likely that continued hair loss in this person will cause loss of the implanted hair, and even if these hairs remain in place, the person's natural hair will be lost little by little, and person must shave all hair to make his head uniform. This is where not-so-pleasant hair transplant scars will show and have a negative impact on a person's appearance.

This problem will not exist in older people. They often do not require a lot of density in bald area, and even with a limited donor area, these people can achieve their desired results. This makes these people look a few years younger and that is why they are very satisfied with results of hair transplant and recommend it to others.

What is the best age for hair transplant?

According to mentioned reasons, expert doctors consider the best age for hair transplantation in youth to be around 27 years old and believe that the closer this time is to 30 years old, the better and person will achieve desired results. Of course, in these cases, it is necessary for doctor to examine patient thoroughly to make sure that the hair loss has reached a specific pattern and that the person can get rid of baldness and hair loss forever by using different methods of hair transplantation.

Note that in some cases where hair loss at a young age has had a lot of negative effects on a person's mood and has caused a severe decrease in self-confidence and even depression, the doctor may consent to hair transplantation at a young age. Also, if the young person insists on hair transplantation knowing all these issues, there will be a possibility of hair transplantation for him. Of course, in both of these cases, the clinic takes a written commitment from young applicants, and the person will take responsibility for all the consequences of hair transplant at a young age that were explained to him.

An alternative solution to hair transplantation at a young age

Doctors often advise young clients to go for alternative treatments such as hair mesotherapy or hair microneedling or drugs such as minoxidil or finasteride instead of using invasive methods such as hair transplantation. Drug treatments help to reduce the hair loss process and in most cases, they will also cause hair to grow back.

These methods are an effective and low-complication method for young people and can have a great impact on increasing their self-confidence. Note that these drugs are often sold without a prescription in pharmacies; but it is better to consult a specialist doctor before starting to use it.

Is hair transplant a good solution for re-growing hair in place of injury or burn?

As we mentioned earlier, people who have lost all or part of their head hair due to injury or burns can apply for hair transplantation in these areas without age restrictions. In these people, the problem caused loss of hair grafts, and for this reason, the hair can be returned to this place by re-inserting grafts in place of injury and burn.

The thing about these people is that they should not have hair loss in other parts of head. In fact, if hair in other areas has fallen out for any reason and is thinning, the restrictions we mentioned in previous sections will be considered for him; But if there is no such problem and person has a suitable hair donor area for hair transplantation, doctors will cover injury and burn area completely and with appropriate density by using new methods of hair transplantation, and the person's concerns in this regard will disappear completely.

Best age for hair transplant

Hair transplant experience

The main issue for expert doctors to oppose hair transplantation at a young age is unpredictability of hair loss and high probability of low, medium and extensive baldness. At older ages, all these problems can be treated using hair transplantation, but method of implantation, the amount of density and selection of transplant area are different in each case.

At a young age, no area can be reliably selected as a harvest site, and the possibility that a person will not have uniform hair in the future and will have to shave all the hair will be very high. Of course, note that this issue is only limited to men and women can apply for hair transplant at any age.

In any case, hair loss for any reason and at any age, it is important that you treat it in a reputable clinic. The expertise and skill of doctors in choosing area of ​​donation, harvest and implantation of hair grafts is very important and strongly affects the results of hair transplantation.

How much does hair transplant cost?

The cost of hair transplant depends on various factors and it is not possible to give an exact price. Factors influencing the price of hair transplant are:

  • The chosen method for hair transplantation
  • The amount of hair loss and number of grafts needed to cover bald areas
  • The level of experience of medical team
  • Equipment and tools used in hair transplantation

The more hair loss you have, the more grafts you need to cover bald areas. This number of grafts will cost more. Also, different methods of hair transplantation have different prices, because different tools and different costs are used in each method.

The experienced medical team will definitely charge more for doing work from clinic, which will be effective in final cost of hair transplant. With these interpretations, the cost of hair transplantation can be determined according to following table:

# Hair transplant method, cost in Iran at 2022

Hair Transplant methodPrice in Iran
FUE hair transplantbetween 500 and 600$
SFUE and SFUE plus hair transplantbetween 1000 and 1500$
MICRO FUE hair transplantbetween 600 and 750$
Micrograft hair transplantbetween 600 and 750$
combined and super combinationbetween 500 and 650$
SUT hair transplantbetween 500 and 650$
DHI hair transplantbetween 750 and 1000$
Sapphire FUE hair transplantbetween 2500 and 3250$
ARTAS hair transplantbetween 15000 and 17500$

What might happen if we do hair transplant at age of less than 25 years?

Hair transplantation will not give you desired result when the hair loss has not stopped, even with re-loss of hair around transplanted hair, or hair loss in areas behind transplanted areas, it will ruin all your efforts to beautify face.

Does the age limit change for different hair transplant methods?

No, it doesn't matter what hair transplant method is used. The important issue is determining age at which your active hair loss stops.


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