Double chin HIFU therapy side effects

Double chin HIFU therapy side effects

Rumors you should not believe

We usually see strange rumors in the skin and hair health field in cyberspace. double chin HIFU therapy is no exception to this rule. For this reason, we have investigated rumors in this area:

Can double chin HIFU therapy damage muscles?

Ultrasound waves are one of the safest waves for human body. For this reason, they are used to diagnose health status of fetus. The use of these waves in HIFU therapy also makes it a safe and secure method. Ultrasound waves will not have any effect on facial muscles. In fact, during double chin HIFU therapy process, doctor only targets the damaged layers of skin or fats, and these waves do not reach facial muscles at all. As a result, performing HIFU therapy in reputable clinics will not only change the condition of facial muscles, but will also make it more beautiful and attractive.

Can double chin HIFU therapy cause scarring forever?

No wounds are created in double chin HIFU therapy process. So, there is no need to worry about scar or its removal. In this method, no cut is made on surface of skin and device moves easily and smoothly on skin. Therefore, it is not possible to injure skin due to the movement of device.

Can double chin HIFU therapy cause burns?

Since high-intensity ultrasound waves heat lower layers of skin and stimulate cells, it may seem that this heat is also effective on skin surface and burns it. If you have seen the video of double chin HIFU therapy, you will notice that after doing it, there is no change in surface of skin and only a little redness and inflammation can be seen. In process of treating double chin with HIFU therapy, ultrasound waves pass through surface layers of skin and emit heat after reaching the deeper layers. As a result, there will be no damage to skin surface and no burn marks will be created.

Tips for before and after double chin HIFU

  • Talk to your doctor about your expectations and ask your questions.
  • If you have already injected Botox, filler or fat, inform the doctor.
  • Inform your doctor if you are suffering from a certain disease or taking medication.
  • Take a bath and clean your skin the day before HIFU therapy.
  • Avoid eating fatty and salty foods.
  • Avoid scratching or massaging the skin under chin.
  • Include plenty of water and fruit juice in your diet.
  • Do not go to swimming pool, sauna or jacuzzi for a few days after operation.
  • After the procedure, keep your skin clean and avoid being in too hot or too cold environments as much as possible.

Frequently asked questions

What is the right age for double chin HIFU therapy?

Doctors recommend the use of HIFU therapy method to get rid of double chin to people between 30 and 75 years old. Of course, provided that severity of skin sagging in them is not too severe and person is not overweight. People under 30 years old and over 75 years old can use this method after consulting a doctor.

What is the main cause of double chin?

  • The main reason for double chin, especially in younger people, is weight gain, usually in these people, the accumulation of fat in neck and under chin causes double chin.
  • In addition, weight loss can also be one of the causes of double chin. Because due to weight loss, the skin becomes loose and droopy and can lead to double chin.
  • Aging and decreasing skin collagen are another reason for double chin. At older ages, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness and becomes loose and droopy.
  • In some cases, family inheritance is the reason for presence of double chin in people.
  • Placing head and neck in an improper position for a long time can weaken the neck and chin muscles and cause double chin.

Is it possible to get rid of hereditary Double chin using HIFU therapy?

Usually, if person's double chin is not too big and thickness of subcutaneous fat is not too high, HIFU therapy can be used to remove double chin. But in cases where double chin is inherited, doctor will do a more detailed examination to make sure that HIFU therapy can eliminate double chin or at least make it smaller.

How to find a reliable clinic for double chin HIFU therapy?

One of the best ways to find a reputable clinic is to research people who have tried double chin HIFU therapy before. In addition to that, searching on Internet and checking opinions of users on sites of different clinics are also other ways to find a reputable clinic.


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