Before rhinoplasty tips

Before rhinoplasty tips

Although rhinoplasty has its own complications and care should be taken after it, care before rhinoplasty is one of the most important things that a person should know before undergoing rhinoplasty.

A person who performs nose surgery may not be aware of the importance of the tips before nose surgery, which will affect the result of his surgery.

Things to do before rhinoplasty

Nasal decongestants: Nasal decongestants can cause bleeding. Cinex, Draxin and Otrivin are some of the most dangerous preoperative drugs, but there is nothing wrong with taking drugs such as Nazonex and Rhinocort. Anti-asthma medications are also allowed.

Smoking and its interaction with many drugs: Smoking is very dangerous for nasal surgery. Smoking reduces blood flow and thus disrupts the healing process and increases the risk of infection. Smoking can lead to nasal ulcers and the need for reoperation.

Smoking can also affect the use of some medications. For example, taking birth control pills before rhinoplasty is not a problem in itself, but if it is associated with smoking, it can cause blood clots in the person and the passage of these clots through the lungs can lead to death.

Another problem with smoking is that it leads to coughing, which can cause bleeding after rhinoplasty, which affects the outcome of the surgery.

Alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption up to 48 hours before surgery can affect the amount of medication a surgeon needs for anesthesia. Therefore, it is better to avoid it.

Accutane and steroids: Other drugs that should be stopped before rhinoplasty are Accutane and steroids. Accutane is a drug used to treat severe acne and skin problems. Steroids are also used to reduce inflammation and treat certain diseases, and in bodybuilding to build muscle. Both of these drugs delay postoperative recovery and therefore should be discontinued before surgery. In particular, make sure you stop taking Accutane six months before surgery.

Prednisone Anti-Inflammatory Drug: Another drug that should be considered is prednisone. This drug has anti-inflammatory properties and suppresses the effect of the immune system. You should consult your doctor about taking this medicine because whether or not to continue taking it before surgery depends on the dose.

Conclusions about taking medicine before rhinoplasty

Remember that rhinoplasty is an elective and voluntary surgery. You want the best results so you need the best conditions. As a result, you need to follow tips such as taking medication before rhinoplasty. Special care should be taken when controlling the use of medications because their side effects can severely affect your health.

The very important point is that all these materials are based on the experiences of different doctors and are not the same for every patient. In case of medication before surgery, be sure to consult your surgeon and help to eliminate the risk of any problems and drug interactions.

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