Can a dorsal hump coming back after rhinoplasty ?

Can a dorsal hump coming back after rhinoplasty ?

After rhinoplasty, there is a possibility of recurrence of nasal hump and it cannot be said that it is not going to return for hundred percent. but Can a dorsal hump coming back after rhinoplasty ?

Sometimes the small bump seen after rhinoplasty is caused by osteotomy surgery. Osteotomy is a type of surgery in which the bone of a part of the patient's body is cut with a special tool and under the control of the surgeon. But do not worry because in this type of operation, the presence of a very small hump on the nose in the early recovery period is quite normal (It is better not to judge the outcome of the surgery early in the recovery period and let the healing process complete) And it disappears over time. In some cases, massaging the dorsal hump after surgery can be helpful. But be sure to consult your doctor before doing this.

There are different types of dorsal hump that can only be diagnosed by a doctor. dorsal hump can be severe, mild, latent or fake. The treatment offered will vary depending on the type of nasal hump, but usually the most recommended treatment for this complication is rhinoplasty.

Can a dorsal hump coming back after rhinoplasty ?

Recurrence of dorsal hump after rhinoplasty

Recurrence of dorsal hump after surgery is one of the apparent and unpredictable complications of rhinoplasty. Among 5 to 10 percent of patients who have had their dorsal hump operated on, swelling and scar tissue can cause the hump to recur. This hump is very small compared to the primitive hump and you should not be worried about. Patients who consider it as a significant issue can cure it with the methods that we will explain in the following.

In most cases, this bump is simply caused by calluses on the nose or swelling in the bony part of the nose and after a while it goes away on its own. Especially in fleshy noses, due to the greater thickness of the skin, the recovery time of the swelling after surgery will be longer, giving the patient the impression that the dorsal hump has returned after cosmetic surgery.

Factors of recurrence of dorsal hump after rhinoplasty

There are several factors involved in the recurrence of dorsal hump after cosmetic surgery, some of which are mentioned here:

Rhinoplasty at an early age

 At early ages and until the end of adolescence, the nose is still growing, and after rhinoplasty, the it has some changes during the growing stages which may cause it to deform. However, in some adolescents, the nose does not grow after surgery and there is no change in the outcome of the surgery.

Many surgeons do not perform rhinoplasty for younger patients.

Unforeseen factors

The result of rhinoplasty should be permanent and irreversible, but at the same time there is no guarantee for it not to relapse. This relapse may be due to structural problems or factors such as illness or injury due to surgical complications.

Can a dorsal hump coming back after rhinoplasty ?

Can a surgeon prevent recurrence of dorsal hump after rhinoplasty?

The return of a dorsal hump after surgery is beyond the surgeon's control. This means that nothing can be done to prevent this complication during surgery. If the surgeon talks to you before the operation about the possibility of this problem, if it happens, you will not be surprised and you will make a conscious decision about the surgery.

Is The returning dorsal hump made up of bone?

The initial bump on the nose might be part of the normal postoperative complications. The nasal bone is stimulated when the hump on the nose is scrapped during the surgery. This is just like breaking a bone in the body. When a broken bone wants to heal, a callus forms first. In this case, the dorsal hump which appears after operation is not made up of bone and becomes smaller and smaller over a few months, until it is completely gone and the bone is smooth.

Can a dorsal hump coming back after rhinoplasty ?

After rhinoplasty, only 5 to 10 percent of cases of recurrent dorsal humps will remain. In other cases, the hump can be removed by taping on the nose and massaging it.

Sometimes the nasal bones also form a bump, which can be the result of insufficient bone removal, a slight fall of the connective cartilage after surgery, or the growth of the nasal bone after surgery. In this case, the bump of the nose can be removed by cutting the bone or removing the cartilage sticking out from the nasal bridge in a revision rhinoplasty.

How to treat dorsal hump after rhinoplasty

dorsal hump after cosmetic surgery is less than its primitive amount. Usually over time and with a nasal massage, the dorsal hump disappears after cosmetic surgery. However, if after 6 months there is still a bump on the nose, it can be removed by various surgical and non-surgical methods. In the following, we will explain some methods to remove dorsal hump after surgery.

Ways to treat dorsal hump after rhinoplasty

Can a dorsal hump coming back after rhinoplasty ?

Using Tape: In most cases after rhinoplasty, the use of tape on the nose accelerates the healing process of complications such as swelling and causes disappearing of dorsal hump after surgery.

Massage: Massage is also effective in relieving swelling as well as removing calluses. However, it is important to consult your doctor about how to do this.

Nose Lift with Thread: In nose lift with thread (non-surgical) method, using absorbable threads, the tip of the nose or nose fins are pulled from the inside, and thus the falling of the tip of the nose or the bony shape of the nose can be covered. Nose lift with thread is a non-invasive operation and its effect will last for about 6 months.

Gel or Fat Injection: In this method, gel or fat is injected around the bump of the nose to remove the dorsal hump. This method is also temporary; Gel injection effect lasts for 6 months and fat injection effect lasts for 2 years. This method is also non-surgical and non-invasive.

Nasal Scraping or Rasping: Nasal scraping or rasping is a procedure performed without anesthesia. In rasping, a scratch is made on the hump and the dorsal hump is removed with a nasal scraper. This is a permanent procedure, but because it is an invasive operation, it can have side effects.

Revision Rhinoplasty: Revision rhinoplasty is a permanent procedure performed under anesthesia. This method is more expensive than previous methods and will also require more care. After this operation, it is normal to create a slight bump on the nose during recovery period. In general, after Revision rhinoplasty, it is very unlikely that we will experience a recurrence of dorsal hump again.

Revision rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure and requires a surgeon with special skills and ability in rhinoplasty; Because in this surgery, the doctor will deal with a weakened nasal structure. The patient should also be aware that this operation may leave surgical wounds.

If the dorsal hump returns after cosmetic surgery, it is recommended that you wait 6 to 12 months after the initial surgery before deciding on revision rhinoplasty.

FAQ about Dorsal hump after rhinoplasty

Can a hump return after rhinoplasty?

Can a dorsal hump coming back after rhinoplasty ?

One of the unpredictable complications of rhinoplasty is the return of dorsal hump, which occurs only in 5 to 10 percent of cases. Of course, the resulting dorsal hump is very small and in the worst cases it can be removed with revision surgery.

Does the surgeon have an effect on the return of the dorsal hump?

Recurrence of dorsal hump after surgery is beyond the surgeon's control and the doctor can do nothing to prevent this complication.

Can dorsal hump be removed using Laser beams?

Many people think that laser can be effective on removing dorsal hump; But laser has no place in rhinoplasty. Laser cannot change the tissue of the nose.


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