How should I sleep after nose job?

How should I sleep after nose job?

How to sleep after rhinoplasty is an important issue. The most important factor that makes the best results from rhinoplasty is learning how to sleep properly after rhinoplasty.

Rest and relaxation after surgery helps the patient recover faster; Because during sleep, and especially deep sleep, the hormones that are secreted in the body cause the healing process to be done faster and with better quality.

But the problem is that sleeping after nose job is not so easy. because the nose becomes very sensitive, so you should be very careful not to hit your nose during your sleep.

Sleep up (open arch)

How should I sleep after nose job?

The most important step that is recommended to reduce the risks after rhinoplasty is to sleep on your back or so-called open abdomen in the days after the operation. In this position, your head needs to be at a 45-degree angle above your body. Putting a few soft pillows on top of each other helps a lot in this position.

Also, keeping the head higher than the body minimizes the effect of gravity and greatly reduces postoperative nasal swelling. It is also necessary to put extra pillows on your sides to prevent rolling to the sides. Placing a pillow under the knee also reduces back pain.

The purpose of sleeping on your back is to keep your nose out of the way, so if lying on your side after a nose job does not hurt your nose, there is no problem.

Use ice packs before going to bed

Applying ice packs in the days after the operation will make the healing process happen faster. Ice packs are great for both reducing pain and eliminating bruising and swelling, and you will probably be advised to use an ice pack periodically until 72 hours after surgery. Be sure to include compresses in your schedule, especially at bedtime.

How should I sleep after nose job?

Sleep alone or at a distance from others

In the few weeks after surgery, it is essential to prevent trauma to your nose. That's why it's important to sleep alone as much as possible. If someone is going to take care of you, this person should sleep at a distance from you so that sudden movements at night do not cause a sudden blow to the nose.

Do not consume caffeine

How should I sleep after nose job?

Insomnia after rhinoplasty is normal. Now, if caffeine is used before going to bed, this insomnia will show itself more severely. Stop caffeine in the days after surgery or avoid caffeine a few hours before bedtime.

Do not sleep on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach in the days after surgery is very dangerous and increases the chance of putting pressure on the nose and destroying the cartilage that is regenerating. Therefore, do not sleep on your stomach under any circumstances until partial recovery after rhinoplasty.

How should I sleep after nose job?

The last word

How to sleep after rhinoplasty is very crucial; Because of the cartilaginous shape of the nose, it is very prone to the effects of gravity and other pressures that enter it. Proper position after rhinoplasty for sleeping has a condition that taking it seriously will get the best results from the operation. It also minimizes the risk of postoperative complications.

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