What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

Nowadays, Rhinoplasty to have a beautiful and attractive face has become popular among many people regardless of their age and gender. But having surgery has many side effects and risks and may not lead you to the desired result in the end.

For this reason, in this article, we want to introduce you to a way that can replace rhinoplasty in many cases.

Nose gel injection is a  non surgical nose job and Painless way to make your nose more beautiful, which in this article we want to discuss about nose filler side effects in more detail.

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

How to inject nose filler?

A filler is used in the gel injection process; This filler can be different types of gels. But hyaluronic acid is commonly used for this purpose. Injecting a variety of fillers into the nose can in many cases replace unnecessary surgery and get you the desired result.

To do this, the nose will first be anesthetized using some anesthetic ointments or injections of drugs such as lidocaine. A suitable amount of filler will then be injected under the skin of the nose using a very fine needle. These fillers are usually hyaluronic acid.

Subcutaneous injection is not performed in one step; Instead, the doctor or specialist injecting the gel into the nose should identify the required areas and inject several times into and out of the tissue. After this process is completed, the doctor massages the nose to achieve a natural shape to look good.

Who can inject nose filler?

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

Anyone who has a natural nose or has had nose surgery can use the nose fillers method to correct appearance defects. Therefore, the following candidates are eligible for nose gel injections:

  • People who have small bumps on the nose and want to remove them.
  • People who have dimples, bumps or dents on the nose.
  • People whose noses look asymmetrical.
  • People who have a flat nose and want to build a bridge or ridge on their nose.
  • People who have droopy nose tip and want to lift or lift this area.

In what cases "nose filler treatment" can be used?

As we have said, nose filler can be a substitute for nose surgery in most cases; But this is not true in all cases. That's why when you go to a clinic to inject gel into your nose; You need to explain exactly your situation and tell the expert what change you expect. Then you will find out if this can be a good solution to your problem or not?

Some of the problems that can be solved by injecting gel into the nose:

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects
  • Fix the problem of nasal deviation,
  • Restructuring in small noses,
  • Correction of appearance and smoothing of hook-shaped noses,
  • Correction of mild nose hump,
  • Correction of mild droopy nose,
  • Correction of the nose after rhinoplasty,
  • Correction of the tip of the nose after surgery,
  • Correction of upturned Nose.
  • Correction of depressions or protrusions in the blade area,
  • Correction of the appearance of wide noses that have a flat appearance.

If your problem is with the fat nose blade and bone; You can not use the gel injection to remove it and you will need surgery.

How long does filler injection Session take?

One of the biggest advantages of injecting gel into the nose or Nose lift without surgery is the short time required to do it. Sessions for gel injections; They usually take less than an hour. So you can reach your desired shape in the nose area in 30 to 40 minutes.

The important point here is that depending on your doctor's diagnosis, you may need to renew the gel at regular intervals. Therefore, at the beginning of the work, you should get a schedule from your doctor so that you can use it to see the extension at the appointed time.

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

How long do nose fillers last?

Most fillers used to inject gel into the nose; They are temporary. In other words, the advice of many doctors and specialists is that you should never use permanent options; Because these methods will have many side effects.

Nose fillers are absorbed or dissolved by the body over time; For this reason, the shelf life of nasal gel injection results varies from about 3 months to 2 years. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the result of this injection; You can remove the gel from the nose and use the nose lift method with reverse gel.

You can also wait until the gels are absorbed by the body and then go to reputable clinics to extend the gel injection. The temporary nature of the gel injection in the nasal area is one of the reasons for using hyaluronic acid in this method. Because, if necessary, this gel can be dissolved using hyaluronidase and the effects caused by the gel can be eliminated.

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

What are advantages of Nose Filler Treatment?

Nose Filler Treatment is a great suggestion for people who are hesitant to have surgery or who may not have surgery for financial or physical reasons. There are 5 Beautiful Benefits of Nose Filler Treatment, which we will mention below:

Obtain instant and semi-permanent results

One of the biggest advantages of nose filler is that you can see the result immediately after doing so. Although this is not the end result; However, changes are visible in your face.

In addition, the results obtained from gel injections have a long shelf life and can be easily repaired or changed if needed. As a result, if you are concerned about the complications of surgery, its complications, bleeding, and the cost of rhinoplasty; Injecting gel into the nose can give you the same result.

If you have problems such as nose polyps; You can't get rid of them with gel injections. You will need surgery to do this.

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

Pay less in nose filler

Rhinoplasty is a very expensive procedure considering the cost of pre- and post-examination. Although the amount of money you have to pay for this will vary depending on the doctor and the hospital, it still costs a lot. However, injecting gel into the nose is much cheaper.

Short recovery period

You can take a break from work after a day or even take an hour off from work; See your doctor for a nose gel injection. Because doing this does not require a recovery period and you can return to work immediately after the session and injection.

One of the biggest advantages non-surgical nose lift is that there will be no bruising after the injection around the nose and under the eyes and there is no need to bandage it. Of course, it is normal to have a small amount of pain and swelling after the injection, which will not interfere with your daily activities.

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

Non-invasive procedure

Another great advantage of injecting nose fillers is that they are non-invasive; From this point of view, it can be said that gel injection is 100% far from being invasive. Because this is done only by injecting a few very thin needles and does not require general anesthesia.

So, if you are a person who should not be under general anesthesia because of your physical condition; You can use nose filler treatment to improve the appearance of your nose.

No scars or stitches on the nose

One of the main problems of people who have rhinoplasty; Sutures remain around the nostrils and below it, which in some cases may become red or inflamed. This can greatly affect a person's beauty. Injecting the gel into the nasal area will not cause such a complication; Because the needles used for this work are very thin and leave no scarring.

What are Nose filler side effects?

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

The nose filler side effects of nose filler are very small and in this respect are not comparable to rhinoplasty at all. After the injection, there may be a very slight nose swelling in this area or a very small amount of bruising and redness. These side effects are completely temporary and will go away in a day or two.

In addition, the pain caused by the gel injection in the nasal area; It is very small and will not cause much discomfort. This pain is completely relieved with the use of local anesthetics or creams.

It is normal to feel a tightness or bulge on the nose for up to 2 weeks; But if you feel the gels have accumulated in one area, do not massage it or press on it. To solve this problem, you should go to your doctor to get rid of this problem gradually and slowly with massage.

Of course, you should note that the lack of these side effects depends on going to a reputable clinic; Because the doctor's skill will be very effective both as a result of the work and the side effects caused by it.

One of the very rare side effects of nasal gel injections; It blocks blood vessels and stops blood flow in them. This complication occurs when the doctor does not have enough skills to inject; As a result, the filler will enter the artery directly or put pressure on it. Both of these issues can be prevented by visiting a reputable clinic.

Who should not use nose filler?

Although injecting gel into the nose is a completely non-invasive procedure; But doing so is not recommended for some people. These people are:

  • Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers
  • People under 18 years old
  • People with autoimmune diseases or diabetes.
  • People who intend to have cosmetic procedures such as laser for a week after the injection.
What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

Do’s And Don’ts Before + After Your Filler Treatment

What To Do Before Nose Fillers And Injections?

One of the most important recommendations given to people for injecting gel, that is, should not smoke or drink alcohol for a week before doing so. In addition, blood thinners such as vitamins E, C, aspirin and ibuprofen are prohibited; Because it will cause bruising.

Another important point is that when injecting the gel, your skin should be completely clean and should not apply makeup on face.

What To Do After Nose Fillers and Injections ?

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

After injecting the gel, you should avoid strenuous physical activity for up to 2 weeks; Because these activities can increase blood flow and cause redness or even bleeding.

Do not go to the pool, sauna or hot tub until the redness and swelling are completely gone after the injection.

Use fresh pineapple; Because this fruit is rich in beneficial substances such as arnica and bromelain that can accelerate the healing of gel injections into the nose.

Use a cold compress for the first six hours after the injection to minimize bruising.

Use cephalexin capsules up to 72 hours after injection and as recommended by your doctor.

Avoid makeup after the injection, but do not forget the sunscreen.

Avoid putting any pressure on your nose for a week.

How much does nose filler cost?

The cost of nasal gel injection varies depending on the brand of gel used. The cost of injections in Iranian clinics is about $ 100 to $ 150 per cc.

What is nose filler? | candidate, costs and side effects

source : whcl.ir


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