What is Alarplasty? | candidates, procedure and cost

What is Alarplasty? | candidates, procedure and cost

In past, there was only one traditional procedure for nose surgery that anyone with any expectations of their surgery had to do. But fortunately, today, new nose surgery techniques have been invented that anyone can choose their surgery method based on their expectations.

The procedure that is going to be reviewed in this article is Alarplasty surgery. This surgical method is more suitable for people who have wide and open nostrils. In fact, in this method, doctors make nose look narrower by removing a very small part of alar.


What is alarplasty surgery?

Alarplasty is a type of surgery in which surgeon removes the excess skin and tissues from nostrils through small incisions in crevice where nostril meets cheek. This type of nose surgery is more popular among people with fleshy noses. Because the parts around nostrils that make nose look wide are easily modified in a special way and nose looks narrower.

Alarplasty surgery is a subset of rhinoplasty surgery and help to get a better result from nose surgery by combining these methods.

What is Alarplasty? | candidates, procedure and cost

cutting technique types in Alarplasty

There are many different ways to shrink nostrils. Next, we examine 3 techniques that are very common:

Wedge cutting technique

 In this method, incisions are made to remove corners of alar or curved and meaty part of lower nose that is attached to cheek, so that nose is completely collapsed. In fact, doctors use this method to shrink the nose. Scissor-shaped incisions are made on external parts of nose and do not affect nostrils.

Sill cutting technique

 Sill incisions are made to remove base of alar. These incisions help doctor narrow base of alar, exactly where it attaches to cheeks. Wedge-shaped incisions are made in inner space of nose. Doctors can usually make nostrils smaller by combining two incisions, the scissors and the base, more easily.

Weir cutting technique

 The name of this cutting technique is taken from the name of a person named Robert Weir, who invented this cutting technique in 1892 in order to improve wedge cutting technique. In Weir technique, cuts are made in a very professional way so that holes are corrected in a very similar way. The sutures created in this method of incision are located in lines of nose itself, so scars are not easy to see.

Note that surgeon may combine cutting techniques to get a better result, which ultimately aims to preserve natural appearance of nose.

What is Alarplasty? | candidates, procedure and cost

Who is good candidate for alar plastic surgery?

People who have wide noses with relatively large and prominent holes can be suitable candidates for this method of surgery. The length, shortness, thickness or thinness of alar depends on natural shape of nose. This nose surgery is mostly considered for people who have already done nose surgery and are not satisfied with results of their operation.

In this surgical method, the desired corrections are made and make nose take a better shape. You may be a good candidate for Alarplasty surgery if:

What is Alarplasty? | candidates, procedure and cost
  • Have good physical and mental health.
  • You do not smoke, especially cigarettes and hookah.
  • Wounds caused by previous nose operations are completely healed.
  • You do not consume alcoholic beverages.

Have realistic expectations. Because the unique shape of your nose, health conditions, and previous cosmetic surgeries are among most important factors that determine whether you are a suitable candidate for Alarplasty surgery or not.

Surgical procedures

The procedures of alar plastic surgery are slightly different from those of rhinoplasty and are less invasive than Septoplasty and rhinoplasty.

Preparation for surgery

This surgery usually does not require general anesthesia, unless it is combined with another surgical procedure. For this reason, you must go with a companion to desired clinic for surgery.

Surgical procedure

In first step, the surgeon will fully discuss result of operation with you. Usually, for your better visualization, they may draw lines so that you can easily imagine how the changes will be applied.

In second step, according to doctor's opinion, you may be under general anesthesia or local anesthesia may be used.

Using the methods we mentioned earlier, the surgeon makes incisions to remove extra parts.

After changes are made, sutures are placed to reinforce the new shape of alar base.

Recovery and convalescence period

The recovery time for Alarplasty is relatively short compared to other nose and face surgeries. Your nose may be swollen and red after surgery, and only 1 to 2 weeks are enough for possible complications to improve.

The sutures that are created are usually removed one week after operation. Full recovery usually takes between 1 and 3 months. Usually, after surgery, the doctor gives you very important recommendations that you should pay attention to in order to avoid any possible complications.

What is Alarplasty? | candidates, procedure and cost


Doctors and surgeons usually give recommendations to applicants before surgery. These recommendations are made to prevent complications of nose surgery. For this reason, it is very important to get familiar with these tips and follow them well. In the following, we will get acquainted with the most important recommendations that you should know before surgery:

  • If you are one of people who have already had nose surgery, it is better to show all medical documents of your previous surgery to doctor.
  • It is better to avoid smoking for 2 weeks before surgery. Because smoking, especially hookah and cigarettes, reduces blood flow and slows down healing process.
  • It is better to fast on day you want to go to clinic or hospital for surgery. Doctors usually recommend not to eat anything for 8 hours before surgery. For this reason, we recommend that you drink enough water the day before surgery.
  • Do not wear makeup on day of visiting clinic for surgery.
  • It is better for men to trim their beard and mustache as short as possible on surgery day.
  • Stop taking any blood thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs for 14 days before procedure. Medications such as aspirin, which are blood thinners, increase the chance of bleeding during and after surgery.
  • After surgery, you will usually not be allowed to go to bathroom and be in hot and steamy places like sauna; for this reason, be sure to go to bathroom before surgery.
  • If you are afraid of surgery and anesthesia, it is better to talk to your doctor about your fears and minimize your fears and worries.
  • Be sure to coordinate with your loved ones so that they can take care of you during your recovery.
What is Alarplasty? | candidates, procedure and cost

Possible complications of surgery

Alarplasty surgery, like other surgeries, is associated with complications. You may experience complications such as swelling after nose surgery, skin redness, inflammation and bleeding after surgery. Among the possible complications of Alarplasty surgery in weeks after surgery, we can mention the following:

  • Scars.
  • Pus discharge from the surgical site.
  • Infection.
  • Feeling pain.

Alarplasty surgery cost

Alarplasty surgery is one of the surgeries that are selective, in other words, they are not therapeutic and people perform these surgeries for cosmetic purposes.

This nose surgery costs depends on the following:

  • The level of surgeon experience and skill.
  • Place of surgery.
  • The degree of complexity of operation.
  • Combining different methods
  • Incision and technique used in surgery.

The things we mentioned earlier are among the most important factors that determine the cost of rhinoplasty. We advise you to perform surgery with a skilled and experienced doctor, in fact, the expertise of surgeon should be your priority regardless of cost.

You can go to your chosen doctor before operation and find out the cost you have to pay after required examination.

source: whcl.ir


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