Post-Op Hair Transplant Cares

Post-Op Hair Transplant Cares

After any surgery or outpatient procedure, the patient must take care to speed up recovery process and obtain maximum results. Hair transplantation is no exception to this rule. Therefore, in order to recover faster and get excellent results from your hair transplant, there are some post-Op hair transplant cares such as nutrition, sleeping routine, activity etc.

How to shower and bathe after transplant, washing your head, marital relationship, the best strengthening drugs after transplant, and what to eat after transplant. We have described it completely for you.

Cares after hair transplantation

Preventing swelling: To prevent swelling in forehead area, put an ice compress on it first night after planting. Do not do this if you have sinusitis. To do this correctly, you can do this every hour for 20 minutes. Note that you should keep the ice on your forehead for a maximum of 1 minute each time.

Rest and how to sleep after hair transplant: We advise you to rest completely on day after hair transplant. To sleep properly after hair transplantation, place two pillows under your head, so that the head has an angle of 30 degrees. Preferably, sleep with chest and stomach facing up. If you cannot sleep in this position, sleep on your right or left side. Note that adequate sleep is important to continue healing process and hair growth.

Post-Op Hair Transplant Cares

How to open the dressing: If you don't have conditions to stay to open the dressing, follow the instructions. To do this, first remove the lace hat on your head, which is called Surgifix. Then, cut area between transplanted and harvested hairs from side of ear and gently remove bandage from harvested area. For planting area, remove upper layers slowly and then pour a lot of water on lower layers that are attached to planting area and wait until the dressing is completely wet. After about 15 minutes, gently remove the dressing from implanted area.

Nutrition after hair transplantation: it is recommended to take vitamins in morning after hair transplantation during breakfast; Include liquids and fruits with vitamin C such as pineapple and oranges in your diet.

Medicines after hair transplant: if prescribed by doctor, take cephalexin every 6 hours and take zinc tablets continuously.

Head washing, smoking and exercise

  • After opening the dressing up to 3 days after planting, spray the mentioned parts with a special spray after planting, it is better to do this every few hours. It is not necessary to do this while sleeping.
  • After opening the head dressing with a sponge soaked in foam suitable for hair transplant shampoo, tap vertically 2 times a day. This blow should not press sponge on head. Keep in mind that this washing should not be in form of massage or circular movements, and rinsing should not be done by a direct shower. It is recommended to do this twice a day for two weeks until scabs completely fall off. During this time, keep area of ​​ transplanted hair moisturized with regular water several times a day.
  • From third week after planting, you can wash once a day. You can even stretch your hand (in one direction only) over your head. To do this, gently pull palms of your fingers on your scalp in one direction and let resulting scabs fall off by themselves. So that no more scabs remain. Remaining scabs may cause infection after planting. Do not touch them with your nails.
Post-Op Hair Transplant Cares

Smoking: As explained in recommendations section before hair transplantation, smoking and hookah are prohibited for three weeks after hair transplantation.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages: consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited until one week after planting; because it causes a change in normal process of blood circulation, it also reduces effect of anesthetic drugs.

Exercise: Avoid professional sports and heavy sports such as swimming, wrestling, climbing, etc. for one month after hair transplant.

Hair care: Avoid straightening, curling and hair dryers. After a month, you can comb your hair in one direction only.

Hair dyeing: If you need to dye your hair, do it from sixth month onwards.

Post-Op Hair Transplant Cares

Shampoo: Use the prescribed shampoo for washing up to one month after planting. After that, you can consult with your doctor to use right shampoo for your scalp.

Hair loss after implantation: from one week to one month after implantation, the implanted hair will begin to fall out, but don't worry, this process is completely normal, and after mentioned period, the shed hair will start growing again and redness of implanted area will disappear. However, in some people, shedding may continue until the beginning of sixth month. But if you have hair loss after sixth month, be sure to contact your doctor.

Head numbness after hair transplant may last until the beginning of sixth month. In first months, if you have numbness in implanted area, there is nothing to worry about.

Using a hat after hair transplant

It is possible that you may have this question after hair transplantation, whether it is possible to use a hat or not?

After implantation, because hair is very sensitive and weak, the recommended care must be taken to achieve the desired result of hair transplantation.

Wearing a hat is not recommended, at least for first week, due to pressure it may cause and cause follicles to dislodge. From first week onwards, if necessary, you can use loose hats that do not put pressure on hair and do not interfere with air reaching hair.

The hat should be washed and cleaned well daily so as not to cause infection in follicles.

Post-Op Hair Transplant Cares

FAQ about cars after hair transplantation

Is hair loss normal after hair transplantation?

Yes. Hair loss after hair transplantation may continue until the beginning of sixth month after hair transplantation. If hair loss continues after sixth month, contact your doctor.

Is hitting head dangerous after hair transplantation?

Yes. In first weeks after hair transplantation, you must protect your head for any bump. If the injury is accompanied by bruising and bleeding, there is a possibility that the grafts implanted in injured area will be lost.

Is it forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and cigarettes after hair transplant?

Yes. Consuming alcoholic beverages before and after hair transplant and smoking after hair transplant is prohibited due to disruption in recovery process and possible negative impact on growth of transplanted hair.

Is it necessary to use minoxidil and finasteride after hair transplantation?

It is not necessary, but taking minoxidil helps the growth of transplanted hair and prevents your natural hair from falling out, and it is recommended. However, it is not necessary to take finasteride tablets.

What to do to treat acne after hair transplant?

To treat acne after hair transplant, you can use clindamycin solution while receiving your doctor's instructions.

What to do to treat itching after hair transplantation?

First, keep in mind not to scratch your head at all. You can use cetirizine tablets to treat this.


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