SUT Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

SUT Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

Having good, healthy and thick hair will make you look younger and more beautiful. These days, hair loss and baldness can cause concern for every person. In addition to a person's genetics, factors such as improper diets, high blood pressure, underlying diseases, hormonal imbalance, and use of certain medications can be factors involved in baldness. With the development of science and technology, today, with hair transplantation, the appearance and self-confidence of people can be improved to a great extent.

One of the hair transplant methods that has become popular in Iran in recent years is the SUT method. SUT hair transplant method is an Iranian name for the same FUE method that is performed with Sapphire and NeoGraft equipment. In this method, due to the use of more equipped devices, the speed of hair transplantation is higher than the FUE method

Today, we have tried to describe basic information of most modern hair transplant technique, the SUT method.

SUT Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

How is hair transplantation by SUT method?

The distinctive feature of this technique is use of modern tools and automatic micromotors instead of manual holders that were used in FIT hair transplantation. Since this method is performed by advanced devices, it will have a faster performance in covering baldness than previous methods. Also, hair density has increased better in this method.

Today, the use of SUT technique as one of latest methods of hair transplantation has been greatly welcomed by applicants and experts, because it does not cause visible scars for applicant and has a shorter recovery period compared to other techniques.

One of most important features of this technique is lower probability of damaging the hair grafts by surgeon. Because the follicles are extracted from applicant's donor area by advanced tools. If applicant has used other methods of hair transplantation in past and did not get a favorable result, if he has enough donor area, using SUT hair transplantation will be a more favorable option for him.

In cases where applicant has a dense and acceptable donor area, it is possible for surgeon to transplant up to 14,000 graft for him, which is a valuable feature of SUT technique and increases the implant ability by 3 times compared to other existing techniques.

In short, it can be said that due to the characteristics of this technique, the result of hair transplantation will be very natural and will not leave a sign of hair transplantation. This technique is currently the most desirable method for hair transplantation according to skin and hair experts.

Advantages of SUT hair transplantation

Since SUT hair transplantation is one of latest technology hair transplantation and completed technique of other methods, the disadvantages of other techniques have been eliminated as much as possible in this method.

SUT Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages
  • In SUT hair transplantation, the surgeon tries to extract the follicles in such a way that minimum amount of scalp tissue is removed along with it. In other words, the transfer of follicles alone and without connecting to tissue remnants of scalp makes it possible for maximum number of implanted follicles to grow, and this factor distinguishes results of SUT hair transplantation from other techniques. It goes without saying that feature of extracting pure follicles in FIT technique also exists to some extent, but since in SUT method, the extraction process is completely performed by advanced devices, therefore, the results of SUT will be much better and more natural.
  • Remember that in SUT method, the applicant is not anesthetized at all, but only local anesthesia is used in this technique.
  • In SUT technique, fully automatic and advanced tools perform extraction, collection, maintenance and implantation of follicles under the supervision of surgeon. This device speeds up the planting process significantly compared to other techniques. Also, the possibility of creating errors and damage to the follicles is minimized. Since manual sharp punches are not used in this method, the applicant will not experience pain, bleeding or scarring.
  • The SUT technique is a minimally invasive method and is one of hair transplantation without surgery methods, so you will not experience pain, bleeding, anesthesia and sutures in this technique.
  • The recovery period is short. Small holes in donor area heal up to 7 days and in recipient area up to 14 days later.
  • Immediately after operation, there is no or very little pain and discomfort.
  • Scars or scars are not created.
  • After treatment, there are usually no restrictions on daily activities.
  • If possible, hair removal from areas such as under beard is allowed in this technique.

Disadvantages of SUT hair transplantation

Disadvantages of SUT method are minimal, but following may occur in some people, which are usually mild and resolve within a few days to a few weeks:

  • Swelling of forehead
  • A feeling of numbness in donor area that disappears after a few weeks.
  • Uneven and delayed growth in transplanted hair

Procedures for hair transplantation by SUT method

In general, SUT method is performed as follows:

Clinical examinations and preliminary tests

At this stage, doctor performs initial clinical examinations and prescribes the necessary tests. It is necessary to perform some tests before hair transplantation, and applicant must perform required tests and provide results to doctor.

Then the status of your donor area will be checked. The quality of hair donor area, depth of hair roots, and examination of scalp elasticity, scalp fat condition, implantation area condition examination and number of follicles necessary for treatment of hairless area are performed by doctor.

One of advantages of SUT hair transplantation is that it is possible to extract hair grafts from other parts of body, such as chest, arms, and beard.

Using computer programs, hair growth line design is also done. The hairline in this hair transplant method has a completely natural state. Based on this design, the number of follicles required for implantation is determined. According to the number of follicles required for implantation, the cost of hair transplantation is also determined at this stage.

Injection of local anesthesia and scalp sterile

Numbness of scalp is done to eliminate pain in patient. After injection of local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain during the Harvesting and implantation of follicles. After donation and implantation area is identified in initial examinations and examinations, these areas are first shaved and then sterilized.

Harvesting grafts from donor area

After shaving and sterilizing donation and implantation areas, at this stage, hair grafts are extracted from donation site using a device. A large number of grafts are extracted in a short period of time.

Harvesting grafts is a very important stage of hair transplantation. The accuracy and skill of doctor is very important at this stage. If the hair removal is not done with enough precision and skill, there is a possibility of damaging hairs in donor area and making them thin. On the other hand, the harvested follicles may be damaged.

If doctor has enough experience in this field, this step will be done without any harm and with high quality. Therefore, choosing a doctor and hair transplant clinic requires special attention.

Transfer and placement of follicles in implantation area

The follicles harvested from donor area are prepared for implantation in hairless or bald area. In planting area, a slit is created about 0.7 mm deep and the harvested follicles are placed in created slits.

Implantation of follicles is also very important. To make hairline look more natural after implantation, the follicular units of a hair strand are used in hairline areas.

 2, 3 and 4 hair units are used in back parts of hairline. In this hair transplant method, the hairline looks completely natural.

In general, people's hair grows in single or multiple forms. If you consider two people, one of them has single hair growth and the other person has double hair growth. If 200 hair grafts are extracted from both applicants, we have 200 hairs for first person and 400 hairs for second person. Thus, it should be noted that applicants with more hair density should have a better and stronger hair donor area than others.

SUT Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

A suitable candidate for hair transplantation by SUT method

The best person who can answer this question is a hair transplant specialist.

If you have following conditions, SUT hair transplant technique is recommended to you:

  • Male applicants who have androgenetic baldness in head area.
  • If trauma, burns or chemotherapy have led to hair loss.
  • If applicant has baldness after recovering from skin inflammation.
  • Presence of any low back or baldness in other areas such as eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, beard, genital areas and chest

Although SUT hair transplantation is a minimally invasive surgery; But it is still considered a type of minor surgery. Therefore, the existence of some pathological conditions can cause problems for applicant.

If you have following conditions, SUT hair transplant technique is not recommended for you:

  • Applicants who have baldness, but this baldness does not have a specific pattern.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes.
  • If applicant has uncontrolled inflammation.
  • If applicant has high blood pressure and has not been treated.
  • Applicants who have blood clotting problems such as hemophilia.
  • If applicant mentions a history of allergy to anesthetic drugs.
  • Applicants suffering from infectious viral diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.

It is recommended to all hair transplant applicants to share your medical and treatment records with the clinic's consultant doctor so that if there are any problems, other methods can be used to restore your hair.

Age of hair transplant by SUT method

The SUT technique is generally performed on people over 25 years old, because hair loss patterns in young people cannot be properly predicted and hair loss may continue after transplantation. In fact, these people are not good candidates for any of hair transplant techniques. Of course, it sometimes happens that people in old age experience hair loss after hair transplantation. In general, the best age for women and men is over 30 years old.

Many young men who have recently experienced hair loss fall into trap of profiteering and unprofessional clinics and perform hair transplants that are not sustainable at all. Men under age of 25 should try other treatment methods before hair transplant and be patient until the hair loss pattern stabilizes. Otherwise, there is a high possibility of transplanted hair falling out.

SUT Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

The best hair transplant center in SUT

All people who intend to do hair transplant by SUT method, it is necessary to go to centers that have a long history in this field before doing it. Also, benefit from the latest technology and devices of world and having a team of planting and experienced experts.

Choosing the right clinic for hair transplantation is a very important point that will have a great impact on results of operation.

Before proceeding with hair transplant, the specialist doctor explains details of work to applicant so that his possible doubts in this field are completely resolved. Then, specified parts of the head for restoration will be photographed with professional cameras, and in addition to creating a medical file, a set of photos including all treatment steps will be provided to each person. In counseling session, the applicant can specify most appropriate time to perform procedure.

Recommendations before hair transplantation

If you smoke, at least 1 week before start of hair transplant, stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

Inform your doctor about your medications so that he can give you the necessary instructions on how to take them before starting the hair transplant. Blood thinners, including aspirin, should be stopped 10 days before. Also, if you use compounds containing minoxidil, it is better not to use them 3 weeks before the day of hair transplant.

Tests before hair transplantation

7 to 10 days before treatment, the patient must take several necessary laboratory tests:

  • FBS (BS)
  • CBC
  • BUN
  • PT
  • PTT
  • HIV
  • HbsAg
  • HbsAb
  • HCV

Tips on the day of hair transplant surgery

  • On the morning of operation, be sure to take a shower, but do not use softening shampoos.
  • Depending on number of transplanted hairs, the implantation session may last between 4 and 8 hours, so be sure to eat a light breakfast without caffeine.
  • Take your medications as directed by clinic consultant.
  • Note that it is better to cut hair in desired area as much as possible.

Recommendations after SUT hair transplantation

Below are some recommended things that should be considered after hair transplantation.

  • The patient will be discharged without any dressings, and may need to wear a light cap. Several hours of rest are recommended.
  • The patient is advised not to consume alcohol, cigarettes or tobacco.
  • In case of pain, patient may use analgesics such as Paracetamol or Piralginum.
  • A cold compress can be used for a few minutes every two hours. For a few days after hair transplantation, when patient wants to sleep, head should be raised to an angle of approximately 45 degrees.
  • Up to three days after hair transplant, patient may feel slight itching in operated areas. The feeling of numbness may be felt for a few days to a few weeks.
  • One day after surgery, patient can wash his head under shower with warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, but he should not touch the operated parts. Do not use a towel or hair dryer. Wash your head as mentioned above for 4-5 days after treatment.
  • The forehead may swell, which happens in some patients, and may remain for 2 to 4 days. Call your doctor if swelling increases.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity for second week, swimming in swimming pools for three weeks, and exposure to sunlight or tanning beds for six weeks. It is better to use sunscreen products for 3 weeks.

Hair growth and loss after SUT hair transplantation

Within 1 to 3 days, the planted hair bulbs will take root. After 5 days, you can use baby shampoo and gently wash treated areas. The wounds will fall off within 7 to 14 days after operation.

Don't be afraid of transplanted hair bulbs falling out along with wounds, as long as transplant site does not bleed, the transplanted hair bulbs will remain in their right place. The transplanted hair grows for 3 months and then falls out. This is effect of surgical shock, after which hair follicle enters its resting phase for 10 to 14 weeks. Then hair starts to grow regularly. Full hair growth after hair transplant may take up to a year.

During initial stage of growth, mild inflammation around moles may occur due to growth of new hair under the epidermis, which manifests itself as small inflammatory blisters. These inflammations are reduced after using a warm compress.

  • Scars in donor area are barely visible after two weeks and are covered by growth of hair that was trimmed for hair transplantation.
  • Properly transplanted follicles will produce hair for rest of patient's life.
  • A follow-up medical consultation is required after approximately two weeks.
SUT Hair Transplantation | Cost, Stages, Advantages

Recommended number of grafts for implantation in each area by SUT method

planting siteApproximate amount
Hair growth line200 to 600 grafts
Forehead300 to 1000 grafts
The upper part of head surface200 to 700 grafts
Scalp200 to 900 grafts

The cost of hair transplant by SUT method

The price of SUT hair transplant may vary between 4000 and 10000 dollars in Iran. Things like the number of grafts, number of sessions required to reach desired density, the time of sessions, salary of surgeon, technicians and nurses and doctor overseeing implantation, consumables, drugs and equipment can affect price.

The thing about costs related to SUT method is that in some clinics, received costs may be underreported. Keep in mind that sometimes the low cost of hair transplant may be due to absence of a doctor in most of these centers.

The use of experimental technicians in this field can cause complications such as remaining holes of implanted hair and serious damage to person's donor area in harvesting area. Therefore, choosing a reputable clinic with an excellent record in field of hair transplantation is most important and vital decision for applicant.


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